Asake Yoga Mp3 Download (Everything You Need to Know)

Asake Yoga Mp3 Download: Asake, a Nigerian singer and songwriter, has a song called Yoga. The song, which combines Afrobeats and Highlife, was released on January 31, 2023. The lyrics are in Yoruba, pidgin English, and some street slang from Nigeria; Yoruba is a language widely used in that country.

Asake Yoga Mp3 Download

What is Asake Yoga Mp3 Download All About?

The central theme of “Yoga” is a man’s expression of his longing for calm. Asake’s soothing vocals and the calm instrumentals give the song a laid-back and tranquil vibe that fosters a cozy and private environment.

“Yoga” has gained a lot of popularity among listeners and is well-liked both in Nigeria and throughout the rest of the African continent because to its catchy chorus and smooth grooves.

The Video

The song’s music video, in which Asake sings the song in a vibrant and traditional outdoor setting, has also helped to increase its popularity because it displays the splendor of the Dakar, Senegal, surroundings.

The View (Asake Yoga Mp3 Download)

Asake demonstrates his skills as a vocalist and songwriter in “Yoga,” fusing contemporary pop songs with traditional African musical genres. Asake would gain recognition as one of the most promising musicians in the Nigerian music scene if the song is successful.

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It will provide him fresh chances to connect with a larger audience. The great song “Yoga” is masterfully composed and displays Asake’s unique talent.

Some Iconic Views of the Song

The singing sensation sings a single, lengthy stanza in which he expresses himself through heartfelt melodies and accessible words.

He places a high value on his mental health as well as his right to privacy and tranquility, which makes him feel the need to keep as far away from other people’s BS as he can.

Asake sings of adversaries, treachery, and fickle friends. Additionally, he takes advantage of the occasion to exhort his listeners who are just going through the motions to keep going and stand on their ten toes.

He continues by saying that he is OK even when he is alone and in his comfort zone. He then begs that nobody disturb his tranquil, necessary retreats from the spotlight.

How to Download Asake Yoga Mp3

Here we will give few place you can download them with all the right audio sounds.


Lyrics to Yoga by Asake (Asake Yoga Mp3 Download)


Yoga yoga

I dey on my away hey

I dey maya

Make nobody kill my yoga yoga

Yoga yoga ha ha

I dey on my away hey

I dey maya

Make nobody kill my yoga yoga

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Yoga yoga yoga ha ha

I dey on my away hey hey

I dey maya

Make nobody kill my yaga yaga

Yoga yoga ha ha

I dey on my away hey

I dey maya

Make nobody kill my yoga yoga

Where to Watch the Song

There are various platform to watch the song as the video is already out and trending The video was directed by TG omori as he is one the most talented video director in Nigeria.

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You can view or watch the video on youtube mostly, Boom or you can stream it online

Who is Asake

Ahmed Ololade, better known by his stage name Asake, is a Nigerian Afrobeats musician born on January 13, 1995. He has multiple deals and distributions with YBNL Nation and Empire. His stage name pays honor to his mother, Asake, who has the first name.

Who is His Record Label?

Asake, also known as Mr. Money, has been on the rise since the beginning of the year, when he released his debut EP, Ololade Asake, and announced that he had signed with YBNL.

Since then, the singer has consistently topped the charts with major hits including Sungba, the Burna Boy remix, Omo Ope, Palazzo, and most recently, Peace Be Unto You.

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