Churchill Olakunle Biography – Net worth, Father, Mother

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Churchill Olakunle Biography Net worth, Father, Mother 

Churchill Olankunle is a wealthy Nigerian businessman. He is also a philanthropist and the founder of the Churchill group and Churchill foundation.

This man has succeeded in achieving a great height in this country. Through struggles and tough times, he has still made it to the top.

He is a clear example that with determination, everything is possible. He is a computer engineer who has achieved so much both in his main area of concentration and in other aspects of his life.
The true-life experience of this young flourishing businessman is here. Many people will learn a lot from this post as it will help you to mould your life.

This man who was from a low life background has now risen up to not only become great but has the desire to build for himself and his generations to come to a personal brand.

He is one of the high ranking individuals known not only in Nigeria but also beyond the borders of Nigeria to many other countries.

Churchill is now the founder of some well-known organisations like the Big Church Foundation, a real estate firm and some other foundations.

He now dines and dwells with the rulers of both this country and outside this country. Olakunle has not just attained greatness but has both climbed the ladder of success and the staircase of popularity.

Here we will know more inner details about this exclusive young businessman and philanthropist. His story has inspired many and will still inspire more.

Don’t miss out on any detail on Olakunle Biography Net worth, Father, Mother and other necessary information concerning him.

Churchill Olakunle Biography

Churchill Olakunle Biography


Churchill Olakunle Biography Net worth, Father, Mother

Churchill Olakunle Biography Net worth, Father, Mother are in this section of this post. The life history of this man is very interesting.

He is more outstanding among his equals as he has put determination, hard work and focus as his front liners.

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Many did not expect him to go this far in life but he did not let his condition get into his head as he saw himself at the top right from an early age.

Today we write about him for many to learn from. He is also raising many to be like him emulating him and working in his footsteps.

He has successfully left his footprints on the sands of time for many generations to come.

Below is the Churchill Olakunle Biography Net worth, Father, Mother. Read carefully and let his story guide you.

Churchill Olakunle Parenthood

Churchill Olakunle is from Ondo State. He lived most of his life there. He even got his nursery and primary education there before moving out from there to further his secondary education.

Olakunle furthered his secondary education at Apata Memorial High School, Isolo. He happened to complete only his Junior Secondary education there.

He later moved to Abeokuta to complete his senior secondary education at the Nigerian Navy Secondary School Abeokuta. This is where he got his Senior School Certificate.

While Churchill was growing up, he aspired to be a military officer. He was even on the verge of enrolling in the Nigerian Defence Academy.

As fate has it, he had a change of mind to be a computer engineer. Due to the change of mind he had, he studied Information Technology.

Today, we can now see where his decision has led him to has he is now at the top of the ladder looking down at others.

He faced tough times while growing up. His father was a gardener to the former Nigerian president in the person of Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo.

He lived with his grandmother at the early stage of his life. Later, Olusegun Obasanjo adopted him and this is where his greatness begun.

Churchill Olakunle Career

As earlier stated, Churchill had intentions of being a Military officer of which he later dropped. He picked up Computer engineering.

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This choice has made him be recognized by all. He also has different organizations named after him.

Churchill began his career in 2005. At this point, he was about 23 years of age. He got employed to work with a real estate and ICT business company.

He later founded the Big Churchill. In 2010, the Churchill organisation happened to replace his former company.

Its main areas of concentration are mining, engineering, entertainment and also agriculture. He later established a charity foundation.

This foundation is known as the Churchill foundation. He formed this foundation with ten per cent of the income from all his companies’ funds.

Today, this foundation has helped many and is still helping and will still help many for generations to come.

Through the tough times he faced while growing up, he was inspired to raise this foundation so as to help young ones with a bright future.

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Churchill Olakunle Achievements/Awards

Churchill Olakunle has gotten several awards and has many achievements. His life and also his philanthropic acts have made him to be known not only in Nigeria and Africa but also across Africa.

See both his awards and achievements below;

  • In 2015, he received the Nigeria Goodwill Ambassador Award.
  • He received an honorary doctorate degree award in communication sociale from ISCG University in Cotonou in 2016.
  • He became the face of the 11th edition of La Mode magazine success builder issue.
  • The La Mode magazine also gave him an award at the Green October Event in 2016. This was due to his great humanitarian services to people.
  • In 2017, both the Kagoro community and the council of Kamara Community in Liberia gave him a chieftaincy title.
  • He has also received the African Youth and Governance Championship Award due to his great contributions to various aspects of human existence.
  • Churchill also received a humanitarian award at the AfroGlobal television excellence awards.
  • He got a special recognition award in 2017 at the city people movie awards.
  • In 2017 scream awards, he got the award as the man of the year
  • Later in Enugu state, the people of Nike community gave him a chieftaincy title as the Ezina Chukwu Mere Eze.
  • He later again appeared on the cover of the 12th edition of the Attention Magazine impact impression in 2019.
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Churchill Olakunle Marriage Life

Olakunle was married to Tonto Dikeh who is one of the greatest Nollywood actresses of all times.

They met in 2014 at a night club. Six months later, Tonto became pregnant for him. In August 2015, they walked down the aisle and met their divorce in 2016.

Churchill Olakunle Net Worth

Churchill Olakunle is a wealthy businessman. He has amassed so much wealth and has also used part of it to bless the lives of many.

His net worth is not accumulated but he is worth millions of dollars as his companies are getting large sums of money on a daily basis.

This post has succeeded in elaborating details of Churchill Olakunle Biography Net worth, Father, Mother and other details you need to know about him.

Endeavour to share this information with others and drop all questions and comments regarding this post in the comment box below.



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