BB Naija All-Star Edition Contestant – 2023 Full List

BB Naija All-Star Edition Contestant – 2023 Full List

The entertainment industry is currently buzzing with lots of activities going on in it. These activities are very interesting ones for all to have knowledge of.

The activities include the releasing and watching of new movies. Also, the availability of new songs for all to download and watch is included.

There are also several reality shows that are coming up for all to take part in. Taking part in them does not necessarily mean being among the contestants of the show.

There is a particular show that all have been looking forward to have knowledge of. This is one show that people need to have knowledge of.

It is the Big Brother Naija reality show and it is back with a new season. The update here is on the BB Naija All-State Edition.

This is where the latest update of this new edition of this show will be available. The contestants of this show are going to be in this post.

Also, the starting date of this show will be here for all to see. This will surely be of great use to those that want to know about the show.

Use this update to know more on the BB Naija All-Star Edition. Also, get to know the contestants of this show.

BB Naija All-Star Edition
BB Naija All-Star Edition

BB Naija All-Star Edition Review

There have been several editions of the Big Brother Naija Show. This has been what many have found themselves lost in from time to time.

Anytime this show is being announced, they want to have knowledge of it. This is why it is important for all to get to know the latest updates on this show.

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There is a new edition of this show that is coming up. This is the edition that a lot of entertainment lovers want to use to spice up their days.

The new edition of this show is the BB Naija All-Star Edition. This can be said to be the Season 8 of this show in Nigeria.

It will mark the coming back of various housemates of previous editions of the show. These housemates will come back to play again in the show.

They will still be locked up in a house to contest and win the show. Nevertheless, many of these contestants are already big in life.

This implies that not all of them will be coming back. Some will take a step back just to have the fun of the house again and not really for the money.

BB Naija All-Star Edition Date 2023

The date of an event or a show is a very valuable information of the show. This is a piece of important information that lots of individuals will want to see.

They will want to use it to know when they can start watching the show. Also, those participating in the show will know how to prepare through this date.

It is important that all gets to know the date of a very relevant show. This is the BB Naija Season 8 reality show and it is the All-Star Edition.

The edition of this show is one that many want to see its contestants. Before once can see these contestants, the show must come to a start.

Viewers of this show nationwide are presently asking the date the show will begin. They want to be among those to watch this show.

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At the moment, there is already a set date for this show to begin. This date happens to be the 23rd of July, 2023. The date is already here and all can now move to watch the show.

BB Naija All-Star Edition Contestants – 2023 Full List

There are several stars from the past shows that will be available in the present show. These stars are those that want to come back mainly for the fun.

Also, maybe some that did not make it big after the show will be returning. As they return, they are going to do all in their power to win the show.

It is not certain that all the previous stars of this show will be present. This is because some of them are busy managing other aspects of their lives.

There are five which may eventually come back to this show. These five are;

  1. White Money
  2. Cross
  3. Mercy Eke
  4. Nengi
  5. Neo.

White Money

This the winner of the 2021 edition of the BB Naija show. He happens to have won the Shin Ya Eye edition of this show.

White Money left the house and had the continuation of his business. Also, he bagged several endorsement deals and also has several songs.


This is another contestant of the 2021 edition of the show. He had the fans to himself with his interesting and entertaining personnel.

His dancing and vibes made many to become glue to his personality. He has a fan base of over 1million followers on Instagram.

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Also, he has been appreciated by his fans that have been sending their love to him. He is one of the contestants that will likely return to the show.

Mercy Eke

Popularly known as Mercy Lambo, she is a brand ambassador for various companies. After leaving the house, she has made a name for herself.

Also, she has been active in the movie industry featuring in top movies. These movies include Fate of Alakade and Shanti Town. She also has a fan base of over 3million followers on Instagram.

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She was on the BB Naija show in the 2020 edition and showed positive vibes. Outside the house, her positivity had gained her a place in the entertainment world.

She has been able to be an ambassador of several brands in Nigeria. Also, we think that she has what she takes to make this show’s edition work.


The last but not the least on this least is a young man by name Neo. He did his best while in the house to be at peace will all his fellow contestants.

Also, was known as the peacemaker of the house. As of now, he has a fan base of over 1 million followers. We hope to see him in this edition of the show.

The update here is regarding a very interesting reality show. Those that do not know about this show are on the right site.

All can now see what it is all about and its starting date. The possible contestants of this show are also here.

Share this update with those that have no knowledge of it. Drop all your comments in the comment box below.

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