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NTI registration 2018 is ongoing and all those that are interested in registering for the NTI registration should proceed to my NTI portal and register for this registration for 2018. For those going online to search for the NTI new portal, in this post, I will be showing you how  to locate the official.

NTI registration 2018
NTI registration 2018

The official portal for the ongoing registration is my.NTI.edu.ng portal and all applicants can either use the https www my NTI edu ng or access the portal through www.NTI.edu.ng 2017 and logging to the registration portal and get registered.

Having to access the NTI website will help you to do easy registration through the my NTI edu ng backend and get registered for different courses available for students. There are various degree programmes in the college and this NTI degree programmes will all gear you up towards becoming a potential teacher and serve the country as one who passes knowledge.

National teachers Institute Registration 2018 | How to Register

Part of this post will show the various NTI courses offered as well as how to do the registration easily. The NTI application processes is something that is not really easy, but knowing the best and the possible step to tgake will help you to do a successful NTI recruitment.

Did you know;

That a lot of persons have gotten their teaching Jobs through attending teacher institute graduates from there are given a preferential opportunity above  BSC, B.A and other degree of the university.

After registering for the NTI recruitment, you will be given a registration slip which will give you access to the entrance examination hall. After the exams you will be able to access the your NTI result. Preparing for the national training institute should be done with more dexterity seeing that the examination is not always an easy going one especially for those applying for pgd in education

For those who are still doubting if the NTI 2018 registration portal has been opened, it is important to officially let you know that all online processes and registration can be done at the portal. Like we wrote on IPPIS registration, we are writing on NTI registration 2018

A lot of persons have asked about the NTI 2018 dates for examination, but the examination dates for the NTI registration 2018 will be released once the registration is completed. There is a specific dates set for the closing of NTI portal and this dates will be seen in our post.

This post is specifically for National Teachers Institute Registration and how one can apply successfully; also how to process the registration form completely. This post is for you if you are finding it difficult to process the NTI application form.

What is National Teachers Institute NTI registration 2018

The National Teachers Institute (NTI) seeks to enhance and add to the professional ability of teachers who are working precisely at the secondary and the primary level of education. The main aim of NTI is to equip teachers with the relevant knowledge so as to uplift the standard of our education at both levels.

In addition to uplifting the fallen standard of our education, the National Teachers Institutes also has other major goals which serve as the need for the National teachers Institute.

Below is the some of the aims and objectives of the National Teachers Institute (NTI).

Aims and Objectives of National Teachers Institute (NTI).

  1. To nurture teacher to be committed to continuous and consistent learning which has some form of creativity, innovation and one that is also responsive to the changes of the wolrd according the new horizon
  2. To set out models for different subject content which will help and ensure that teachers under training will have a full mastery of their subjects field
  3. Ensuring that teacher –trainees have the full capacity and adaptability to technological advancement and imbued effective communication skills.
  4. Putting things towards the strengthening important mechanism in the institute which will include monitoring evaluation and having necessary feedback.
  5. To follow emerging situations at hand and update the curricula regularly to perfectly fit in to the present time through a restructured curricula
  6. Developing capacity for effective selection and deployment of relevant technology including Information and Communication Technology for effective Distance Learning delivery
  7. Creating and reviewing of special training for school administrators, priciples and supervisor and to also create an adequate retraining session for them
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NTI Registration Guide and Admission Processes

  • Visit the official portal for the registration www.nti.edu.ng
  • Create a profile which will be used for the application
  • In the application process, select your programme of study
  • There is a fee attached to the registration, view the amot and generate an RRR number for the payment.
  • Payment could be done via bank deposits or through the use of a debit can
  • The next step is to upload your credentials including your work experience
  • From this page, you will be able to access your login details
  • You will login to process the application, you will be able to view your payment and do other things here.
  • The final step is to verify the remitta RRR number

National Teachers Institute (NTI) Courses and Programmes

The following are programmes and courses offered by the National Teachers Institutes and applicants should check very well before proceeding to apply or register for aany course.

The courses offered are:

  • Pivota Teacher Training Programme (PTTP)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Advanced Diploma in Education (ADE)
  • Bachelor Degree Programme (BDP)
  • Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE)

How to Register for the ongoing National Teachers Institute (NTI) Registration

  1. Visit the link nti.edu.ng and process your registration
  2. On the website, click on register
  3. Proceed to insert your admission number which will enable to validate your details.
  4. Make sure you go through the details as shown on the screen
  5. You will have to click on the bottom where you have; I certify that this details belong to me
  6. Complete a form which appears with your email address
  7. Return to your student dashboard and click on the ‘view’ right below the payment due and your RRR number will be generated.
  8. Confirm your payment amount before proceeding to make your payment online or via bank deposit
  9. Login to the initial portal and upload your passport
  10. Ensure that you have completed the registration before downloading and printing the registration form
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This post has been written on NTI registration 2018 which will show you the way forward towards a successful NTI 2018 registration.

In subsequent time we will give another piece of information containing NTI 2018 hotels for lodging after completing the NTI registration 2018. It is important to go through the brochure of the National Teachers Institute and know all the NTI course schedule to avoid mistakes of selection of NTI courses 2018. To guide you further on NTI training and NTI registration 2018, check out this post again up and see all the NTI program.

Do you have any question to ask us on NTI registration 2018 and on how to Register for National Teachers Institute, please drop it at the comment box.

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  1. which requirement do you need if the applicant need to be Student for direct NCE two (2)?

  2. Good evening!, sir/ma. My complaints concerning the nti pgde programme is for those of us that have completed its pgde programme as at 2015 and has not gotten our certificate. What is happening and when will our certificate be approved and issued?

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