Shiloh 2020 Live Stream – Youtube, Facebook and Domi Radio

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Shiloh 2020 Live stream is here and you can connect to the various Shiloh 2020 Channels on youtube and others.

Please note that the 2020 Shiloh promises to be a turnaround encounter for all participants and activities from prayers to worship will be the order of the day.

Shiloh 2020 Live stream

Shiloh 2020 Live stream

2020 Shiloh is the 22nd Shiloh and there are preparations for all participants to attend and receive their set encounter. The first Shiloh started 22 years ago, precisely December 1999 and in 2020 we are still witnessing another Shiloh with Bishop David Oyedepo.

Shiloh is not just an event, but a specific time in the life of an individual set for a turnaround encounter with destiny and it comes up manually precisely every second week of the month of December.

Before you over online without a destination as you search for possible places to watch Shiloh online, we have detail information for you to give you the right places to view Shiloh 2020 online as they stream from Canan land Otta.

You will get all information for connecting to the right sources as you watch the Shiloh 2020 live

Due to some reasons, many Shiloh attendees prefer to worship online especially in a period such as this

The Live Stream will be transmitted live from various places and in the case of not being able to attend the or worship at the various viewing centre, you can make your home a viewing centre with a click from your phone.

Watch Shiloh 2019 Live

You will watch the presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Ministers from Faith Tabernacle, the headquarters of the church.

Bishop Oyedepo ministers in collaboration with the HolyGhost and other anointed men God who are ministering live from  Shiloh 2020. We have recorded several diverse and strange Testimonies in Shiloh and one of them is raising a dead person to live at Shiloh ground  ministration.

Bishop Oyedepo ministers and with the mandate to set the captives free through the preaching of the word of faith. Watching Shiloh 2020 Live stream is setting out and listening to the message for the new year given tho God by His servant Bishop David Oyedepo.

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The strange revolutionary word of God is awe amazing and this detail information is given at the Shiloh camp Ground, Ogun State. Shiloh is attended by all and it has become a household name every Second week of December.

We will not just give you links for Shiloh 2020 Live stream, but information to help all Shiloh online viewers.

You will get the best of  Shiloh experience this year please read further to have more details about Shiloh 2020.

What Is Shiloh 


Below has the information on what Shiloh is and what Shiloh is not for your full turnaround encounters

  • Shiloh does not mean a Church Conference, but it is a Moutain of Encounters and Deliverance through the undiluted word of God
  • At Shiloh, you don’t have any Church activities, but a place where you can possess your possession and take delivery of all the blessings in Christ.
  • Shiloh delivers all the prayers request of the people through to them like Hannah took possession of all her blessings in Christ Jesus.
  • At Shiloh, you will have a mountain where every prayers
  • Shiloh 2020 is ordain as a platform for the rise of giants among us
  • This Shiloh 2020 is a prophetic platform for the conferment of dominion both on us as a Church and as individuals, so as to subdue the land before us
  • Shiloh 2020 is a mountain of visions and revelations, ordained to stir turnaround encounters in the life of every participant

Scriptural Reference Backing Shiloh 2020: Joshua 18:3, I Samuel 1:13-19, Joshua 18:1, Psalm 87:5-7, Psalm 16:11, 2 Corinthians 3:18, Joshua 18:3, Joshua 18:1

Shiloh 2020 Theme 

The Theme of Shiloh 2020 is Turnaround Encounters and it promises to be a place of Encounter which will result in supernatural turnaround for every participant in all their endeavours.

There shall be encounters with the word, and prayers both morning and evening session. Expect the unusual to happen for a turnaround testimonies for every participant.

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Winners Chapel Shiloh 2020 Live Stream Day 1

TOPIC: Turnaround Encounters

Time:  Evening session 7P.M

Date: 3rd Tuesday – December 8 – 13, 2020

Venue: LFC Faith Tabernacle Canaanland Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Ministering: Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr., Pastor Faith Abiola Oyedepo, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, Pastor Paul Eneche, Bishop David Abioye, Bishop Aromu Thomas and other anointed men of God.

Basically, the evening session for the entire days are handle by the presiding Bishop, Bishop David Oyedepo takes most of the morning session of the programme.

We witness God’s power is mightily through the preaching of the word at Shiloh 2020.

Living Faith Church Shiloh 2020 Live Stream

Shiloh 2020 Domi Radio.

One place where you will able to watch Shiloh 2020 Live stream is through the Domi radio aside from Shiloh, you can always visit Domi radio for Christian music and messages from preachers of the Gospel including Bishop David Oyedepo and others. The platform gives you messages from the presiding Bishop, Bishop David Oyedpo and other pastors in the Commission.

Wih Domi radio you will not find it difficult to connect and listen to live services with the Domi stream

Shiloh 2020 live stream on Youtube  

Another place to get an amazing connection is through youtube and with the youtube link, you will connect successfully to Cananland for Shiloh 2020 services.

Please get the youtube link and ensure that you are not connecting to the wrong youtube channel of winners chapel.

Due to some reasons, we don’t recommend the youtube connection is not really but you can get the best of Shiloh 2020 through the David Oyedepo Ministries social media page.

You can always use google to get to any of the links either Youtube, facebook or the Domi streams

Winners Chapel Shiloh 2020 Dates

The official dates for the Winners Chapel 2020 Shiloh have been given out and you should note that from Tuesday the 8th to Sunday the 13th  December, Shiloh holds her annual programme.
Shiloh comes up the second week in December 2020 and will run for a period of six days. The opening event is usually on a Tuesday evening as an encounter night.

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The morning session is usually for  6.00-11.00am and it runs from Wednesday morning through Saturday 12th December.

Usually, Shiloh ends on Saturday morning with an imporatation where mantles and oils are releases to all Shiloh Attendees. Sunday the 13th of December 2020 will be a thanksgiving service in all branches of Winners Chapel.

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Different Shiloh Themes from Inception

SHILOH 2020! 

  • Encounter with destiny
  • Heaven on Earth
  • Glory to Glory,
  • What wisdom is this
  • All things are possible
  • Showers of blessings
  •  Possessing your possessions
  • Destined to win
  • More than conquerors,
  • The manifestation of the sons of God,
  • Hour of Restoration
  • Breakthroughs Unlimited,
  •  Waves of Glory
  • Double Portion,
  • Exceeding Grace,
  • Heaven on Earth
  • Glory to Glory
  •  Case is Different
  •  A New Dawn
  • Have Dominion
  •  Breaking Limits
  • Shiloh 2020 – TURNAROUND ENCOUNTER !!!
Shiloh 2020 Live stream

Shiloh 2020 Live stream

Members should endeavour to be present at Shiloh 2020 ground at Cananland or at the various viewing centres.

If you cannot connect to Shiloh 2020 Live stream, you can worship at any branch of the Living Faith Church in Towns, cities and villages.

At Shiloh 2020 be set for a Turnaround encounter.

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