Opay Kano Office Address – Kano State and Lagos State

Opay Kano Office Address - Kano State and Lagos State
Opay Kano Office Address - Kano State and Lagos State

Opay Kano Office Address – Kano State and Lagos State

Opay is one of the most trusted digital banking platforms out there. This post will enlighten you more about them. Banking has been made easy with Opay with its implicit formula. Users of Opay can enjoy both banking and banking networks.

They are one of the platforms out there with quality network connections and their customers do not have to worry about network issues.

Opay gives to their customers the following leverage;

With this, it is clear analyses that Opay is one of the banks which prompt their users with 3 free transfers to any other bank every day. This is an opportunity enjoyed mostly by Opay users and many are switching banks rapidly to make use of this swift banking.

When looking for a bank with a steady network connection and smooth banking, Opay is one of the best choices to make. However, with the vast use of Opay banking services, many have been searching for their branch office to lay their complaint.

Of course, human wants are insatiable. If you are looking for the office number then you met the right post. We are going to be giving our readers the office number of Kano State and Lagos State, their phone numbers and contact addresses.

Opay Kano Office Address

Customers need to have the customer care address of any establishment. With it, any customer can be able to contact the company for any of their enquiries.

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However, Opay also has a customer address where Customers can visit to lay out their complaints. Some customers get worried since they know they only know their head office.

It is with delight to tell you that Opay has its office in all 36 states including the Federal Capital. To those who have been looking for their customer address in Kano state, this is the section for you.

Opay Kano Office Address - Kano State and Lagos State
Opay Kano Office Address – Kano State and Lagos State

Opay has more than 1 office address in every location so their customer can visit anyone closest to them. If you have been looking for their customer address then you have met the right post. Opay office in Kano is located at;

  • Beside Kawo Bus Stop, Gwagwarwa, Kano, Kano State.

If you reach out to this location, you will find an Opay office where you can lay out your complaint and get a valid response.

Opay Kano Office Address – Kano State

There is a lot to know when it comes to the office address of Opay. Here is another section with an elaborate piece.

This section of the post has content you do not want to miss out on. However, readers will be getting to know other contact details of Opay in Kano State.

Other contact details include;

With their service email, you could send messages to them and get a valid response. Their email address is always active and readers/customers can send in their worries for immediate response.

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Make your want as brief as possible for easy readability. With their phone number, you could send call them and get the response you want. Voice call is another valid means by which readers can get to hear from them. Their number is active on working days and working hours.


If you have any worries then now is the best time to call them. Lastly, their WhatsApp number is another means of reaching out to them. For those who have been looking for their contact. Below are their contact details;

  • Service  Email: [email protected]
  • Phone Number/Contact: +234-1-8888329
  • WhatsApp: +234-1-8888329

Above are customer care details that those in Kano State can use to contact Opay.

Opay Kano Office Address – Kano State and Lagos State

Another section of the post with information readers should not miss out on. Here, readers will be getting similar information but about the office in Lagos State.

Lagos is one of the major cities in Nigeria and it is vital to share this information with those who are living there.

However, Opay office is in more than one location in Lagos state due to their high customer base. Be rest assured that if you are a customer living in Lagos state, you have multiple choices to make.

You can locate any of their offices closer to you to lay your complaints. Together with their office address, we will share with our readers their contact details.

Customers should be able to contact their office if they have any pressing questions. To do that, you must have their customer care number in possession. If you have been searching for that, below are their addresses and customer care information;

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With the above listed, you can contact Opay in Lagos state.

Opay Download

It is the last section of the post and one that readers will benefit vastly from. In this section, readers who are not yet customers of Opay will know how to download their application.

The process of Downloading this application applies to other applications and for the edification of those who do not have the idea, you will be getting the steps in this post.

Downloading the Opay application is one of the first steps to start with. With the use of the Opay app, you can create an account and monitor your deposits and transfers.

Owning an account with Opay does not stop you from having another account. With Opay, you will enjoy;

  • Mobile Banking
  • 3 Free Transfer daily
  • Free Opay to Opay Transfer
  • USD Banking
  • Good Network, amongst others.

To download Opay, follow the process below;

  • With an active network connection,
  • Locate your Play Store
  • On your search engine, enter “Opay”
  • Click on Download
  • Open the App

The steps listed above are the steps you need to follow to download Opay into your device.

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