The Biography of Uzoma Emenike- Education, Career

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Biography of  Uzoma Emenike

The enthronement of a role model to everyone especially the female folks is going to be discussed in this post.

A woman who has found favour in the eyes of both God and man, the emerging of a rare gem where no woman has ever emerged from.

A woman who has risen up to take the place of men and do extraordinary deeds.

One who is ready to make a change and show women that they are not inferior beings but have the same right as men do.

This woman is co another person than the honourable first female Nigerian ambassador to the United States of America MRS. Uzoma Emenike.

Biography of DR. Uzoma Emenike

Biography of  Uzoma Emenike

Since the establishment of the Nigerian US embassy On the 1st of October 1960, men as always been the ambassadors in that department.

Before independence, Nigeria also had several men who were ambassadors to the United States of America

The likes of Jibril Aminu, George Obiozor and many others have been Nigerian US ambassadors since then till 2020 end.

Presently, a female folk has risen up to put an end to the end of men’s reign in that department.

This singular act can make one think that Nigeria will soon have a female president.

Uzoma’s appointment has caused a turnaround in the Nigerian embassy. She opened the door for women to start becoming Nigerian ambassadors to the US.

This post will enable you to know the Biography of Uzoma Emenike what led to the appointment of Uzoma Emenike as the new Nigerian ambassador to the US, her biography and other essential details about her.

Reasons for the Appointment of Uzoma Emenike

Considering the death of the former Nigerian ambassador to the US in the person of Sylvanus Nsofor on the 10th of December, there has been a vacancy in that position.

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The 85-year-old was to be reappointed considering the termination of his appointment in 2017 but was dropped by the president himself.

This singular act of the president made people wonder who the president had in mind to become the new Nigerian ambassador to the United States of America.

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The appointment of the new Nigerian Ambassadors comes six months after the list of ambassadors-designate for the position which is being submitted by the president himself have been confirmed by the house of the senate.

To the surprise of many,  Uzoma Emenike emerged as the ambassador-designate to the US.

This development has really changed the format of the Nigerian embassy as she has broken the ice blocking women from being Nigerian ambassadors to the US.

Uzoma Emenike who was in the position of the Nigerian ambassador to Ireland came to the knowledge of many when the MR. president himself sent her name together with the names of 45 other ambassadors for the approval at the senate.

She was in Dublin which is the capital of Ireland when the news of her approval by the senate spread.

Notwithstanding, Obiezu Chinyerem will be taking over from her at the embassy in Dublin while she concentrates with her newfound position.

Biography Of Uzoma Emenike

Educational Life:

The educational life of Uzoma Emenike is one of a scholar has she has many degrees from different fields.

She has gotten educational qualifications both inside and outside Nigeria. She has gotten two bachelor’s degrees, two master’s degrees and a doctorate degree.

Uzoma Emenike holds a B.S.C degree in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Maiduguri and an LL.B from Reading University in the UK.

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The Ambassador also got a master’s degree in International Law and Diplomacy from the University of Lagos. She also go another one from the University of Reading in International Management.

She sealed her educational history when she later obtained a doctorate degree from the University of Reading in International Relations.

Working Experience

As stated by the Biography of Uzoma Emenike from the Nigerian embassy in Ireland’s website, for over 30 years, she has been working In Nigeria’s Foreign Service.

The Ambassador is of 55 years of age and most of her life is in the country’s Foreign Service.

Uzoma Emenike ventured into the Nigerian Foreign Service thirty years ago which she served both in the department of protocol and of Africa in the ministry.

In 1992, she became a Nigerian ambassador to Cote D’Ivoire where she served faithfully for six years.

Since her return to her home country Nigeria, she has been serving the country in various departments of the ministry.

She has represented the country in both multilateral and bilateral missions in and around the country.

Dr Uzoma Emenike resigned from the ministry for reasons best known to her. She worked in a private company where she obtained a position as the Management Consultant.

However, as destiny will have it she returned to the ministry to continue the faithful serving of her country.

Before her appointment as the new Nigerian ambassador to the United States of America, she was serving in Ireland on the 30th of August 2017.

She also has concurrent accreditation to Iceland.

Presently, Uzoma Emenike is the first female Nigerian ambassador to the United States of America.

The Ambassador is also a writer with a long list of books published to her name.

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Some of her published works include; “Europe Needs Africa, “The Centre-Piece of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy among others.

Her books mainly foretell Africa in the future and how it will become a continent the world will depend on.


Marital Life

(MRS). Uzoma Emenike is happily married to Ikechi Emenike who is Buhari’s ally.

As God has it, the blissful marriage is blessed with four children.

This post is to inform everyone especially the ladies that nothing is difficult as long as one has the determination.

This Ambassador left the ministry but later returned to make a difference. When she had a realization that her name is not in the country’s golden book.

Now, we now read the Biography of Uzoma Emenike since her educational achievement till her career achievements have really affected the lives of many.

She is now a role model for many young diplomats and other aspiring diplomats.

Endeavour to share this wonderful information of this rare gem. You don’t know who is seeking this sort of encouragement to further his/her steps in life.

To get more updates, drop a comment in the comment box below.



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