How to Identify Yourself as Aro Mate (And Other Identifications)

Identify yourself as aro mate: This fraternity is one of the most fearsome organizations in Nigeria. This article will give a brief view of how to identify them while touching on some other fraternities also.

identify yourself as aro mate

Cultism Definition

The Oxford Dictionary defines cultism as a secretive, solitary, and esoteric religious or social group. Carrying out certain ceremonial practices is a part of cultism.

Cultists share similar goals and ideologies, whether or not society is aware of them; nevertheless, some leaders conceal their intents from followers.

Some Cult Formations in Nigeria

But through the 1970s and 1980s, when new fraternities emerged, they got more aggressive. In Nigeria, “campus cults” are how many fraternities operated in large part as criminal gangs by the 1990s.

Confraternities have also been connected to political violence and the conflict in the Niger Delta, in addition to regular criminal activity.

Aro-Mates: identify yourself as aro mate

Three young men who had previously been Buccaneers at the University of Port Harcourt founded the Supreme Vikings Confraternity (also known as the National Association of Adventurers or, alternatively, the De Norsemen Club of Nigeria) in 1982.

They have the following code names:

  • Rising angel
  • Eric De Red
  • Troppence

Previously known as the Alpha Marine patrols, it was also nicknamed triumph COSSA.

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Beliefs and Saying

  • Singing songs of Hojas
  • Even in the face of death.
  • Never hang a leg
  • Blood on the high sea

Members are referred to as Aro-mates, Adventurers, Vultures, etc.

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Through specific rituals, you can join the Aro cult group. In some cases, they beat the participant while blindfolding them. They used a sharp tool to prickle their thumbs and told some people to lick the blood.

That was known as a blood oath. They harmed the heads with cutlasses, leaving what they thought were axe marks.

They are advised not to inform anyone and that the cult’s members would come after them and kill them if they didn’t engage in its activities.


The new intakes are supposed to assign themselves new names by which they would be recognized as soon as one is launched. This is one of the steps taken to conceal their real identities while operating.

As one participant noted in an interview I worked as a barber before I joined the cult. After initiation, however, members would visit my shop and demand money; if I told them I didn’t have any, they would trash my belongings. When I reached the point when I could no longer pay the rent, I was forced to lock my shop.

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Some members of the Aro Confraternity decide to terrorize specific districts of Lagos in order to collect money for the organization. They believe this will help them become somewhat financially stable and enable them to acquire particular items.

What Effects Does Cultism Have?

The following are some detrimental outcomes of cultism in Nigeria: Law and order are broken. the premature passing of young cult members and innocent victims.

Interference with academic activities. Both violence and societal unrest. addiction to drugs and associated health issues. values of society are misaligned.

What Contributes To Cultism?

Some of the motives people in Nigeria to join cults include the following: Teenagers give in to peer pressure.

Cults are necessary for some people who want to exact revenge on their foes. Some people seek defense against their adversaries. A way of life for certain people is cultism.

What is the solution to cultism?

The following four ideas can help stop cultism in Nigeria:

1. The government ought to support campaigns to educate the populace about the dangers of cults. From elementary schools to universities, the educational system should emphasize the negative aspects and risks of cults of identify yourself as aro mate.

2. The government ought to enact strict regulations and harsh penalties to combat cults. Government should raise the general level of life. Cultism can take many different forms in Nigeria.

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While others include people of all genders, some are only for men or women. Most organizations were started with the intention of advancing social justice.

However, others have strayed from their initial goals and are now advocating for crime, violence, and destructive causes.


Thu-Thu, Red Sea, Mgbamgba Brothers, Black Cat, The Fame, Snow Men, Fraternity of Friends, Black Cobra of Ife, Canary, Green Berets, The Blood Spot, Scorpion, etc. are further fraternities in Nigeria.

When discussing confraternities in Nigeria, the Ladies are not excluded. In order to not forget about them, the following is a list of the top female fraternities:

Amazons, White Angels, Lady of Rose, Sisterhood of Darkness, Black-bra, Black Berets, Woman Brassier (brave), Pink Lady, Daughters of Jezebel, Golden Daughters,

Also, The White Ladies, the Royal Queens, the Daughters of the Knight, the Knights of the Aristos, and the Ten Wonderful Girls, among others.

Most intriguingly, these women are girlfriends of the male members of the male cult groups. Sorority groups were created as feminine reactions to the actions and imitations of their male counterparts.

To their male counterparts, prostitution gangs, set-up artists, etc., they serve as spies. “Keep in mind that violence never pays,”

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