NIMC App Download 2021- NIMC App Registration And Linking

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NIMC App Download 2021

The Nigerian Communications Commission permits one to link up to seven Nigerian mobile numbers with their NIN. Downloading of the NIMC app can also be done through the Google play store with android phones and the Apple app store with iPhones.

How to get NIMC App Download

NIMC App Download 2021

When you get the NIMC App download, follow the laid down instructions;

  • After the app installation, open it then go to the left side of the bottom and click on skip to begin
  • Insert your NIN which should not be less than eleven digits and press next. You will then be asked a question of which you are to click I  Agree
  • Two options will then be sent to your mobile number for you to choose from them.
  • I am still using this number
  • I am no longer using this number
  • Take the right option and click on next
  • If still using the number, just enter the DI user ID and OTP that will be sent to you through SMS and then click on proceed. If you are no longer using the number, go to the nearest NIMC office and update your mobile number for the completion of the process.

How to Apply for NIN Number with National ID Card

Below are the guidelines to be followed for the speedily and perfect application for your NIN online;

The Pre Enrollment Form On NIMC App Download

Complete The pre-enrolment form online, download and print Pre Enrolment Slip

  • To register for your NIN, visit the pre-enrolment portal and fill the form which will be presented to you. Endeavour to input all your required details.
  • After that, download and print the pre-enrolment form.

Application Submission

  • To submit the pre-enrolment form, go to the nearest NIMC registration office with all your personal documents including the pre-enrolment form.
  • At the office, you will be directed to the counter where the enrolment personnel will clarify all your documents and the orderliness of your application.
  • If your documents are in order, the personnel will guide you to move on with the ten fingers printing and the capturing of your face. After this act, the transaction ID slip will be given to you to prove that the process is successful.
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It is important to note the following;

  • Those who can neither read nor write should go alongside with educated persons
  • Young ones who are not up to age should endeavour to go with parents/guardians so that they can do the form filling for them. They should also go with their original birth certificate and NIN slip of parents/guardians

Getting your National Identification Number

  • After the capturing of your biometric information (fingerprints & face capturing), your NIN slip should be out between two to three days.
  • In some cases, the NIN may take a longer period due to the ascertaining of given details at the NIMC office. Note that the VFS cannot expedite such happenings.
  • Safely keep the transaction ID slip as it will be presented before the NIN slip is issued for complete enrolment.

NIMC Registration 2021

The Federal government of Nigeria orders everyone using a Nigerian mobile number to link it to their National Identification Number (NIN).

Some people do not have the NIN and should endeavour to register for it in the nearest NIMC centre to them.

Due to the emergence of the situation, various NIMC accredited centres will be filled up as people will be in a rush to register for the NIN. Nevertheless, a mobile app has been developed to enhance the process.

The processes involved in both the NIMC App download and usage of the app will be disclosed to you here and as such will make it easy for you to undergo the process.

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The app has also been developed to privatize your information even if you are undergoing the process in another person’s device to access your ID using the mobile app.

Features of the mobile app will also be communicated to you so as to enable you to know what you are really doing.

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Features of NIMC App and Requirements

  • To link your NIN securely using the NIMC app you need to have the National Identification Number. Additional six numbers may be required from you depending on how the case may be.
  • If asked for the six extra numbers, search for my devices on the main dashboard and input the numbers carefully and the NIMC will continue from where you have stopped.

    The mobile ID can be used anywhere within the axis of Nigeria. It is being seen as a sign of identity as a citizen of this country (Nigeria).

  • If you are ever being denied access to anywhere even when you present this ID, simply sent an email to and immediate action will be taken concerning your report.
  • Anywhere you present the mobile ID; your national ID must be verified at the spot. It will be wise that you do not allow anyone to either photocopy or scan your ID for safety reasons.
  • Anyone that wants to have a copy of your mobile ID for their records should go to the NIMC portal at and print out theirs.
  • You are expected to preserve your ID by keeping it to yourself and not sharing it with others.
  • When you want to check your ID, click on “show my ID”. By default, only primary information will show.
  • To see other personal details press the “FullID” button located on top of the right corner of your screen.
  • This app has been made in such a way that the information you choose will appear. In case you are using someone else’s device, your ID cannot be stored in their device.
  • The NIMC app does not also store the National ID’s database.

Download NIMC App for Android Latest Version

They NIMC app for android phones has been updated due to the emergence of the NIN linking situation.

The NIMC App download can be done using the GOOGLE play store as it is now available.

The app is not compatible with all android phones as they have been a series of reported problems concerning this. Nevertheless, the app developer is working on this aspect.

The necessary information one needs to know about the NIMC app is situated in this article. It is expected that this article is being read carefully.

NIMC App Download  File Information:

  • Name: NIMC App
  • NIMC App download Size: 13 Mb
  • Version: 1.6
  • Publisher:
  • Type:
  • Android Requires: 4.1 and Up
  • Last Updated: January 2021

to download the NIMC application, you can visit any of the following sites; download nimc mobile app apk, nimc apk download, nimc mobile id apk among others. Go through this write up carefully and follow the laid down procedures to ensure a smooth NIN registration and linking.

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