Ivara Esege | Profile of Chimanda Adichie’s Husband

Just to let you know that Ivara Esege is the husband of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is one of the most popular and controversial literature writer and she is also a strong feminist and does not hide her expression on feminism.

Ivara Esege
Ivara Esege

Just to write on the Ivara Esege who happen to be the husband of Chimnmanda Ngozi Adichie and we have done this with our post on Ivara Esege.

You can also get the Book My Tranition Hours by Goodluck Jonathan and learn about the man’s life since we are writing about people’s profile

Long after the couple came together it was long before the couples had a baby and many wants to see the ivara esege baby.

There is a very indications that Ivara Esege parents is of wealthy class and that is why the guy was got married to the winner of African and International awards in Literature.

Via this post, you will know everything and the necessary things for which you need to know about Ngozi Adichie Chimanda husband who married the price winner and the real secret for which you should know about the celebrity husband.

You  will also get to know about the Sivara Esege child the controversial and birth. It is also very important that you now the various institutions which Ivara Attended and all his qualifications.

There are so many doubt concerning Dr Ivara Esege nationality, there had been a strong indication that the Adichie’s husband is from Nigeria while other indications has strongly stated that Dr. Esege is an African but also an American having an American Roots.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Wedding Pictures

Ivara Esege

The couples were the trend of the two when they tie the knot and till now many loyal followers have been searching for Chimamanda’s Wedding picture with her husband Dr. Ivara and his the work which he is into and all through this our post.

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 The wedding pictures were uploaded and you can find them from this our sites on latest information.

The wedding to Dr. Esege had many in attendants and it was an awesome wedding as it became a model wedding and talk of the twon.

How Old is Ivara Esege

Dr. Ivara a Esege mbbs is advanced in age and the medical practitioner should be in his early forties and this age does not change his passion and utter love for the Novelist Chimamanda Adicihe.

Age is just a number as it does not matter in a relationship of two persons, there is to clear evidence to states the actual dates of the Dr. Esege which he was born.

We updates you on the necessary and the basic information about Ivara Esege profile to have the full profile of the just weded husband to Adichie.

Dr. Ivara is considered to be be one of the luckiest to have marry a literately icon who is shining and blowing the horns of literature through her creative writing which as impacted a lots of life.

We decided to take out time to write on chimamanda ngozi adichie’s husband and even his education.

From chimamanda ngozi adichie books,  there was every strong indication that the author is a strong feminist and it might likely affect his relationship and his marital affairs.

Her books have been recommended as WAEC Recommended Text books, books like purple Hibiscus but Yet to be recommended as one of the Jamb Recommended text books.

Since married, there is no known controversy of his marriage to chimamanda adichie. We therefore thing that this post will interest you as you get learn and know about the medical practitioner.

Ivara Esege Profile

Chimamanda is well married and many people don’t really know about their relationship which has lasted for many years. The duo married without even releasing their marriage photographs in the internet.

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The Novelist and literary Icon as described her husband as a Nigerian, American and British with the three background.

Though the author is a feminist and that is why questions have sparked concerning his marital affairs and many people have asked to know if the writer is actually married.

Many who do not believe that Chimamanda is married have concluded that the award winning author is not and will never get married.

However, breaking the bombshell, it is pertinent to inform you that the Chimamanda is married and she got married to Dr. Ivara Esege of Maryland in 2009 and there is no trace about their wedding even the wedding pictures can be found.

Yes the author loves private life.

Though very popular for her essential and quistetial piece written for literature, but however, it is only a little that is known about the author’s life even as a public figure.

Like top Ten Richest Musician, Ngozi does not reveal her It is only few people that are fully aware of her husband because of her private life.

We also wants to inform you that the author is married to Dr. Ivara Esege and their marriage has lasted for 9 years now


Dr. Ivara Nationality and School

Ivara is one of those top medical practitioners in Maryland and he was born on August 4,1967 this according to Legit as seen in Mylife. The medical practitioner has a Nigerian root though he has been speculated to be an American.

Chimamanda's Husband
DR. Ivara Esege

It was gathered that the man took after the fathers profession who was also medical practitioner and was a close friend to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s parents and apparently it was gathered that even before marriage, the two families were close to each other.

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Dr. Esege finished from the University of Nigeria and Medical school in 1989 and he served for two complete years in the institution’s University.

When he relocated to the United states of America in 1989, he picked a Job as medical practitioner in Maryland after he finished from University of Maryland Medical Centre and currently he is still at his service there.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Child

Though in the pages of books, the popular author has not disclose her family and her husband in her art work.

However, being private life does not stop the author from talking about her family in interviews, like Highest Paid Footballer being a public figure, Chimamanda adichie has come to a realization that there is nothing privates as she recently talked about her baby girl who was born in 2016.

Though till now lots of persons are not aware of the fact that she has a child talk less of knowing the name of the child.

But certainly the daughter lives and is well taken care of loving her family and both parents love each other as a pinch of salt has not been heard about their relationship.


She is a feminist and it shows in her family responsibility, when she bore the child, it was Dr. Ivara Esege who took care of the Child for six month after which both party have now splited the child care responsibility for four days care for Ivara and three days off work while, while the wife balances the remaining days.

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