Nexit Registration Shortlist 2021 – List of Shortlisted Candidates

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Nexit Registration Shortlist 2021 – List of Shortlisted Candidates will soon be out and this write up will help you to get all the necessary information about this scheme.

It has been speculation that the Federal government has released funds for all old Npower beneficiaries on the Nexit scheme. The registration was on November/December and Npower exited beneficiaries registered in their numbers.

Nexit Registration Shortlist

Nexit Registration Shortlist

This guide lets you know how to check Nexit Registration Shortlist and hoe to access the funds disbursed by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Please read the guide below for more information on Nexit Registration Shortlist and loan disbursement

What is Npower Nexit Registration

The Npower Nexit registration is a CBN empowerment scheme meant for Npower beneficiaries to still get access to government funds.

The portal meant for this scheme is now open only to only Npower beneficiaries.

You can log in to this portal by just searching the URL; after which you input all your necessary information of you.

The development of a new portal has been announced by the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development in partnership with the Central Bank of Nigeria for the enablement of Npower beneficiaries to apply for the various Central bank options.


Eligibility For NEXIT CBN Empowerment

The Nexit portal is to enable Npower beneficiaries to register for the various central bank options. Npower beneficiaries will have to submit some necessary information so as to ascertain their qualifications. After this, they will be able to login to the Nexit portal.


NEXIT Application Portal  Report

Those who have completed their registration in the Nexit portal can now send feedbacks as they await an email that will verify your registration.

The registration of Nexit in 2021 can be done in the Nexit portal as Npower beneficiaries can now apply for the varieties of the central bank empowerment options. This programme is said to be part of the transition package for Npower beneficiaries.

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This platform is meant to enable Npower beneficiaries to gain access into the various CBN opportunities.

 List of Npower Shortlisted Nexit Candidates

The shortlisting of 2021 Nexit candidates has begun and following the Nexit portal, the registration is over. Nexit candidates can now check if their names are among the shortlisted candidates through the Next portal.

The following are questions common N-power beneficiaries

  1. How can one check if his/her name is among the Nexit beneficiaries?
  2. How can I find the Nexit portal for shortlisted candidates?
  3. Has the registration for the Nexit come to an end?
  4. Is the Nexit shortlist for 2021 applicant out?
  5. How much does one need to register for the Nexit?

Important NEXIT Guidelines Every candidate Must Adopt

In our last write up concerning the Nexit program, we stated that all N-power beneficiaries should not hesitate to apply for this program. We also stated that a functioning email address should be used for easy contacting.

Below are necessary information all Nexit candidates should note;

  1. All applicants should endeavour to continuously check the Nexit portal for any necessary information.
  2. They should also check their emails for any information regarding this programme
  3. When the Nexit list of shortlisted candidates is out we will also endeavour to communicate it to you without any delay.

Is the Nexit Registration Shortlist Out?

The current information regarding the Nexit applicants shortlist is that the list will be out any time soon. The above instructions should be strictly adhered to so as to enable one to know when it is out.

Steps On How to  Check Nexit List Of Shortlisted Candidates 2021

Npower beneficiaries are to apply the following guidelines to enable the easy registration for the Nexit programme in the Nexit portal

  1. When you enter the Nexit portal, log in to your account using your correct information
  2. Scroll down and click on the 2021 Nexit beneficiaries
  3. Download the 2021 Nexit pdf file and search for your names.
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How To Retrieve Forgotten Nexit Login Password

Some people may have forgotten their Nexit password and are searching for all means to get it back. Search no more for the solution to your problem is right here in this write-up.

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To retrieve forgotten Nexit login password, follow the following steps below;

For those who want to retrieve their Nexit forgotten password, the guidelines below will enable you to do so with ease.

  1. Click on the Nexit login portal
  2. Scroll down when you are in and you will see a forgotten password option, click on it
  3. When you click on it, you will be sent a Nexit reset link through email.
  4. Login to your email and click on the link. When you are through, you will receive an option to enter a new password twice.

It is advisable that you use a password you will never forget and also write it down in where you can always find it.

The Nexit shortlist of successful applicants is out and is seen only in the Nexit portal. Endeavour to check regularly for late information regarding the programme if you registered for it.

Once the Nexit shortlists for applied candidates is out we will not hesitate to inform you so as to enable you not to miss the screening if you applied for it.

 List of Successful Nexit Candidates

As earlier stated, once the Nexit shortlist is out we will not hesitate to inform you and also guide you on the steps you need to take in order to for you to know if your name is in the shortlist.

How To Check Nexit List Shortlisted Candidates

To check if your name is in the shortlist for the Nexit programme simply go to the Nexit portal at

You can also print your name from the site if your name is in the shortlist.


For more information regarding the Nexit shortlist, screening test, (venue and date) drop a comment in the box below. We will always notify you of all the information you need to know concerning the Nexit programme

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To get proper information about the 2021 Nexit programme endeavour to carefully go through this write-up.

The Nexit programme is to make sure that Npower beneficiaries who are still finding it difficult to live good lives can use this opportunity to do so. It is also a measure the CBN is using to reduce the level of unemployment in the country.

For those who have been searching for information regarding the Nexit programme from the shortlisting to others search no more for you have found the solution to your problem.

This article will also guide you to get proper information concerning the Nexit Registration Shortlist 2021 – List of Shortlisted Candidates.

Note that this write up will take away any issue you have concerning the Nexit Registration Shortlist 2021 – List of Shortlisted Candidates.

It is advisable that you go through this write up thoroughly as it will guide you to properly solve any issue you have concerning the Nexit programme as it has already helped many.

If you want to make a contribution regarding this article or you have a question to ask, pleased used the comment box below and drop your comment.

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