Bashir Ahmad Biography 2020 Profile, Wife, Age and Net worth

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Bashir Ahmad Biography 2020 Profile : another important personality which we will attempt to write a review on his day to day life, biography as well as life and times of the superman who is a politician.

Bashir Ahmad Biography 2020

Bashir Ahmad Biography 2020

Bashir is known well for the Muhammad Buhari administration and he also holds a record of being the youngest Special adviser to the president Muhammad Buhari and he has recently risen to the admirable position as being one prominent person which most persons have looked upon.

Bashir is a key player in the political system of the Muhammadu Buhari’s administration and he has been involved in handling the media session of President Buhari’s administration.

It is important to know that the Ahmed is a graduate and has worked formerly for the Nation Newspaper who is specifically involved in Editing Hausa news for the Nation newspaper and has risen to prominence since he was appointed by the President Muhammadu Buhari.

Just like we wrote on Ivara Esege,  Bashir Ahmad biography 2020 will attempt to give you the necessary information which you want to know about the young political adviser to the President Muhammadu Buhari.

Please read more and get all vital information about Bashir Ahmed and the recently concluded marriage ceremony of the young political stalwart and Adviser of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Bashir Ahmad Biography Who is Bashir Ahmed

Bashir Ahmed is the name behind the media caucus of the President Muhammadu Buhari and he has long risen to the firm as a special adviser to the President Muhammadu Buhari.

Bashir Ahmed is a prominent name which every young person look up to and his charisma has been greatly admired by upcoming political personalities.

We have long provided the basic information to give you which can encourage you as you look out for all this noble character in Bashir Ahmed.

In 2015 when president Muhammadu Buhari was elected, there was a need to appoint Bashir Ahmed into a distinctive position as the media adviser to the president Muhammadu.

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Bashir Ahmed Biography 2020 – Political Profile and Appointment

Bashir Ahmed was the first part of President Muhammed Buhari campaign council and he performs exceedingly great as an appointee in the campaign council. After the president won the 2015 gubernatorial election, Bashir was appointed as the SA to the president to president Muhammadu Buhari on Media.

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However, his appointment was crowned with an outstanding performance in the media sector and the presidency was impressed by an amazing and super performance by the political appointee.

In 2019 when president Muhammadu Buhari was re-elected, Bashir was reappointed still as the Special Assistant to the president on media and since then till date, the image of PMB and his administration has been projected greatly by this young blood.

The reappointment of president’s SA on media was highly commended by Nigerians as according to many it signifies, the inclusion of young blood into the present administration. ‘

Bashir Ahmed Age

Bashir was born in 10th of June 1991 and he is currently 29 years old. Though he was appointed at the age of 24 as a Personal Assistant and he was and remain the youngest appointee of the President Muhammadu Buhari.

It is no doubt that Bashir is making it early in life even as at a tender age and he is making a remarkable mark politically and career-wise.

Bashir Work, Educational and Career Life

This post on Bashir Ahmad biography 2020 will not be completed without mentioning about Bashir’s work, and how he rose to the firm.

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Bashir Ahmed is a graduate of Bayero University Kano and he bagged a Bachelor degree in mass communication in 2013 and has completed his NYSC same.  Bashir still has a great dream of furthering his educational career soon.

Before Bashir was appointed, he had earlier started working with the Leadership Newspaper as an online editor for the Hausa Version and he grew in his profession to become a Special Assistant to the publisher of Leadership Newspaper and a onetime presidential aspirant Sam Nda-Isiah.

Aside from the earlier stated work, Bashir was also working as an online Editor as well as sports editor for a popular Rariya Hausa Newspaper.

All these Jobs paved way for the appointment of Bashir Ahmed to become a special adviser to the president Muhammadu Buhari on New Media.

As the SA to the president is no doubt that Bashir will be actively involved in politics and he is to find it as a new fitting career.

Bashir Ahmed Family wife

Wealth and power come with great responsibility and as one steps into a higher shoe, there is need for one to be more responsible. Bashir just got married to ———— and it is no news that their marriage was the talk of the town.

The wedding recently held on the 25th of September 2020 in GRA Juma at a Mosque in Katsina and great political stalwart was in attendance to grace the occasion.

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Bashir wife is as beautiful as thought and there is no doubt that he has an eye for a good thing when he made her wife a choice. It is seemly said that the duo have been in a relationship for more than five years before finally tieing the knot

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Bashir Lives in Abuja with his wife and together they are a happy family.

 Networth of Bashir Ahmed

Though some politicians choose to declare their assets and net worth while others choose not to declare their net worth.

We cannot succinctly tell about the current worth of Bashir Ahmed, but all that we can say for now is that the 29-year-old New media adviser is rich as he possesses some fleets of exotic cars and some houses both in Abuja and Katsina.

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Bashir has been living a low key life but delights in some philanthropic work as he has empowered lots of persons according to his capacity.

Bashir’s worth is not known as all effort to prove this seems to be abortive

We wish that you have been informed on as we have given you this post on Bashir Ahmad biography 2020

Let us know if you have any question or contribution to make on this post on Bashir Ahmad biography 2020 life and net worth, please do well to drop it through the comment box below.

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