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If you desire a place where you can obtain a loan for your business, then think of Naijaloan as this is one of the best ways to get fund and capital for your business. We will show you Naijaloan com Sign up and account creation via this post.

Naijaloan is a remarkable site which you can get a loan for yourself, for your business as you take it to the next level through our post.

It is paramount to give all our users the necessary information which they required and one of them is information concerning the naijaloan.

Naijaloan com Sign up

Naijaloan com Sign up

The Naijaloan account is where you can obtain loaning ranging up to 120,000 daily and as you grow, your loan chances increases.

For now, we can strongly recommend this loan platform as you look for a place to get your loan without interest.

You will get the guide to obtain this loan and the requirements for you to get upgraded to another level.

This information is vital for everyone who has been looking for money especially in times like this.

After careful research, our team discovered naijaLoan for business owners and individuals and we decided to give you a guide on Naijaloan com Sign up registration and how to login to your account.


NaijaLoan is real and not a scam in all measures from what we can say now, as the platform has offered to people more reliable and convenient loans which can be obtained from N5,000 to 120,000 and all you have to do is to create a naijaloan account.

NaijaLoan Review and Naijaloan com Sign up

NaijiaLoan is a newly introduced platform for lending and receiving money from users and who are members of the platform. In very simple words, we will say that it is a give and take the platform for users who wish to make money by donating to the platform.

The content below is a piece of information on how naijaloan works, the necessary payment plan and how to activate an account on

We have received complaints on how to make this platform work and so many questions on whether this platform is real or full of imposters.

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Please stick and read this post to the end as we will give our honest review about this platform and from where you will decide for yourself if joining the platform is necessary or you will choose to join another platform.

It is not just our review, but we have a collection of different views by the online publication about this platform and their honest experience with the site.

Naijaloan is a lending platform and it started on the 21st of March 2020o and it is a great content financial platform for people.

Unlike Giftal world or Atpays, this is not a content platform for reading and commenting on the news to ake your money, but a direct financial platform for donation and receiving donations with or without a referral.

This is like a borrowing platform that members get to borrow money from various members on the platform. The entire role of Is here is to merge one person to another.

With just N1,000 you can earn up to N120000 just like most of the Ponzi schemes that have existed in the past.

NaijaLoan: How it works

You will be required to sign up with just N1,000 and you will go through the process of scaling through six levels.

Unlike a bank or any loan platform like kiakia loan, all members in this platform are either lending or borrowing at any given period.

Once you offer a loan, you are opportune to borrow more and that is to say the higher you lend, the higher you borrow on the platform.

Each money you lend takes you to another level accordingly Like that from one step to the other

If Member A joins the Is Naijaloan com Sign up with just N1,000 and borrows N5,000 he will get to the next level that allows him to give a loan of N5,000 to a user and obtain a loan of N10,000 and each loan offer takes you to the next platform.

You will see the various levels and benefits attached to each level of Is Naijaloan com Sign up.

How to Register for Registration Guide

  1. Visit the official lending and borrowing platform
  2. Click on sign up at the top corner of the website
  3. Sign up with your details by filling the necessary information in the column provided
  4. Once you click on next, you will be paired with someone you have to make your donation to
  5. Make your payment to the person you are paired with just N1,000 only
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Different Levels of and Benefits

LevelAmount in Naira/Upgrade AmountUpgrade BenefitsMaximum Days
Level 11,00050001
Level 25,00010,0002
Level 310,00020,0004
Level 420,00040,0006
Level 540,00080,00010
Level 680,000120,00010
Naijaloan com Sign up

Naijaloan com Sign up

Is Naijaloan com Sign up scam or Real

From all indications, we can only say that for now the platform looks Juicy and sweat with nice packages, but to ascertain if this platform is real or fake we will consider another review from other sites. after looking into this site has concluded that the website is fake and it looks so shady to believe that is true.

Accordingly, all users at first are not told the number of referrals when registering until you realized that the platform requires about 5 referral to get to the next level.

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The referral option is highly confidential which up liners don’t reveal to their down liners once they want to get on Is Naijaloan com Sign up and which makes the platform questionable.

The platform claims that upon referral you will be earning commissions up to 15% but a closer look at it reveals that the actual amount earns as a bonus is not up to the claimed 15%.

Another thing which makes the system untrustworthy is that on glistering through the signup bottom on the site, the platform only merges but allows you to transact with your downline offline through a personal bank account.

Our investigation also reveals that most persons are still on the first level with about 4,420 unconfirmed accounts on level zero.

Other Means of Making Money Online

The above review is an investigative review on naijaloan, but not to discourage you from joining the platform. There are numerous means of making money with just your phone one is chipper cash

We have carefully taken you through a guided on Naijaloan com Sign up and registration even without downloading the registration form.

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Please note that one thing that is required of you is to pay the sum of N,1,000 for your account and you will get your account activated for business.

This is just the right information that you have been looking through this post. We have carefully taken through this guide and nothing is left out in this information piece.

After much research and consideration by our team, we decided to give you the steps on how to register for an account through the 2020 guide.

There are other places where you can obtain loans online like carbon, fairmoney, Kiakia loan and many more but in all of this, Naija loan till stands out in terms of services rendered.

If you have been looking for an opportunity like this, then don’t let this flip off you as with just a click you can download the application form.

Please note that the registration form is not more than N1,000 for each account created on the platform and loans are disbursed to your bank account accordingly.

If you will love to ask a question on Naijaloan com Sign up, we do appreciate such and that is why a comment box has been provided for you to make your input.

We promise to update this post with time as people make their comments

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