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The new series Lala of Lagos which features numerous stars especially the former BB naija has been release and we will love you to watch online this new episode as this is an online episode and it was release n July 14 for people to watch and hence this post to give you its full details.

Watch Lala of Lagos

Watch Lala of Lagos


This series is online and you will enjoy all the episodes as we have given you the main episodes from the beginning to the end.

Lala of Lagos is worth watching as it features numerous stars who have given out their peak performance in this movie and hence we have given you this series for you to watch and download online.

This is a new romantic show and it features numerous stars in each series and you can watch from the first episode to the 12th Episode and each episode has a  different episode in the movie ranging from romance. Love and feelings.

You can also Watch Lala of Lagos Season 1 trailer on youtube which was uploaded here online and on Fz  You should give it a try as you will enjoy the whole series entirely.

When people hear of Lala, what comes to their mind is the BOT but Lala of Lagos is a new movie series which you should watch and enjoy it.

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Lala of Lagos 2020 Movie Series

Movies lovers will witness another one from another one that we have now shown you a clear addiction on their plates as unreal Africa has produced lala of Lagos as a series and you will enjoy the upcoming show which will be done on Youtube.

With its debut on about 12 episodes, you which came and all the entire episodes were premiers on youtube.

The big episode is out ad what people have been waiting for is now online with about 12 episodes as released on July 12 for you and will love the settings and the narrative on the movie.

Plot and Storyline in Lala of Lagos

The entire series has a story of a struggling girl in a society that is so problematic and she struggles for survival despite the wreck in life.

Lagos has not been an easy place to around and no wonder the saying “if you no fit wise for Lagos, you no fit wise for anywhere” Lala beats the tides of time for survival taking all kinds of jobs and going extreme to ensure that she survives against all odds.

The diminuendo and the influence of love and relationship have been a helping hand and sometimes a stumbling block for Lala in her a way of life.

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You will several themes in the movie but prominent include; theme of love, passion, relationship, hard work in a bustling society.

Lala is not moved by what happens in her society, but steadfast and believes that there will a turning point one day.

Series Details of Lala of Lagos

  1. Duration: 35 Minutes
  2. Classification/Genre: Nollywood Movie series
  3. Directors –
  4. Number of episodes: 12 Episodes
  5. Continuity
  6. Producers: unreal Africa
  7. IMDB Rating: Absent

Lala of Lagos Cast

  • Teniola Aladesa
  • Tobi Bakre
  • Maurice Sam
  • Bukola Oladipupo
  • And some big brother stars in the movie

Just like Your excellency Movie Dowlnload here are various episodes in these series and you can watch from episode 1 to episode 12 in the various series.

Do well to carefully stroll down and select the series for which you may want to download. The movie from this site.

There are other series that you should explore and enjoy watching online from here you can also download other interesting movies here.

Please don’t confuse this movie to survive the night, this was actually a movie review we did earlier and we classify it to be a Hollywood blockbuster movie.

Please use only the download link to Watch Lala of Lagos Season 1 Episode 1 to 14 online and download it too.

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This movie series was recently released, but it made the name and it is currently trending as top movies that are trending for 2020.

The exact city of Lagos and its complexity is demonstrated in this movie and you will love to see them move off as some people cajole and live a fake life in such a city.

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Please let us know your take on this post as you can use the comment box below to drop your viewpoint on this new movie series.

Do you love the choice of cast in Lala of Lagos?

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