Prepaid Meter: Token Showing Reject Why and How to Fix It

A prepaid meter has become a common feature in many homes. They provide an affordable, effective, and convenient pay-as-you-go service. However, occasionally they can provide difficulties, just like any other electrical gadget.

The meter rejecting tokens is one of the most frequent problems that users encounter. We’ll look at the causes of this and possible solutions in this article.

Prepaid Meter
Prepaid Meter

Why Does a Prepaid Meter Reject Tokens?

Prepaid meters offer convenient energy management but can frustrate users by occasionally rejecting tokens. Here are some more detailed reasons why this might happen:

  • Wrong Meter Number: Tokens are unique to specific meter numbers. Entering an incorrect number means the token will not work, much like sending mail to the wrong address.
  • Improper Connection: A proper electricity connection is vital. Faulty wiring or loose connections can hinder the meter’s recognition of tokens, similar to a TV with a bad antenna connection.
  • Wrong Token: Tokens are meter-specific. Using a token meant for a different meter or amount won’t function, akin to using the wrong key for a lock.
  • Smart Card Problems: Some meters use smart cards to load tokens. If dirty or damaged, the meter cannot read the token, much like a scratched credit card being unreadable.
  • Inactivated Meter: New meters need activation before token loading to prevent misuse, similar to activating a new credit card.

Knowing these causes aids in troubleshooting prepaid meter issues. Contact your provider if problems persist and you need assistance.

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How to Fix a Prepaid Meter Rejecting Tokens

If your prepaid meter is rejecting tokens, do not panic. Here are some more detailed solutions to the problems mentioned earlier:

  • Wrong Meter Number: If you have entered the wrong meter number when purchasing a token, you will need to contact your electricity distribution company. Provide them with the correct meter number and the incorrect token you purchased. They should be able to cancel the incorrect token and issue a new one for your meter.
  • Improper Connection: If there is a problem with the connection to your meter, it might be a technical issue that needs to be fixed by a professional. Contact your electricity distribution company and explain the problem. They should be able to send a technician to check the connection and fix any issues.
  • Wrong Token: If you have purchased a token for the wrong amount of electricity or for a different meter, you will need to contact your electricity distribution company. Explain the situation and provide them with the incorrect token and the correct meter number or amount of electricity. They should be able to cancel the incorrect token and issue a new one.
  • Smart Card Issues: If your meter uses a smart card and it’s not reading the token, try gently cleaning the card with a dry cloth. If that doesn’t work, the card might be damaged and need to be replaced. Contact your electricity distribution company for a replacement card.
  • Inactivated Meter: If your meter is new and hasn’t been activated yet, you’ll need to get an activation token from your electricity distribution company. Once you have the activation token, enter it into the meter to activate it. Then you should be able to load your purchased tokens.
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If you can’t resolve issues, contact a professional or your distribution company for assistance. Handle electrical devices cautiously.

How to Reset Prepaid Meter

Resetting your prepaid meter can often resolve issues with token rejection. It’s similar to restarting a computer when it’s not working correctly. Here’s a more detailed guide on how to reset your prepaid meter:

  • Enter the Reset Code: The first step in resetting your prepaid meter is to enter the reset code. The reset code is usually “990". After typing this, press the “Enter button” on your meter. This should initiate the reset process.
  • Enter the Default Code: Next, you’ll need to enter the default code, which is “0000". After typing this, press the Enter button again. You should receive a response on the meter display that says “Good”.
  • Complete the Reset: To complete the reset, type “999” and then press “Enter". You should see the word “Reset” on the meter display.
  • Unplug and Replug the Meter: Once the reset is finished, disconnect the meter from the power supply and re-plug it. Restarting a computer or smartphone is comparable to this.
  • Try Loading the Token Again: Reload the token after you’ve reset the meter and plugged it back in. Resetting the meter should have fixed the problem if it was rejecting the token because of an issue with the software.
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There may be a more significant problem if your prepaid meter is still rejecting tokens even after you’ve reset it. It’s best to speak with your electrical supplier in this situation if you need any additional help. It might be necessary to dispatch a technician to examine the meter and resolve the issue.

Always use caution when handling electrical gadgets. Never be afraid to seek expert assistance if you’re uncomfortable resetting the meter yourself. Your primary goal should always be safety.


Prepaid meter token rejection can be annoying, but it can be lessened by being aware of the causes and knowing what to do about them. Make sure your meter is connected correctly and that you are entering the right meter number at all times. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your electrical distribution company if you’re still having problems.

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