Kemisola Bolarinwa Biography

Kemisola Bolarinwa Biography

There are people whom through which one means or the other they are great. Every man has a talent which he must explore to become great.

Many die without achieving greatness as they could not explore their talent. In today’s society, there are many who are doing their best to aid humanity.

They are putting in their efforts to ensure that they leave a mark in their generation. When these people achieve certain feats many want to know them.

They want to know who they are and how they did what they did. This is where we come in as we give info regard the life of prominent people.

One of such people is Kemisola Bolarinwa. There is a lot that has to do with Kemisola Bolarinwa Biography that all should get to know.

With these details, they are going to know who she actually is. They are also going to she what she has done to achieve greatness.

Those that do not have the details of her life are on the right site. They are going to see a whole lot regarding it from here.

Get to know all the details on Kemisola Bolarinwa Biography. This is a woman that has done what many saw as being impossible.

Kemisola Bolarinwa Biography
Kemisola Bolarinwa Biography

Preamble of Kemisola Bolarinwa Biography

Before people come to achieve greatness, they usually have where they started from. When they have not yet achieved, many do not want to know about them.

This is why it is important not to seek people to know you but to know something. One who knows something is being known by people.

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There is a woman that many want to get to know about as of now. They want to know her due to what she has been able to uncover.

This person happens to go by the name kemisola Bolarinwa. As of now, the details on Kemisola Bolarinwa Biography has spread.

It has spread because of the greatness this woman has achieved. Already, some know about her and what she has been able to do.

Nevertheless, there are still many there that do not know about her. This is why this update is important for those that want to know about her.

The details of her life right from birth even to this time will be here. Also, her career, education and also her invention will be in this post.

Do well to get to know who this woman is and her invention. Her invention happens to be what history will never forget.

Kemisola Bolarinwa Background

The background of a person is a very important aspect of the person’s life. It shows where the person came from to achieve greatness.

When people are great their background becomes of great importance. The same is with the case of Kemisola Bolarinwa.

As of now, the details of Kemisola Bolarinwa Biography is not complete without her background. Through this aspect, all will get to know about her life in full.

This aspect will contain her birth, education and other details. Her early life is a major aspect of this section.

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Kemisola happens to be a prominent individual as of now. She happens to be of the prominent Yoruba tribe of people in Nigeria.

This woman was born in Nigeria as well as brought up here. It implies that most of her life has been in the country Nigeria.

Also, she has been able to attain a high level of education as it has contributed to her success. She happens to be a graduate of a prominent Nigerian university.

This university is Ekiti State University. She holds a bachelors degree in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering from the university.

Kemisola Bolarinwa Career

One of the main details of the life of people is what they do for a living. This happens to be the concern of the masses out there.

Kemisola has become very popular in the minds of many Nigerians today. As of now, there are many that want to know more on here.

They want to know what she actually does for a living. This is why the details of her career is a very important subject.

It will enable all to know an important aspect of Kemisola Bolarinwa Biography. Those that do not know about Kemisola’s career will see about it from here.

Kemisola is the CEO of Nextwear Technologies. This is the first wearable technology startup in Nigeria to be established.

One of the technologies of this company is the Smart Bra. This is a bra that helps to detect if a woman has breast cancer.

She is a robotics and embedded systems engineer. Kemisola has dedicated her life to researching ways to stop late discovery of breast cancer.

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She got her motivation after the death of her aunt who died of this cancer. Noticing women die of the disease, she took it to herself to stop this death.

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About the Smart Bra

The smart bra is an invention of the Nextwear technologies. This is a company who spearheaded by kemisola Bolarinwa.

The Smart bra is a bra that helps in the detection of breast cancer in women. It detects this cancer right from a very early stage so as to enable the victim know.

The prototype of this bra was designed in the year 2022. It has been tested on several women and has been seen to be working efficiently.

This invention has been recognized by the BBC Africa. One of the main technologies that aid the smart bra is the nanotechnology.

Kemisola still insists that more work needs to be done for the bra to be complete. She adds that after it is ready and tested once again, it will be commercialized.

This bra will enable the stop of high rate of death by breast cancer. It is an invention that is going to change not only Nigerian but the world.

The update that is here is regarding kemisola Bolarinwa Biography. There are many that do not know about this woman.

A lot regarding her life can be seen here in full. Her invention is also a great part of her biography and its details are here.

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