Online Loans in Nigeria | Snapcredit, Aella and other Quick online loans in Nigeria

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This post is written to inform you on  the different ways to obtain the online loans in Nigeria and Africa

Online Loans in Nigeria

Online Loans in Nigeria

We have shown you the necessary guide on how you can obtain the online credit loans in Nigeria. This post is written to guide you on how you can obtain the online loans in Nigeria following the step by step guide that we will show you in this post.

We know that many are looking for the different ways on how they can obtain some online loan and how they can use this loan to finance or start up their business.

You should know that they are many online loans in Nigeria, but not all of these online loans are reliable enough to deliver the loans which you are requesting for and most of them are in need of high collateral.

We have provenly tested most of this quick online loans in Ikeja and Nigeria and we know that these loans which you will see in o0ur post are, loans that can deliver within a short period of time and hence the need to group this loans on 24hrs loan in Nigeria

You will be able to still access these loans with your device no matter the device that you are using to get this device, you will have these loans within a short minute of time through your mobile device and that’s why these loans are usually refer to mobile loan in Nigeria.

We will carefully categories this post into different groups and we will also mention different loans which can be obtained quickly an loan that re easily accessible loan in minutes in Nigeria.

Personal Online Loans in Nigeria

You can either request these loans to either invest in a business or you can request a personal loan in Nigeria and if you are I Abuja, you can request for personal loan in Abuja.

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c24 loan is one of those very few personal loans that can be obtained from c24 and the most important thing is that these loans are obtained without having to give some personal collateral.

As far you are In need of some loans to finance yourself, there are renowned loans that you can obtain and you will be able to secure a good some amount of money for yourself.

Among all these loans we always recommend that you also try the p2p loans in nigeria as it is one of the those loans that as not been explored by many.

Having to use some fast cash loans Nigeria that you can obtain online like the kiakia loan and zedvance, you will have get some good amount of money before you are considered for loans.

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There is another loan which is not really popular in Nigeria and it is usually called the lydia loan and aella credit loan is another that is also worth trying out in Nigeria.

Online Loans without Collateral

Most online loans in Nigeria usually mean that you will have the online a-pplication on your mobile device before the loan is granted to you and loans like rapid cash will demand that you have the app from the online playstore.

However, there are some online loans in Nigeria that usually determine that you will have some specific code for you to access the loans and such loans include the quick cash code

Within a few seconds of your application, you can have any amount of money that you are looking for on your device if you are credit worthy.

There are loans that will require that will require that you provide some strict collateral but most online loans in Nigeria are loans that you can get without providing any form of collateral with you.

In most cases among these loans we do recommend, you obtain the sharp sharp by credit direct loans quickly without any form of stress.

We understand the present economic situation in Nigeria and many are in need of online loans in Nigeria and some emergency loan in Nigeria hence our post on online mobile loans in Nigeria.

In our next post, we will write on some of the international loan without collateral which you can also apply for and get it immediately.

Meeting certain requirements which you will see below will help the immediate release of the funds to your account within a short period of time of application.

Please do not confuse the Nigerian Federal Government Grant to be a loan or even the trader moni given by the federal government is not really like an online loan.

Before applying for any loan, you will first have to check to see if applicants meet the stated loan requirements before applying for these loans.

Requirements for Application of online loans in Nigeria

  1. You should meet the specific age requirements and most of these loans require that applicants should be 18 and above
  2. Applicants for online loans in Nigeria should also have a stable income and that is to say applicants should be working class.
  3. Applicants for online loans in Nigeria should be free from any kind of depths or fraudulent records.
  4. Loan applicants should also have either a saving or a current account with a functional bank in Nigeria with a ten digit account number
  5. Most loans require that you must have had up to one hundred thousand naira (N100,000) on your account before
  6. Some loans will require you to pay a particular amount of money to an account before you receive funds.
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In most cases, where you are asked to provide some documents, please provide the necessary documents needed. However, not all loans require some documents.

Documents needed for loan Application

  • Drivers license
  • Passport photograph
  • National and State I.D
  • Voters card
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Attestation letter

50 Online loans in Nigeria

  1. Kiakia Loan

Kiakia loan is a very popular loan in Nigeria and these is one of the fastest growing loans in Nigeria that has provided Nigerians the opportunity to get the necessary finances for their business.

Online Loans in Nigeria

Online Loans in Nigeria

This online loans in Nigeria has a particular algorithm that does a very simple calculation to check if one is worthy to access the loans that is given.

This loan according to its etymology is very fast and reliable and you can get this loan with some days of your application. If you are a small business owner, the loan will use its psychometric tool to calculate the credit risk of your business

  1. C24 Limited

Though this company doubles as a micro-finance institution, the company is also very effective in providing high and medium loans to individuals and businesses. This loan has provided lot of applicants the opportunity to have access to some finances to fund their business.

C24 loan has understood the need to not only provide loans offline, but to also provide loans online to those who are in need of it. With their online application obtaining loan could be as fast as possible.

  1. Aella Credit

This loans is one online loan that is poised to provide financial services to Africans and this loan service also act as a lending platform for Africans  and it is mostly common and popular in Nigeria.

The company is a known company that has grown over the years with a good affiliation with other international loan provider in Nigeria and this website has provide numerous loans and grants to people in Nigeria.

like the Geep loan, to be eligible for Aella loan you need to be found worthy by the algorithm on the site and this algorithm determines if you are worthy of the loan or not.

  1. Paylater

Paylater is a loan platform that provides loans to Nigerians. With this loan, you can have loans ranging up to 500,000 naira for your business or to sort our some personal stuff.

Online Loans in Nigeria

Online Loans in Nigeria

Paylater is a short term online loans in Nigeria and you can repay this loan within some interval which will be given to you.

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Paylater is a loan which works for 24 hours and thus you can get your funds within 2 days of your application without even submitting any form of collateral. It is interesting to also note that with this loan, you can also have access to other high credit when you make easy repayments.

  1. One FI

This loan is offered to individuals and they can repay within 3 to six months and this short term loan does not require lots of protocols to get access to this loan.

You can still have access to this loan upto (N200,000) thousand naira and even more when you may your first repayments.


This loan company is a financial company and institution to provide loans to all those who are in need of finances.

Nigerian Online loans

Zedvance loans In Nigeria

It is amazing to know that with this site, you can have access to loan up to 3 Million naira and therefore you will borrow and payback within a specific period of time that you will have access to this loans.

This Zendvance loans is basically available for salary earners and top government workers, but as a business man, you can also take advantage of this loan and fund the growth of your business.

Other loan companies are:

  • Quickcheck
  • Specta
  • Fast credit
  • co and others.
  • Smeden
  • Grofin
  • Snapcredit

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This post has been written to give you detailed information on how to get simple and easily accessible Online Loans in Nigeria within a short period of time.

With these loans you could get loans worth up to 10 million naira while some online loan platforms allows you to only access loans in hundreds of naira.

Please if you have any question or contribution, please do well to drop your questions or contribution at the comment box below.



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