Favour Daniels Death And Biography (Everything to Know)

Favour Daniels, a sketch creator, and performer from Nollywood passed away in a boating accident. At the age of 26, the artist was involved in a boat accident on Sunday, February 5, 2023.

Favour Daniels

It is with a heavy heart but in entire submission to our creator’s plan that I desire to announce the departure of my youngest sister Favour Agiounim Daniels, known and loved by so many, “stated the deceased’s older sister Elizabeth Daniels in a post on Instagram over the weekend.

The list of nicknames includes Amama, Omo, Omoge, little pin charger, and others. I will miss you, my darling girl and amama. She was involved in a boat accident on February 5. Daughter of the Zone, rest up till our next meeting.

Actress Ini Edo responded to the unfortunate event by asking, “Wait, what???????.” Wofai Fada, an actress and presenter, added, “I don’t understand. It hurts in my heart.

Favour Daniels Age 

A sensational skit marker and actress in Nollywood, Favor Daniels was on the rise. Favour has been in numerous films and is also known as Amama, omoge, and Omo. Age-wise, she was 26.


26-year-old Favour Daniels, also known as Omoge, Oma, and Amama, is a rising star in Nigerian Nollywood. The aspiring actress was well-known for her Instagram antics.

Favour Daniels Cause of Death

Favour Daniels, a comedian, and actress, has been declared dead. The young woman, who was well-known for her social media antics, allegedly perished in a boating accident.

The news of the tragic occurrence that claimed Favour’s life was made public by her older sister Elizabeth Daniel on Sunday, February 5.

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“I wish to announce the departure of my youngest sister with a heavy heart, but in complete resignation to the will of our Created,” she wrote.

Favor the well-known and adored Agiounim Daniels. Nicknames include Omoge, Amama, Omo, little pin charger, and many others. I will miss you, my darling girl and amama.

I refer to her as my shining light because she was so lovely. She was involved in a boat accident on February 5th, 2023. She is currently seated where she belongs in the one room with her Creator. I am positive about that. I am powerless to contest your choice because life is given.

The Chronicle of Solo Comment 

The Chronicles of Solo responded to Amara’s passing by posting about it on their Instagram page. It said: “I wish someone would wake me up from this nightmare; this is the most difficult and terrible thing I have ever had to do.

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I first met you on Day 1 of my COS production series because the original cast let me down, and you stepped in at the last minute to prove how amazing you were. People frequently remark that you gave the character “UJU” life, but they don’t realize that you were actually acting out your true self—the kind, kind, serene, and unselfish being that you are.

We had just finished gathering the scripts for the upcoming four seasons, which would start when I next travel to Nigeria when my real-life screen wife passed away suddenly. Who will Solo now enviously defend?

I am unable to imagine the suffering that your close family members and I are currently experiencing. How can there not be such a wonderful, kind soul in the world?

Your voice and laughter are still so hopeful and sincere in my mind. We will miss you terribly. My dear friend, you are loved.

Goodbye, Favour Daniels.

Solomon, your screen-boo.

Favour Daniels’s Net Worth

There is currently no information on her projected net worth.


The death of Favor Daniel, a rapidly ascending figure in the entertainment business, will undoubtedly be felt by all. The majority of her friends and coworkers have shown their sympathy. Indeed, the industry has suffered a huge loss.

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