BB Naija Form 2021 Application Process

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 BB Naija Form 2021 

There are various reality shows present in Nigeria and Big Brother Naija happens to be one of them.

Many people usually wish to be winners of these shows but do not have a chance to do so. Sometimes, they find it difficult to abide by the rules of the show.

Big Brother Naija is an in house competition. This means that all participants of the show will remain in one house till the end of the show.

Many find it difficult to abide by the rules of this show and this usually cost them their chance of winning this competition.

Anyone who steps foot outside this house once the competition begins and has not come to an end will also face his or her disqualification.

There is always a price to win at the end of the competition and this is the reason why many people usually register for the audition of this show.

The price is usually a large one as its consists of a cash price and other gifts worth millions of naira.

To venture into this show, you must first register for it. This registration process is very simple. Just follow the registration guidelines and you will successfully register for the show.

These guidelines are in this post and you can read them down to see them. Also, there is other various information you have to know before registering for this show.

This information is also in this not miss any detail of this post so as not to miss any detail that will cost you your winning of the show.

BB Naija Form

BB Naija Form

BB Naija Registration 2021

The BB Naija Registration for its season 6 edition this year is already ongoing. People are registering for it in various parts of the country.

To register for the big brother Naija show, you must first fill the BB Naija Form. Once you fill this form and submit it, you will go forward to the audition stage.

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This registration stage is very simple and anyone can easily do it without wasting time. Some people usually find it difficult to do.

This is because they are not familiar with online activities as the registration is online registration. It is to be done on the official site of Big Brother Naija.

Also, to register successfully for the show, you will have to meet all the requirements of the show. Failure to do so will disqualify you and you will not even go for the audition.

Also faking of identity is not possible as you will submit some personal documents during the audition process.

The BB Naija Registration Processes are below;

  • Make a Video of yourself before starting your application
  • This video must not be more than two minutes
  • Visit
  • Purchase the registration form
  • Fill it accurately
  • Upload this video in the space for it during your application process
  • Be yourself in this video to avoid getting anxious
  • The essence of this video is for the BB Naija board to know the real you.
  • All details in this form must be true.

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BB Naija Form 2021

The BB Naija Form for this year’s big brother Naija’s edition is out on sale and you can easily purchase it. This form is an online form and you are to purchase it online.

Payment for this form is also to be with any of the online paying platforms you will see on the registration site.

The BB Naija Form price is usually between 80,000 to 100,000 naira. Once you purchase this form, you are very capable of registering for the show.

Without purchasing this form, you cannot by any means to register for this show. Also, there is no registration on credit as you will have to pay before getting the form.

All those who pay for the BB Naija Form are the ones that will move forward to the auditioning programme when the time is ripe.

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As many as possible who want to register for this show can as well do so by purchasing the BB Naija Form today.

You can stand a chance of being the next BB Naija winner today. All you have to do is to register for the show by filling the registration form.

Purchase the BB Naija Form today and register to become the next winner of this competition in this upcoming season 6 edition.

BB Naija Registration Requirements

Many people want to register for the BB Naija show but lack the requirements that will qualify for the show. Note that all the requirements for this show must be met before you are capable of going to the audition level.

Many usually meet their disqualification due to their ability not to meet the criteria of participating in the show.

All the requirements of this show are very important. If you do not have them, do not bother with registering for the show as you will end up meeting your disqualification.

All these requirements will be filled in the BB Naija Form as there are spaces for each and every one of the necessary requirements.

The following are requirements for registering for the BB Naija Show;

  • All participants of the show must be citizens of Nigeria
  • The age limit for participation is 21 years of age on or before the month of June
  • Participants must have a valid national identity means
  • They are to be emotionally and mentally stable so as to cope with the pressure the show comes with without having contact with anyone outside the house.
  • The minimum education level for the show is the O’level result. University degrees are not compulsory.

Once you have all these requirements, you are set to move on to the competition stage of the show without any form of hindrance.

How to Make a Perfect BB Naija Video

To successfully move on to the BB Naija audition stage, you must first produce a video meeting all necessary requirements.

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The video requirements are not much but are somehow difficult to carry out for some people. This show wants to see and know the true you and not seeing a fake person.

With this method, they are trying to curb the use of fake identities in the show. The criteria for making a perfect BB Naija Video are below;

  • You are to make the video before filling the BB Naija Form
  • The Video must be no more than two minutes
  • You must not use any filter or any additional qualities when making the video
  • The video must depict the real you
  • All participants are to end their video with the saying “I would make a perfect housemate because……”
  • Email address, name and phone number of all participants are to be in this video
  • There must be no background music or copyright music in this video
  • The video should be landscape and not portrait
  • Shoot this video in the day or in a lit room so that your face can be very visible
  • Be your real self in this video and talk about who you really are.

With the above information, you are capable of winning the big brother Naija show this year. Fill this BB Naija Form accurately to move to the next level.

Share this information with those you want to also stand a chance of winning this competition. Drop all comments regarding this post in the comment box below.



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