Aisha Yesufu Biography Date of Birth and age 

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Aisha Yesufu Biography is revealed here in this post and not just that you will get to know the right date of birth of the young political activist as we have given you this post to check when Aisah Yesufu was born and when the right biography of the young political activist.

Aisha Yesufu Biography

Aisha Yesufu Biography

From this post, you will have to know about the marriage and times of the political activist and her times in her various fight against the evil government and the evil that travails in our country.

This post gives you full information about the human activist and her source of revenue which she uses to stage different protest against bad governance.

We will not and cannot rightly say more about the human activist whether she is APC or PDP, but as she has posted protest both in the PDP and APC government.

Aisha Yesufu is remembered for her bring back our girls campaign staged against again the federal government when the Chibok girls were captured and it was rumoured to be an APC Sponsored campaign to fight the then Government of President Goodluck Jonathan. However, in 2020, there is a shift as Aisha is actively involved in human right and activities of the country have she has become the main progenitor of the end sars protest system of the country and

This post gives you the complete information on Aisha Yesufu Biography and the correct date of the human activist and all her activities in Nigerian and this post will help you to know more about the end sars movement and the role which she plays in this movement.

Who is Aisha Yesufu

We have compiled this biography based on what we have perceived about the Aisha and the role which she plays in human right activities.

Aisha Yesufu is the opposite of her society as she hails from Nothern Nigeria, a place where no women are heard and given the privileges to speak in society. Aisha since she was 10 years had already started speaking against injustice in society.

Aisha is a typical Muslim woman who is from a society where women speak less and she was famous in the bring back our girl’s movement precisely, on the 30th of April 2014.

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In 2020 she has taken an active part at the End SARS Movement and she has been known for fighting against injustice. This post on Aisha Yesufu Biography date of Birth will definitely not be complete without mentioning that Aisha Yesofus was born on December 1974 in the Kano State of Nigeria and she is a Nigerian.

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Yesufu has led numerous fight against injustice in Nigeria and she owes her inspiration to her husband and mom. According to an interview, Aisha has confessed that she was pained when everything was taken from her father and not given to her as a female child.

One would love to link her as a human right activist to the fact that she is the first daughter of her family and she has the right to speak up.

Aisha has chosen a path to speak for the woman, children and youth at large as she is the key Idol for the Abuja and Nigeria protest.

Aisha strongly holds her faith as she makes reference to God even as a Muslim and she believes that her life and times is in the hands of God despite her actions. She has exponentially stated that she has no fear for any human being but only fear the supreme being who is God.

Aisha’s Education

In this Aisha Yesufu Biography, the educational information and background of this political activist are of the essence and as revolutionary, Aisha started speaking for the right of people right from when she was age 10 in school.

In school, she was feared and not associated with by other students for fear of rustication as she was always kicking against the school’s impunity and stringent led down rules.

Her life was also shaped and deepens when she was denied access to the Nigerian defence Academy because she was a female. Aisha studied virtually at three universities which are; Usmanu Dan Fodio University, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and Bayero university.

Aisha studied Microbiology and she is still deeply involved in education as she also sees education as the platform which can shape human lives and enhance the girl’s child right. She is so passionate about education and she sees it as a platform which can help his agitation.

Marriage and Family Life

Most people believe that feminism comes with a strong resignation against marriage for the case of Yesufu, marriage is a catalyst and a necessity for her in her struggle against social injustice.

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This post on Aisha Yesufu Biography contains detail information about Aisha’s educational background and marriage.

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The young activist did not marry at age 11 unlike most Muslims who are married and she was a concern to her society as she was not yet married even at an older age. Precisely in 2000, Aisha met her husband and they both thee the knot together and this happens when she clocked 24.

Marriage according to her has been a major backbone in her fight against gender inequality and social and political injustice. She sees her husband as a shoulder to stand tall who has given her unwavering support.

She has stated in her interview that with her husband’s support she can face the world and she always earns it anytime she wants it.

Aisha is blessed with children and she stated that when she was married that was when most of the mates had grandchildren.

According to her, her husband has taught her to be self-independence and live her dreams and this is what she values the most in life.

Aisha hinted and was candid that when it comes to house chores that she is very lazy about it and she hopes to change.

Work and Career – Aisha Yesufu

In this Aisha Yesufu Biography, we will also mention her work and career. The question is where does she get all her funding for the business, as she is a passionate work as a microbiologist.

Aisha is a great businesswoman who is involved in several businesses in the north and she has used her business to fund some of her movement in her own little way.

She gives her time to her career and strikes a balance between her activism and her business without letting any of them suffer.

Like being the first daughter, her and the early demise of her father, she has seen life as a place where she can work and earn for herself without depending on anyone.

Feminism and Activism – Aisha Yesufu Biography

While being young, Yesufu had some stubborn traits and the fact that she saw her mother being molested and denied everything after the demise of their father was a great inspiration to start voicing for the people.

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The Aisha Yesufu Biography is greatly filled with activities as an activist and with her struggle and fight, she has become a figure in our society.

She is the voice of revolution in our society and through various protest led by her and he was mostly known from the bringing back our girl’s campaign and now the Endsars campaign. Shed handled several other unpopular protests and to mention a few like End insecurity in the North

 Conclusion on the Life and Times of Aisha Yesofu

We have also gathered our information based on the interviews granted by Aisha by several newsboy and agencies.

Aisha is one woman most young ladies should emulate as they fight bad, governance, and the impunities of the law enforcement agencies.

You will find this post interesting as we have given you the necessary information about this woman and one question still lingers which is Aisha Yesufu married? As we have revealed this in this Aisha Yesufu Biography and date of birth.

It is not really common for persons who run campaigns such as this not be sponsored politically and the question of whether Aisha is sponsored politically is answered here in this post.

Aisha Yesufu is our modern-day Nigerian Idol which most people have made several monuments and status of as she fights the protest against bad government.

The information present here will help you with a vital piece about this goddess in human form and we, therefore, have agreed to publish her times and activities as a human right activist.

If you want to know more on Aisha Yesufu Biography and age, you should probably drop a comment through the comment box below!



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