Igbo Cultural Dance Songs MP3 Download

Igbo Cultural Dance Songs MP3 Download
Igbo Cultural Dance Songs MP3 Download

Igbo Cultural Dance Songs MP3 Download

There is a lot to know about the Igbo tribe and how they behave and relate to people. Igbo is one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria.

Geopolitically, it is characterized to be in the southeastern zone of Nigeria. They have unique cultures and beliefs which makes them distinct. Additionally, one of the most outstanding cultural beliefs that stands out is the new yam festival.

Igbo Cultural Dance Songs MP3 Download
Igbo Cultural Dance Songs MP3 Download

The New Yam Festival is held every year. This festival stands out for the Igbo people as it signifies a good thing to them. When this ceremony is carried out, it is believed that yam will grow in abundance.

However, in past Decades, this seems to be working out well which is a reason why it is celebrated till now. On every occasion, it is a custom to have a cultural display which is the reason for making this post.

This post is going to give readers some of the best cultural dance songs of the Igbo people. Following the cultural songs are steps on how to download the cultural song and other information.

With this post, readers will get to know about some of the most celebrated cultural days of the Igbo people and the reasons for their celebration.

Igbo Culture

Igbo culture is one of the most known cultures in Nigeria. They are best identified by their unique dress. From the way they dress, you can visually tell their tribe.

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However, the Igbo culture cannot exclude cultural dance. It is one of the components and traditions which also kept the people entertained.  There are many celebrations in which the Igbo people still practice till date. Some of such cultures include;

  • New Yam Festival
  • Odo Festival
  • Inne Festival
  • Ede Festival
  • Christmas Festival
  • Iwa Akwa Festival
  • Mmanwu Festival
  • Masquerade Festival
  • Ikeji Festival

The above listed are some of the cultures of the Igbo people. Most of the celebrations listed above are activities they carried out which were mostly accompanied by cultural dance.

Igbo Cultural Dance

In all tribes and villages in Nigeria, cultural dance has its significance. It was seen by some villages as a process of purification, a routine for entertainment and also a means of keeping fit.

When it comes to cultural dance, an ethnic group such as the Igbo cannot be overlooked. There are many cultural dances. However, each village and house in early times seemed to have their dance.

This has continued till now. Cultural dance is still believed to keep them fit and is also seen as a method of entertainment. For traditionalists, it is seen to be a way of keeping the land purified. However, in present times, cultural dance is also a way or method of persevering cultural history.

One of the most known cultural dances in the Igbo land is the Mkpokiti dance founded in 1959. The dance was found by Chief Festus Okli Nwankwo of Ugwunano village of Umunze in Orumba Local Government Area of Anambra State.

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It is popular and people outside Igbo land do know about this dance and also love the moves of it.

Igbo Cultural Dance Songs

Many things stand out for a cultural dance; one of them is their attire. Dancers will wear fashioned dresses, mask their faces, draw tattoos and make their hair of some sort, fitting to their culture.

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The above ritual follows in Igbo cultural dancing, however, another thing which tends to be a major stand out is the song which the dancers are making use of. For a dance to make sense, the background music must match with their steps – in any dancing scenario, this is important.

For Igbo people, this section of the post will provide readers with unique cultural songs that stand out in cultural dance.

Below are some cultural songs which you can make use of in Igbo Cultural Dance;

  • Download Ijele Umueri Masquerade – Ike Binugu
  • Ajofia Nnewi – Igbo Enwe Eze Mp3 Download
  • Download Ayaka Masquerade – Kwakejeya Pt.1
  • Nkwerre Women Mp3 Download – Ndidi
  • Nkwerre Women –Onye Ma Ihe Echi Ga Abu
  • Download Tintim Tina – Egwu Ndi Ada
  • Pauline Njoku – Onwa Na Kpakpando
  • Download Best of Egedege Theresa Onuorah Mixtape
  • Mary Kanu – mawuru Wu Enyimba  (Ugo Oma)
  • Mary Kanu Ekene Wu Ifunaya
  • Mary Kanu- Onye Eweniwe

Songs are a big motivation for any dance move and if the song does not move them, it is almost impossible to connect with the dance. In the past, songs were rather sung than played. Musicians will bring their team of unique instrumentalists who will play their beat and they will see afterwards.

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The dancers will keep dancing, entertaining the audience and making the king pleased. In a civilized setting, there is a connection between how they did their and the present.

Everything can be made easy by downloading songs which are already recorded and produced by Igbo traditional Singers.

Igbo Cultural Dance Songs MP3 Download

This is another interesting section of the post, one that readers will get to know more about Igbo cultural songs. In this section of the post, readers will get to know how to download these songs onto their devices.

There are steps which one must make use of to download songs to their devices. If you have made your choice out of the list above on which song to make use of then there are steps to follow to download it.

For readers who had no idea how to do about it, you can follow the following steps to download the song onto your device;

  • With an active data connection
  • Open your web browser
  • Locate your preferred downloading website
  • Type in the name of the song into the search bar
  • Scroll down and listen to the song
  • Click on the download button to further the process

Any reader who carefully follows the process will get to download Igbo Cultural songs onto his device with much ease.

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