Justice Abdul Kafarati Biography Age, And Death – Who Is Justice Kafarati

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Justice Abdul Kafarati Biography Age, And Death – Who Is Justice Kafarati 

It is news to the ears of all that the former Chief Justice of the Federation in the person of Justice Abdul Kafarati is dead.

This chief justice is one of Nigerian best justices of all time. He has made a name for himself as not many always find their way to that position.

Today, many mourn his death. Chief Justice Abdul Kafarati retired two years ago and has not lived to enjoy his work-free days for a long period of time.

He is so dear to many as he has always been fair in his judgement. The former chief justice is one of the few Nigerian leaders that stood against corruption and oppressing the poor while he was in power.

Many will greatly miss him as he has been of immense help to many. He is also a role model to many other lawyers.

Former Chief Justice Abdul Kafarati did not just become chief justice. He started from somewhere before he attained such great height.

The information in this post will lead you to know more about Chief Justice Abdul Kafarati Biography, age and also his sudden death.

His death is so painful to many especially his family members as many wished him a long life to enjoy his work-free years.

Barely two years after his retirement he died. This sudden death of his will is discussed in this post at length.

Read more to know more about Chief Justice Abdul Kafarati Biography, achievements and death.

Justice Abdul Kafarati Biography

Justice Abdul Kafarati Biography

Chief Justice Abdul Kafarati Biography

This section of this post will enlighten you on the Biography of this excellent Chief Justice. He has accomplished a lot both academically and in his professional field.

Many now wish to be like him as he has impacted a lot in the lives of many Nigerians. More details concerning this honourable man are in this post.


There is no doubt that death as a natural phenomenon takes the life of any man when it pleases the giver of life. This is the biography of a man who is being held at a high level of prestige by many Nigerians.

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Today, we celebrate the loss of a father to many and also a destiny helper. With his anonymous position, he has helped many and has also empowered many.

Below are full details carrying information on the life story of this great legend.

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Chief Justice Abdul Kafarati Early Life

Chief Justice Abdul Kafarati was born on the 25th of July 1954. He hails from Kwami in Gombe state. He lived a decent life and was had a proper upbringing.

Abdul is a loyal citizen of this great country with several educational qualifications. He has attained greatness at different levels and aspects.

Abdul Kafarati was born into a Muslim family and has been a Muslim right from then even until his death.

He is not a religious fanatic but obeys strict rules regarding his religion. Abdul Kafarati lives his daily life based on how he is supposed to live as guided by his religion.

He is also one of those who can stand up for their religion no matter where they find themselves. despite the fact that he is a Muslim, he still offers help to people of other religion.

This former chief justice is a role model for many and is very good with his profession. Chief Justice Abdul Kafarati has always wanted to be a Chief Justice of the federation right from his childhood days.

He has successfully accomplished this dream and is now resting peacefully. Many know him for his good works and he is more outstanding among his equals.

He has lived most of his life in Nigeria as he was ready to make Nigeria great again. Abdul was one of the people who stood with the President of Nigeria to fight against corruption and injustice.

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He had a blissful and accomplished life and has made a great impact both as a Chief Justice and as a father. He is a father to many as he has touched the lives of many Nigerian citizens greatly.

Former Chief Justice Abdul Kafarati is popularly known for giving court orders regarding the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB).

Chief Justice Abdul Kafarati Age

Chief Abdul Kafarati has lived a long life. He was born on the 25th of July 1954 and passed on to glory in 2021 which is barely two years after his retirement.

He has lived long as he has reached the age which can be said to be his old age. This man is a great man with a noble course.

During his life on earth, he did a lot and is now being called to glory. He has fulfilled the numbers of his age and is now peacefully resting.

Chief Justice Abdul Kafarati Career

Abdul Karafati studied Law at the university. He finished his bachelor degree and went on to law school. He was called to bar in the year 1979.

Abdul Kafarati did not waste time as he started his lawyer profession immediately after his National Youth service.

Since then, he has been in the law business until his retirement in 2019. He has accomplished a lot while as a lawyer and also has a Chief Justice.

He is a very prestigious lawyer and this made him find his way to the top of the Nigerian Bar Association.

This position is not always held by all Lawyers before their retirement. In the midst of the tussle, he is one of those who have attained this position

Abdul Kafarati has won numerous amount of cases. His total won cases is far more than his losses. He has defended many both in the court and outside the court.

Abdul Kafarati did not use his position of authority to oppress others but to help those who have been oppressed.

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He always gives the chance of fair hearing and always temper justice with many. Abdul Kafarati was particularly popular for giving court orders regarding the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB).

He has lived a great life in his profession and his name has been printed on the sands of time which will be for generations to come.

Chief Justice Abdul Kafarati retired from his position of authority in 2019. His retirement was three months after his retirement age.

He retired at the age of 65 to live a work-free life before he dies finally at a good old age.

Chief Justice Abdul Kafarati Death

Reports have it that Justice Abdul Kafarati is dead. He died on the 25th of February 2021. His death was a result of a Cardiac arrest.

This death incidence is barely two years after his retirement. His death has affected a lot of which includes his wife and children.

He was not prepared to die but death came his way and he had no other option but to bow to it.

Justice Abdul Kafarati Biography and other life details even until his death are in this post. A legend has gone to rest after living in this world.

He has many accomplishments and has attained greatness at several heights. Share Justice Abdul Kafarati Biography with others that they will know his great history.

Drop all comments regarding Justice Abdul Kafarati Biography in the comment box below.



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