Theophilus Sunday – Biography and Songs

Theophilus Sunday – Biography and Songs

Music has made many around the world become prominent. It is one of the many aspects of entertainment.

From time to time, new songs come up for one to listen to. They download and listen to these songs for various reasons.

Some of them are gospel songs that have a high level of inspiration. Here, we want to take a look at one of these musicians.

The musician that we want to see here is a Gospel musician. This musician is one that has made a lot of impact in the world today.

Here, we want to see the biography of Theophilus Sunday. This is a very interesting update that none should afford to miss out on.

We are going to see who Theophilus is from this section. All those that do not know the life story of this man are in the right place.

You can get to know who the top individuals around you are. This is possible as we usually give out updates on who they are.

Theophilus is one of the top individuals in the world today. We are going to see Theophilus Sunday is in this interesting update.

Theophilus Sunday
Theophilus Sunday

Theophilus Sunday Biography

We want to see the first section of Theophilus Sunday biography. Here, we want to take a look at his birth, age, and others.

Those that do not know who this man is should take note. We are going to see all the details regarding this from here.

Theophilus is a very prominent Nigerian musician. He was born on the 9th of May in the year 1987 in Dekina.

Dekina is a local government area in Kogi state. Theophilus is from this local government area. This also implies that he is a native of Kogi state.

Theophilus Sunday Parents

Theophilus’s life is not complete without this aspect. We want to take a good look at the parents of Theophilus.

Those that do not know who they are should take note. We are going to surely see who they are from here.

Theophilus was born to a set of parents in Nigeria. certain individuals want to know who the parents of this man are.

As of now, we do not know who his parents are. When we have such updates, we are going to give them out to you.

All you have to do is to keep yourself updated with us from time to time.

Theophilus Sunday Educational Background

This Nigerian has also gone through various levels of education. He completed his Primary education and moved to secondary.

Theophilus attended Ochaja Boys Secondary School in Kogi state. From this institution, he went on to Kogi State University.

In this institution, Theophilus studied Theatre arts. He has a bachelor’s degree in this course and still forwarding his education.

Theophilus has gone through the National Youth Service. This is the last level of education that he went through in the year 2013.

All can now see how high the educational level of Theophilus is as of now.

Theophilus Sunday Career

The career of a man is a very interesting aspect of his life. Those that do not know about the career of Theophilus should take note.

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We are going to see his life and why he has become prominent. Those that do not have knowledge about it should not miss this section.

Theophilus is a prominent Nigerian musician. He is known for his worship songs as well as inspiring chants.

This musician has lots of songs to his name. He is not only known in Nigeria but in other countries of the world.

Theophilus Sunday Songs

We have seen a lot of details regarding Theophilus in this update. One of these details is what we want to take a good look at here.

We want to see the songs of Theophilus. These songs are available below;

My Life is Yours

Take Over

There is a Place

Set us on Fire

My Superman

Until you form

Take it Away

Spirit fire me up

Belong to you

My desire

Realms of worship

One sound

Spirit keep me hungry

Worship tradition



Face to face

Agaba Idu

Holy Fire and more.

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Is Theophilus Sunday Married?

There is a question that we have been receiving for some time now. This is the question that we want to take a good look at here.

If you do not have knowledge about this, take note. Those that do not have knowledge of the answer to this question should not miss out.

This question is if Theophilus is married. They want to know who his wife is as well as if he has children as of now.

Theophilus is not yet married as of this time. We do not also know if he will be getting married anytime soon.

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Theophilus Sunday Net worth

We want to see one aspect of Theophilus’s biography that is important. When one becomes a celebrity, there are several aspects that persons seek.

One of these aspects is the net worth of the individual. They tend to see it as he or she has made much money as a celebrity.

Theophilus is a prominent personality in the world today. He has made money from his many songs as well as performances.

As of now, we do not have an estimation of his net worth. When we have such info, we will not hesitate to update you on it.

Theophilus Sunday Instagram

This is the last but not the least section of this post. It is one aspect that we cannot afford to miss out on as of now.

We want to see the Instagram handle of Theophilus. Those that have been searching for this will get to see it from here.

With this handle, they can see the latest updates on this man. This is how important his Instagram handle is.

The Instagram handle of Theophilus is available @mintheophilussunday. Use this handle to see the latest updates about him.

There are several important updates that we are looking at. One of them is regarding the biography of Theophilus Sunday.

Those that do not know who he is should take note. Here, we have seen all the available aspects of his life in full.

Share this update with those that do not know about it. Drop all your comments regarding this post in the comment box below.

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