Ozo Biography Profile BBnaija 2020 Relationship – All You need to Know about Ozoemena- stickymena

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This post contains detailed information about a big brother Naija housemate and on Ozo Biography Profile BBnaija 2020, you will get to know all about the big brother Naija superstar.  Ozomenna Chukwu has been the only one representing Imo state in this year’s lockdown series of the big brother Naija.

Ozo Biography Profile BBnaija

Ozo Biography Profile BBnaija

Ozo is a grate star who I talented and has so much love for the sport and fine ladies has been the talk of the town in the big brother Naija season 5.

The big brother Naija has named this year’s edition as the Lockdown and has up to 20 young person’s who are in the house for more than weeks.

There are lots of fantastic prizes to be won by any house member who finally emerges the winner and the winners are selected based on the popular opinion of voters.

Voting can be done as much as possible for each housemate and while still staying in the house, the house members are urged to be of good attitude and abide strictly to the house rules and regulations and be real as BBnaija is less a Nigerian Movie

Before being admitted into the house, each member is given the rules and regulations and any member that breaks the rules is being expelled from the house.

Like we promised to give you update on what’s trending in the house and as part of this update, we have written a detailed story her revealing Ozo Biography Profile BBnaija 2020 as many readers have the desire to know more about the superstar agents.

Read to the end and finding out trending update as well as every other thing you need to know about stickymena in the house.

Ozo Biography Profile BBnaija 2020 Age, Career Relationship

Ozo is the main name in the big brother Naija and we have now brought the profile of the young boy is getting hotter on the scene.

To answer the house already getting hot with Ozo in the house and you will just have to know about the superstars that make the house rocks and hence our post on Ozo Biography.

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Ozo is a Nigerian and which is one of the major criteria for anyone who wants to join the big brother Naija and he is among the top contestant in the lockdown series and before you start searching for the biography of this young boy, please do well to accept whatsoever you have seen.

You will see whether the superstar is married or single and hence we have written this post to show you and the numerous things which Ozo did and we have made his profile from this post.

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For Ozo’s relationship, it is unknown as before the BB Naija season Five, Ozo has never mentioned or talks about his relationship.

But apparently, we hope that he finds one and stick to among all the flashy girls in the house including Dorothy.

Here is the full :

Profile of Ozo who is a contestant at Big Brother Naija

Ozo Chukwu is a 27 years Nigerian who hails from Imo State Ozo who is by real name Ozoemena is a great entrepreneur and has worked great with lots of companies as an entrepreneur and consultant.

The big brother housemate once as an worked with the UEFA federation in Europe and this was revealed in his profile on social media.

As a lover of sport, Ozo also delights in talking sport as a sports analyst and he also loves to watch some amazing documentaries on TV.

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To also make this Ozo Biography Profile BBnaija 2020, we also found out that Ozoemana is from Imo state and like a typical Imo man, he looks good and has a unique physique.

Already Ozo has lots of crushes professing love through various social media platform because of his fine boy looks.

As he participates in the Lockdown season of BB Naija, Ozo is seen in various sweat attire and he caught the eyes of the people through his quiet but witty appearance.

StickyMena is 27 and which makes him meet the requirements for housemates to be between a particular age range.

Detailed and Summary Profile about Ozo Chukwu of BB Naija Lockdown Season 5

  • Main Occupation: Entrepreneur
  • Hobbies: Talking sport, swimming, travelling, listening to music, watching documentaries and Films and TV shows
  • Age Range: 27
  • Complexion: Fair skin
  • IG handle: @stickyMena
  • Facebook ID :
  • Twitter ID :
  • Height: Fairly Tall
  • Favourite Word/Quote: No boundaries with an Ounce of Hope

Is Ozo Your Favorite Housemate?

Having read a biography and detailed description about the housemate, it is now your turn to decide whether you will pick him as your favourite housemate or not and hence you will have to read other details and description about other housemates.

To Ozo, taking the bold step to apply for the Big brother 9ja season 5 was at first challenging, but he finally succeeded as he passed the screening exercise.

You will surely love this housemate to the peak as he gives other performance of his in another aspect.  To Ozo, his biggest achievements and best memories are when he had a Job with the UEFA league where de contributed his quota working passionately.

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It is a good thing to know your housemate into to and you will love this housemate and how he works sincerely.

You can vote him by following the voting instructions for the big brother Naija and hope that he wins the big brother Naija show 2020.

Ozo has been seen making some crazy moves and signs in the house and he has been crushed on by numerous actress and other members in the house.

You should read more about the superstar in the house, his love life with other house members and how he copes as well as what people think about him.

We are still making findings concerning Ozo’s relationship as we cannot say whether the housing member is in any sort of relationship or not.

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Let us know if Ozo is your favourite housemate. If you have any question or wants to contribute this post on Ozo’s biography and lifestyle, then do well to drop it through the comment box below.

Please let’s know what you think about Ozo Biography Profile in the big brother Naija 2020 pepper dem gang.



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