John Ugbe Biography – Who is the owner of MultiChoice Nigeria

John Ugbe Biography – Who is the owner of MultiChoice Nigeria

Information regarding successful men are updates readers are looking for. In this post, we are going to provide you with information about one.

Here, we will be telling you about John Ugbe the manager of Multichoice Nigeria and also the chairman of the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria.

If you have been searching for information regarding this man and yet do not have the information you were looking for; you have met the right site.

Here, you will get to know the Biography, Educational qualification, Jobs, Net worth and Family of this man.
With the information mentioned above, readers will get to know him better.

John Ugbe Biography

The Biography of this man is one detail about his life no one should miss. In this section of the post, you will be getting a full update regarding his biography.

The age of this man is one detail everyone cannot tell. According to his looks and the way he speaks and works; John Ugbe is in his late 40s or early 50s.

He is very successful and has been going from one level to the other, gaining education qualifications and working in renowned places.

John Ugbe is the manager of a South African owned company and he has been working tirelessly towards its success of it.

John Ugbe Biography- Career

The early age of John Ugbe was a successful one and he made it with good grades. John Ugbe growing had done many jobs like working for Multichoice Nigeria in the year 1998.

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His work was very helpful in the company as he helped desk analysts and performed perfectly in any task given.

The next work he took was with MWEB where he worked for a short period of time with the position he held ranging from 2003 to 2006.

His job in the establishment was as an IT Manager for the company and he performed well too; both the owners and coworkers in the company loved his work.

After his good work in the company, John Ugbe became the manager of the company afterwards in the year 2006.

In 2007 John Ugbe joined IwayAfrica Nigeria.  The Biography of John Ugbe is very inspiring and there is a need to share it with friends and family.

After a few years, John Ugbe went back to work for Multichoice Nigeria in 2011 and this time, as the managing director.

Under his rule, there are many outstanding things done in the company and this is information you should not miss.

In 2021, John Ugbe was elected Chairman of the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria.

John Ugbe Biography – Awards

It is important to know about the Award won by John. The administration of John has always been successful.

Under his leadership, the company rolled out three outstanding channels which make use of three indigenous languages in Nigeria.

He personally has received awards for his work well done. One of the awards received by him is CEO of the Year (Media and Entertainment).

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John Ugbe has also received the Brandcow Awards. With the following rewards received by this man, you can see that he is successful and dedicated.

John Ugbe’s Educational Qualification

Here, you will get to know the educational qualification of this man. With this information, you will be able to know more about him.

His educational life is one of the areas of his life you cannot miss out on.  John Ugbe went and completed his nursery and primary education with good grades.

He started his university at the University of Technology in Owerri. He studied and came out with good grades as an Electronic and Electrics engineer.

At this point, John Ugbe’s life had a face as he could know his next step in life. After his undergraduate program, John furthered his education.

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John Ugbe got his master’s in Business Administration from the University of Liverpool.

John Ugbe Biography- Personal Life

The personal Lives of this man is one thing all readers should know about. Here, you will be getting full information regarding his Personal Life.

A lot have been searching for the marital status of John Ugbe tirelessly. Yes, John Ugbe is married and also has kids with his wife.

John is happily married to a beautiful woman who loves him. It is believed that a woman is the backbone of a man who is successful.

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The wife of John Ugbe has contributed equally to the success of the husband. Along with his marriage is two sons who are making their father proud of them.

His personal life story is one of the most interesting.

John Ugbe’s Net Worth

Here is another interesting part of his life. We are going to give you information related to his Net Worth.

John’s Net Worth is an accumulation of all he owns. The man has been working for years in various companies in high positions.

Started working in Multichoice Nigeria in the year 1998 and later worked in Mweb in 2006 where he was elevated to Manager.

He went back to work for the Multichoice company and this time, as the managing director. He also was voted as the chairman of the Broadcasting organisation Nigeria.

With all this mentioned, his net worth accumulation should be high. As a matter of fact, John has shares in some outstanding companies.

Although the Net Worth of this man is not certain and still under review; John Ugbe is a rich and successful man.

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