Uber Nigeria App and Uber Nigeria Car Requirements

Uber Nigeria App and uber nigeria car requirements

Welcome to this article that we have written on Uber Nigeria App and Uber Nigeria Car Requirements how to download the Uber Nigeria Application. There is need to write this post on this article about  Uber Nigeria App and uber nigeria car requirements, because Uber Nigeria makes it available for a free cap to be available.

Uber Nigeria App and Uber Nigeria Car Requirements
Uber Nigeria App

Uber Nigeria has been rated to be known as one of the best cab driving company among others. The cab Uber Nigeria is known to be the best and it has stand out to be known in Nigeria and beyond.

Years back, I walked into a friend who was doing well as a fresh University graduates, little did I recognized him because his condition had changed from good to worst and he was now living from hand to mouth. After a long explanation of how he lost his Job, sold his house and some properties in order to carter for the family, but thank God he didn’t sell his car. I concluded that things were really bad with him.

Michael told me how he has been searching for a Job for years but could not find any and his decision to sell his car in order to feed the family and pay his children’s school fees. After hearing this, I quickly encouraged him to register with Uber instead of selling his car. I went further to tell him the benefits and the money he will make with his car as an Uber driver/car owner. He hid to my advice quickly and registered with Uber Nigeria and today his life has been so positive.

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He now make earns meet of about 350,000 naira weekly and he was able to raise his children school fees in just three days.

Uber Nigeria App

The Uber Nigeria App helps both Uber drivers and Uber riders to travel around the city anytime you wants and with just a click at the Uber Nigeria App, you can request for a ride. This App is flexible and will help both the driver and the riders to achieve maximum productivity.

You don’t need to be visiting the office any time or you don’t need to be contacting Uber Lagos anytime you are requesting for a ride or you want to drive, with this app you can make the most from your ride with Uber.

Recently, Uber Nigeria launched a new feature in the Uber Nigeria App which allows both drivers and riders to do some unique things. One of the features launched in the Uber App is the uber nigeria/chat allows both drivers and readers to chat at their convenient without exchanging phone calls on mobile numbers to get in touch.

The New App allows the driver to set out destination time which enables them to set out the expected arrival time at their final destination. The driver who sets his destination time will also be allowed to connect to other riders on the same path thereby enabling the driver to make some extra money.

There is also the advantage of long trip notification in the new Uber Nigeria App which allows information to be sent to drivers about the trip and the estimated time.

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Uber nigeria/calendar

This article is on uber nigeria/calendar and other basic requirements needed to be an Uber driver. I know you might be quite inquisitive to about the uber nigeria/calendar in this article on Uber Nigeria App and uber nigeria car requirements, but the first question to answer first is about the uber nigeria car requirements and how to use the Uber Nigeria App.

Below is an article for you on uber nigeria car requirements which will show you the basic requirements needed by Uber to become their driver. You will also learn other requirements which you might notg have been told

uber nigeria car requirements | How to Become an Uber Driver

This was like a major question asked by Uber intending car owners and drivers who wished to join uber. This Question was the most trending in 2017 because people wanted to know about the uber nigeria car requirements 2017 and the article below will briefly summarize the car requirements by Uber Nigeria and every other condition needed to be part of Uber Nigeria.

Uber Nigeria does not accept all vehicles to be part of their team as Uber, but they accept specified vehicles as a car requirements to be registered under their company. Examples of required vehicles accepted by Uber Nigeria include; Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Toyota Prado etc.

For your car to be accepted to be part of Uber Nigeria Limited, as a driver, then it must meet the following requirements below :

  1. No hatch vehicles for UberBlack and UberX will be accepted
  2. Accepted Vehicles must not be older than 2009
  3. All vehicles to registered and accepted must have a working air condition system and a working radio in the car which is one of the most important requirements. However you will have an added advantage with vehicles with electric windows
  4. The require width for cars is about 170mm minimum width
  5. Calculating your mileage with Uber system, it should be a maximum of 100KMs
  6. Uber does not accept full size vans, like Ford crown Victorias, Mercury Grand , Lincoln Town cars etc.
  7. To be eligible for Uber Vehicles, No salvage Vehicle should poses a clean title.
  8. All Cars for Uber Nigeria Should have a seat belt on all the seats in the vehicle
  9. If you are a driver who lives in Lagos, you should the Lagos state driver’s institute card and your personal driver’s license.
  10. All vehicles will remain with Uber Nigeria unless complaints is received from the riders about the vehicle quality.
  11. The Vehicle registered should undergo a background check by the Uber and the Nigerian Police force. We have written on background this in Our Article Uber Abuja Contact Details.
  12. Only one driver is only allowed to drive one car, this means that multiple car registration by drivers is not permitted.
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This article was on Uber Nigeria App and uber nigeria car requirements and we hope you have gotten the necessary Knowledge about Uber Nigeria App and uber nigeria car requirements which is the most reason why you search for this article.

Do you have any Question or contribution about this topic, kindly drop it at the comment box below and we will attend to them appropriately.

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  1. Is clean Toyota Camry 2006 and 2007 with working air conditioning and perfect car accepted for uber.if yes please how can I register the cars under uber

  2. i have been researching the web about uber and taxity today. Its confusing the way i see some post elsewhere about the kind of vechiles that can be accepted as a patner. Howevere would like to ask if Toyota corrolla sport 2007 can be accepted.

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