Racksterly Packages and Plans in Nigeria

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Racksterly Packages and Plans in Nigeria

They are various monetary companies in Nigeria. These monetary companies serve different purposes. Some end up being a fraud and some are true to their services.

In recent times it has come to be that the new method of making quick money is through online businesses. Various online businesses are available but some are very difficult to work out money from.

A new monetary platform has emerged in the country of Nigeria. This monetary company is the Racksterly Company.

The Racksterly Company is a monetary company that pays well as long as you work for the money.

To work out your money in this platform is easier to do than in other many monetary platforms. Racksterly also has various packages they offer.

These packages are referred to as Racksterly packages. You can choose whichever package you wish to make money from.

In these packages, there are also various plans. You can choose any plan you want to work within the platform.

Their packages are very easy to work with as the platform for each package does not contain much protocol.

Just follow the instruction the site gives and you will enjoy all of their wonderful packages.

This post will really elaborate more on the Racksterly company and how you can work with them. Other details concerning the Racksterly company is also here.

Read down to get every necessary detail you want to know about the Racksterly, its Packages and its plans.

Racksterly Packages

Racksterly Packages


The Racksterly Company and the Nigerian Market

Racksterly came into the Nigerian market in 2019. It worked for sometimes until some faults were located in it.

It lost its balance and could no longer stabilize itself. The platform was a money doubling platform which usually requested people to drop their referrals before transactions were made. This feature singled it out from the likes of MMM.

Racksterly also has a platform on Facebook where they help people to improve the standards of their businesses no matter the type or size.

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The Racksterly platform now has various packages with different plans that their users can benefit from.

This has made it more enjoyable as one can now stay at home and get access to good money with just a little stress.

Every income you make on this platform will be given to you and no form of fraud is registered here. People are enjoying this new Racksterly Packages than what they offered previously.

It pays better and you now work for your money and not your money being doubled for you. Now, if ever you have any problem with the Racksterly programme, you can boldly stand your ground due to the fact that you now work for your money.

The Racksterly is mainly an advertisement platform. This advertisement platform is just for Facebook users. Once you advertise your products on the platform and it is being clicked on, you earn your money.

Despite the fact that you get paid each time your advert is being clicked on, you have to subscribe monthly.

The subscription packages are different and same with their price tags and payment. The higher the package you subscribe for, the higher you earn when your ads are clicked on.

The History of Racksterly Company

Every company or business firm has where it started from. This section will show you the history of Racksterly a monetary company that is gaining serious ground in Nigeria.

The Racksterly monetary company was established in 2019. The founder happens to be Medaecon Limited and it had physical offices in the United States of America (USA) and Lagos, Nigeria.

Racksterly wants to establish their advertisement programme through Facebook. They are willing to rent timelines of people who will willingly offer it to them and also pay them for it. This happens to be one of their amazing features.

Recently, if you want to enjoy the Racksterly Company benefits, you will have to advertise your products with them.

This advertisement will be on a monthly subscription as you will earn money daily once your ads are clicked on.

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Your payment also goes round a cycle of thirty days in line with your subscription. This means that once your subscription expires, your payment stops abruptly.

Once your subscription is after the thirty days it is expected to last, you are liable to either withdraw your money and go or subscribe again. The payment in this subscription is $3.5 a day.

With this, people can make good money they can use to stabilize their various businesses in a month.

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Racksterly Packages

Racksterly has various packages. These packages are according to their subscription amount. There are various prices as their names imply.

These packages earnings are according to the type you are subscribing from. If you subscribe to a low-income package then your income will also be low.

Many people have benefitted from these packages in different countries. You can also benefit from it. Just subscribe to the Racksterly Packages, advertise your product with them and earn your money on a daily basis.

The various packages that the Racksterly Company offers are the;

  • Dew Subscription: to register for this subscription is $18 to earn $1.2 in a day for one month.
  • Drizzle Subscription: this subscription is registered with $25 to earn $1.8 per day for thirty days.
  • Storm Subscription: the registration fee for this package is $45 to earn $3.5 in a day.
  • Typhoon Subscription: to register for this package, the fee is $75 to earn $6.5 in a day.

Subscribe to these packages and enjoy the new Racksterly Packages today. Do not hesitate to go and register with them now.

Racksterly Packages and Plans in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are different Racksterly Packages and plans. These Racksterly Packages are of different types.

The packages have different subscription prices and also earning. The higher the package subscribed for, the higher your payment daily. Same is applicable if you subscribe for a lesser package.

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You are also free to take out your money when your subscription expires. Below is the available Racksterly Packages and Plans In Nigeria you can easily subscribe for.


This is the least among the available Racksterly Packages. The subscription fee is 6,897 naira for one month.

In this package, you stand a chance of earning $1.2 in a day and it is also for one month. This means that in a month you stand a chance of earning 12, 960 naira.


This Package Is next to the dew package. In this Racksterly Packages, you just need 9,296 naira to subscribe. The subscription will last for one month.

In this package, you get 648 naira in a day and 19, 440 naira in a month.


This is one of the Racksterly’s Packages in Nigeria. This package is of the subscription fee of 16, 732 naira. After subscribing, you get the sum of 1,260 naira in a day and 37,800 naira in a month.


The Typhoon is the biggest among the Racksterly’s Packages in Nigeria. Its subscription fee is just 27,887 naira for a month. You will receive the sum of 2,016 naira in a day and 60,480 naira in a month.

This post contains detailed information of not only the various Racksterly Packages but also other important information regarding the Racksterly Company.

Share this post with others as you are not the only one who wants to make money in life. Also, drop all comments and questions regarding this post in the comment box below.



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