Ghana fire Service Recruitment Form 2020 | How to Apply for Ghana fire service recruitment form

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Ghana fire service recruitment form 2020/2021 is out, and you can now apply for the recruitment by following our guidelines for application. 

Ghana Fire service recruitment form can be obtained, and candidates should apply for the recruitment through the 2020 portal. 

You should read the recruitment instructions and the 2020 guide to use and apply for this recruitment. 

Ghana fire Service Recruitment Form 2020

Ghana fire Service Recruitment Form 2020

The recruitment portal is open until the closing dates for the recruitment, and we want to urge all candidates to apply for the Ghana service recruitment and get shortlisted when the G list of shortlisted candidates. 

This year’s recruitment seeks to employ about five thousand (5,000) candidates who will apply through the recruitment portal. 

We will show you how to obtain the Ghana fir service form and how to apply and be shortlisted. 

After much consideration which had been a request by our readers, we decided to give out the required updates on this recruitment, especially how to apply for this recruitment successfully. 

On this, you will know about the Ghana Fire service and how to pass the Ghana Fire Service recruitment service examination when the interview is up. 

Please obtain the form online and complete it with your details and fill in the appropriate place which is required of you and click on submit to submit your application. 

Ghana Fire Service and Rescue Service

Ghana Fire Service is under the Ministry of interior and it is also called the Ghana National Fire Service and Rescue Service and it has different functions in Ghana. 

Ghana Fire service was established in 1997 and with the main purpose of fire prevention and management in Ghana as a whole. 

This exist to put an end on incessant fire outbreak and having measures for fire prevention in and other fire hazard in the Country.

The establishment of Ghana fire service came as a result of the act of parliaments of 219, and it exists for fire extinction and rescue from other natural hazards which may be related to fire outbreak. 

This department has in a long run established fire and outbreak measures seminar and symposium in the Country and this as help the citizens to be conscious of the activities of the fire service. 

Ghana Fire service and rescue service was set up and on a long run it has help to remedy certain situation and well known fire outbreaks in Ghana. 

Ghana fire service recruitment form 2020 is out and candidates are encourage to apply for the 2020 recruitment as the Ghana Fire service is poised to deliver the following service 

Sensitize the public on fire prevention measures and prevention in Ghana through it consistent educational programme. 

Provide and give advice to the Government on possible risk and fire prevention measures to be taken by the Government to prevent the outbreak of fire. 

Train personal through her annual recruitment exercise and thus we have the Ghana fire service recruitment form 2020 out for her recruitment and training of personnel’s.  

You should also note that in 2010 the Ghana Fire service official change her name from Ghana Fire service to Ghana National Fire Service and Rescue Mission.

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Positions for Ghana fire (GNFS) service Recruitment

  • Civil Engineers 
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Architectural Engineers
  • Transport and Workshop Officers
  • Estate Officers 
  • Marketing Officers 
  • Accountants 
  • Marketing officers 
  • Counsellors
  • Public Relation officers
  • Lawyers 
  • Drivers and Mechanics 
  • Technicians 
  • IT Technicians 
  • Nurses 
  • Bandsmen 
  • Electricians 
  • Caterers 
  • Recordkeeper 
  • Surveyors 

Ghana Fire service Form

If you have not obtained the Ghana fire service recruitment form 2020, you should download the form online and complete it by submitting it at the application via the application portal. 

By downloading the form, you will fill out and know the necessary positions which is required to apply for this recruitment. 

For 2020, you can see the permanent positions for application and apply in the 2020 portal. 

The application form is free and you won’t pay any dime to obtain the Ghana service form. 

Just use the right link to download the Ghana application form for 2020. It became necessary for the portal to be open application to be accepted from all Ghanaian who are to apply for this recruitment. 

The forms for 2020/2021 recruitment application form had commenced and it will soon close the sales of kind. 

We will show you all the recruitment positions for you to apply for this recruitment and the necessary requirements for application. 

Ghana Fire Service Recruitment 2020

Apply for this recruitment online at the portal and before you apply to ensure that you have read the application requirements and method of application and apply through the application portal. 

There exist several fake sites which give false information about the Ghana Recruitment. Still, one thing which candidates should note is that there are vital positions for candidates. Hence, we have therefore created this avenue for you to get shortlisted. 

All applicants for GFSR should be above 18 years of age and depending on the positions, both male and female can apply.  

GNFS Gives detailed information on fire prevention and the need to prevent fire outbreak as an individual. 

Requirements for Ghana Fire Service Recruitment Form 2020

  1. Depending on your position, like applicants for category a,b, and c will need a minimum of HN for application. 
  2. For number, there are different courses and requirements needed for you to complete your application. 
  3. For Drivers and Mechanics, applicants should apply with a minimum qualification of O/A Level and should have an automobile and other necessary certificates
  4. For Storekeepers, candidates should have a certification in refrigeration and Air conditioning Technology
  5. The diploma in record-keeping for record and archive keepers. 
  6. For Electricians category, candidates should possess a COTVET certificate in electrical engineering technology. 
  7. For Bandsmen, applicants should be versatile with various instruments
  8. GES certificate in Food and Beverage Service is essential for caterers/hospitality.

Ghana Fire Service Recruitment form 2020 Deadline

We are not aware of the Ghana fire service recruitment form 2020 Deadline, but we are sure that this recruitment exercise will last for a while and candidates should continue to apply through the application portal. 

The main thing is to read through the application instruction and apply for the recruitment on time without having any fear or much ado on anything. 

Early application will also determine whether you are shortlisted for the Ghana National Fire service recruitment for 2020. 

You are also advised to make a purchase of your pin at various banks across and the pin is gotten from e-vouchers. 

Provide your data and information about yourself on the form and remember to upload your password. 

How to Apply for Ghana fire service recruitment form 2020

  • Application is online through the official Ghana Fire service recruitment portal. 
  • All application should be addressed to for recruitment. 
  • Use the apply now icon on top to start your application after purchasing your e-voucher. 
  • Click on your branch to provide your basic information and educational qualification. 
  • Click on submit an application and allow it to generate your application identification number. 
  • Print out your application slip which contains your application ID number and other relevant information 
  • All successful candidates will be sent a recruitment notification 

If you have any question or want to make a contribution to this post on Ghana Fire Service we will appreciate that you drop it through the comment box below as you share this post to get other people informed. 


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