20 Tips to consider Before buying Used Cars; Tips that You will Never Regret

Tips to consider Before buying Used Cars

People Come around and they request information and tips on how to Buy Fairly Used cars. This Question has been asked by many persons who can not afford the money toget a brand new car for themselves.

Sometimes getting a used car might be so risky and I do advised people to rather go for the new  one.


  • In case you may not have the money to buy a new one you can go for faiely used car
  • Maybe you may think- Why I’m I buying a new one when I can get a Used car to provide the same services as a new car


Traveling to a distance place with my friend who just bought a car. We were enjoying our ride and suddenly the car broke down. We all thought that the used car he bought was faulty. We were all wrong, He just needed to add water to the car and get his car going.

He followed my steps and tips before he got the car and until now he is still enjoying his car without challenges.

Before buying Used Cars
Before buying Used Cars

In this article, you will learn the various tips to consider before buying used cars as well as the things to check in the used car that you are about to buy.

Now here are the various tips to consider  before you proceed to buy a used car in Nigeria

  1. Differentiate your Need from your Wants

Make a clear distinction between the type of car you want and the type of car you need. There are two things here. You may desire to have a car that is very beautiful with good entertaining system, another question is How will this car fit in to your kids or  How flexible will this car be when you have carrying out your day to day activities.

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When you are choosing the car you want/need, use a piece of paper to clearly write out all the vehicle which you want and that which will satisfy your primary need

2.Know the Car you desire

Before you proced to buying a car, you should properly know the car which you are desiring. Having a full understanding of the which you desire will make you tof ask less questions and crutinised the car very well.

You can start asking friend or anyone who has the same car about the model of the car or better still you can also surf the internet to know more about the cars on your list.

3.Understand the Car Cost

Don’t just save blindly to buy a car which you have not estimated the price. In the purchased of used  cars, you may not get the eaxct priceto buy the car  but you can estimates the cost of it with a car dealer.

Don’t expect to take a car loan to buy a car it is good that you buy  even if you try, you will be required to give a full specification of the amount of money needed for the purchase of used car.

Remember that you are buying a used car so it is possible to received your stipends and the cost of the car may be more than your stipends itself.

  1. Thing Twice

Have you thought it wise to buy a used car? I think you need a re-think. The hard truth is that Used cars have an higher number of risk involve in it.

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When you are about buying the car, you should also think twice before settling for any used car though it might be your desired car.

When you know that a car is not in a good condition, do not hesitate to walk away for you don’t know what awaits you in the future.

  1. Listen Carefully

Be a good listener and listen more before you settle for car in your desired models of car. In Buying Used car, you have to listen more than you speak. Let the Owner or the car broker say a whole lot about the car. Ask opportunity questions (questions that reveals the hidden truth about something) anytime you are not clarify on anything

Your Ability to listen more will help you to be enlighten about the Used Car which you want to buy. Ask questions like : what next should I know about this car?  And let the broker talk more

  1. Check the Vehicle Data Based

Run the vehicle data Based by Checking if the vehicle has been recalled. Consult the National Highway Traffic Administration’s database of recalls or if you are in Nigeria, consult National Road Safety Commission Office  and check if the vehicle is on the list, don’t buy until the seller can prove the recall issue has been addressed.

  1. Run a vehicle Report Before buying Used Cars

Request for a Vehicle Identification number and also run a vehicle report If you are in U.S , you can do this with Car fax or Auto check. In Nigeria it could by NRSC. The vehicle report shows if the vehicle has been involve in accident, flood,  or damage. The vehicle report will also reveal whether the car is a stolen car or has been declared lost by an insurance company.

  1. Inspect and Test the Car with a Mechanic

You have to inspects the car very well  taking note of all the tears and and wary of signs of rust. This could tell you a lot about the car. You can go about the inspection with the aid of a mechanic. Let the mechanic run a Pre- Purchase test on the car.

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Don’t think that hiring a mechanic is very expensive and it might cause an extra-cost. It is better to spend few amount of money to hire a mechanic than to spend thousands repairing the car.

  1. Bill for a test Drive

Request that you take the car on a thorough test on small roads you’re familiar with and on the highway to see how it performs on entrance ramps and at higher speeds. Turn off the radio and listen for rattles or squeaks. Taking it in on a longer test drive also means you’ll be able to make sure it’s comfortable to sit in for longer periods. All along, compare it to your current ride.

  1. Ask for Vehicle Title and service records

Another thing to consider Before buying Used Cars is to check the vehicle data base by Asking for the vehicle’s title and service records. This will give you the best sense of how well the car has been cared for (or not). Avoid buying a car that has been in a serious accident or required major repairs like an engine overhaul or transmission rebuild.

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