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This is a guide on how to repay Migo loan easily and instantly without having any problem or doubt. 

Migo loan offers the best interest rate and a good number of days for your repayments. With Migo loan, you don’t have to worry when you don’t have money to repay your loan as it can be move forward until when you are ready to make your payments. 

How to Repay Migo Loan

How to Repay Migo Loan

We have written this guide to show you how to repay your loan at the Official Migo website online and without having any issues with repayments. 

Unlike Fairmoney App in most cases, we have realized that Migo loan repayments are often tricky and hence the need to help you with your refund. 

When you have added your bank details, you may not get a debit notification, and when you don’t get debit alert of the actual amount owed, then you need to resolve your loan payment issues. 

The guide here will give you a piece of detailed information and all the necessary updates which you should know to repay your loan, and by following this guide to the end, you will repay your loan for 2020 and get a higher loan. 

However, if borrowers are unable to pay online, there are still methods that we have suggested below in this post to make your payments offline. 

Kwikcashloan to Migo Loan

Kwikloan is one of the best loans in Nigeria; despite the review and the change of name, this loan still offers quality loans to all its users, and we have decided to show you a guide on how to repay your loan on Migo. 

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It has come to our realization that Migo loan is often difficult to repay as, in most cases, User’s money will not be charge. 

Kwikmoney rebranded to Migo see the need to do, and this name rebranding also affects the User’s interface of the site. 

Users can now visit the Migo website and complete your transaction. 

While accessing the old site, you may get a redirection to the new and have all your loan services processed. 

Whether you access kwikmoney or you access Migo, you are still unto one platform for loan disbursement, and payments and this platform is Migo. 

Just by using the website, all loan problems can be resolve on the application. 

Migo, which stands for a friend in need when running unto for help, has helped thousands of people providing specific financial assistant to persons. 

With these loans, you can get quick money instantly on your bank and solve your financial needs through Migo loan services. 

Migo Loan is one of the best loans, and in 2019 it received the award of the best loan service in Nigeria by a financial company. 

One feature which Migo loan has is the ability to extend other people’s loans even beyond the payment deadline, and ist loans don’t have this feature. 

Migo Loans and Interest Rate 

Though Migo loan’s interest rate is not fixed, Migo still offers the best of investments in terms of providing the best interest rate to users. 

Migo’s Loan interest rate is dependable on several factors, and one of the elements is the amount which you have gotten and the period of your repayments. 

All users who have obtained a loan of N4,000 will have to pay with an additional interest rate of N1000 for Two weeks.

However, the interest rate also increases as this expansion causes a low-interest rate. 

Migo loan interest rate is not set and unlike Carbon loan’s interest rate, which is definite, Migo’s interest rate is not stable. 

From our research, as of when this post was published, Migo loan interest rate for Migo is still on the high side, and you will need to pay back up to 20 to 30% as interest rate depending on the amount of money obtained and the duration fir repayments.

Information on the Migo loan interest rate was necessary because knowing the loan interest given to you will help and will provide a remedy to the situation on how to Repay Migo Loan. 

By following a guide below, you will see a piece of detailed information on how to pay Migo loan and hence you will find this post interesting to provide such information on Migo Loa repayment. 

The information guide below will show you how to repay your loan and how to repay your loan within a short time. 

Migo Loan Repayment

Just like kiakia Laon, here are various methods on how to repay your Migo loan, and you will choose any of the methods below and repay your loans. 

There are several ways to repay your Migo loans, and you can choose any of the methods to complete your payments among these three methods. 

  1. Making a payment online through your ATM card 
  2. Making payments with the USSD code 
  3. Payments of Migo loan by cash to any of the approved bank 
  4. Processing your debt through ATM on quickteller which cost N100

It would be best if you chose any of the methods to complete your repayments of the loans a clear with Migo loans, so you get another opportunity to obtain another loan once your repayments have been successful. 

How to Repay Migo Loan Online 

  • Visit 
  • On the space provided fill I your phone number and activate it 
  • Remember to fill and complete the Recaptcha. 
  • You will go to the home page once you login
  • Choose the first method which is the online method for repayments 
  • select the option, pay loan to pay your loan
  • Choose the option “Pay with card.” 
  • You card select card if you have not added a card already, but you can also select add new card if you have not added a card already. 
  • You will get a confirmation SMS to confirm your payments. 

How to Repay Migo Loan through Bank 

  • Visit the approved bank for instructions on your payments
  • Inform the teller attendant in the bank that you want to pay direct. 
  • You should fill in your phone number as the payments name and also the account details to pay to
  • Indicate Migo loan phone number as your Customer Reference Number for Paydirect 

Pay to the Following Banks below;

  • Wema Bank branches Nationwide 
  • United Bank for Africa (UBA)
  • Keystone Bank 
  • Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB)
  • Access Bank branches Nationwide
  • Sterling Bank 
  • Fidelity Bank Branches Nationwide

You can also make your payment through quickteller and in this case, you will pay at the ATM across any bank. 

Ensure that the ATM has quickteller service on the machine use quickteller, through pay bills, click on others and if you are asked for Biller Code, use 04354101 and use your phone number use for your Migo account as your Customer Reference Number and complete your payments.

Migo Loan USSD code 

On How to Repay Migo Loan, you can also process your loan through the Migo Loan USSD code.

With the Migo loan USSD code, you will obtain a loan, and you will also be able to make your loan repayment through the USSD code.

To repay your loan through the USSD code, use the USSD code *561# and process your approved phone number. 

If you are not an Airtel user, then you can use the following code above, but for airtel users, use the code *554*561# input pay loans under the loan session and repay your loans. 

If you have any questions or contributions on How to Repay Migo Loan, then we will value your contribution to this post as you use the comment box below. 

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