Big Brother Naija Application 2019; Audition Date and Requirement | 2019/2020 Big Brother Application

This post is to inform you about the Big Brother Naija Application 2019 which you may pick interest in and also which you will love to get information about Big brother naija, their date of audition and when big brother naija will call its applicants for the final audition.

Big Brother Naija Application 2019
Big Brother Naija Application 2019

This post covers some vital topic and information about big brother naija which you may be interested in knowing the audition dates, Venues and online Requirements for the auditioning.

The programme is watch across Nigeria and people love and follow it outside Nigeria too as the show is being featured in any tv channels and also the event is being featured in numerous T.v like the MultiChoice Nigeria Satellite, Dstv Gotv and others.

You can also view the Big brother naija as it is going live via youtube with data and that is why we have shown you various latest free browsing cheats that we made a review on for unlimited browsing.

We have provided vital details that can help you and guide all applicants towards a successful auditioning and this we do via our post.

Currently the form for big brother is still on sale and if you wants to participate in Big brother naija, you will have to pick the Big Brother Naija Application 2019 and enroll for the programme.

The show can attracts contestants within and outside the sates, most especially contestants within the 36 states across Nigeria.

What to know About Big Brother Naija Application 2019 Application

Big Brother Naija Application 2019 has commence and those who are passionate about it can apply and they can win big amount of money.

This application is open to all those who have had the dream of being an actor or a model and wish to pursue their career in that direction. Big brother Naij gives Models, Actors and Actress as well as artist the opportunity to showcase their talents and gain the necessary platforms.

With the Big Brother Naija Application 2019 you can make your dream come true and you can be a superstar in just a short while. Most of the Richest musicians in Nigeria had sometimes contested for the big brother naija.

Is Big Brother Naija 2019 Form Out

This is one trending and sufficient question about the bbnaija 2019 application form many perspective applicants wants to know if the big brother naija programme form is out.


As regards the Big Brother Naija Application, you should stop asking is big brother naija 2019 form out?

Currently, the application form is not yet released and at such you will not be able to participate for now, If you drop your comment on this post below with your email address, we will certainly give you updates on Big Brother Naija Application once the form has been released.

Present it is the Nigerian Police Recruitment Form that is out and if you are in need of a Job you can pick up the form and apply form

The big brother naija 2019 application form makes it very easy to know and see other details required of all applicants for the programme

Big Brothers Naija Audition Dates and Venues

The audition date is yet to be out. It be announce on every social media, so to be part of this, let us know if you are interested to know when the date will be out.

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Lots of readers have searched for the big brother naija audition dates and the god news is that we will give you detailed information concerning the exact audition dates for the audition of big brother naija.

The auditioning will take place soon, however, we wants to let you know that all those that processed the Big Brother Naija Application 2019 will be informed of the dates when due.

Applicants will be informed via social media platforms like whatsapp, Facebook and other social media like twitter and instagram. To take advantage of this, you will have to follow the big brother naija on their social media handles.

We can also keep you posted regarding the screening dates to know the exact dates for the screening for big brother naija and you will have to drop your email at the comment box below and we will respond and get you notified once the dates has been fixed.

Big Brother Naija Application and 2019 Audition Venues

There are strict venues and specific venues for which the big brother audition will hold and at such applicants will be audition in the venues listed below.

The decision for the Big Brother Naija Application 2019 and audition venues has been fixed and at such it cannot be change for any reasons.

Below are the fixed states and venues for Big brother naija audition 2019;

  1. Abuja – MultiChoice Office
  2. Delta – Deluxe Garden Suites, Bauchi close, Shell Edgeba, Warri
  3. Enugu – Oakland Hotel and Park by Tunnel Crossing
  4. Ibadan – Mauve 21 Events Centre
  1. Lagos – West Town Hotel
  2. Port Harcourt – 5141, Aba Road

It is very paramount to know how to apply for big brother naija 2019 and how to be auditioned for the Big brother show with our post, you will be able to obtain the big brother naija 2019 application form and get yourself registered for the show.

Knowing when and how to apply for the Big Brother Naija Application will help you a great deal and thus so far this post shows you how to register for big brother naija 2019.

As a member of NNU and by completing the NNU Registration, you will be able to also watch updates about Big brother through NNU income

You can register and practice for the big brother naija 2019 audition for which you may qualify and be among those selected and those who might win the price and the millions of Nigeria representing your states and your region.

Big Brother Naija 2019 Form Price

Before you attend the big brother Naija audition, it is very important to infom you that you will have to obtain the Big brother 2019 Form before even attending the audition of the big brother naija 2019 audition date.

Via our post, we will show you the current big brother naija 2019 form price and where you can obtain the forms paying some fixed price.

The forms can be obtained at the big brother naija website from where you can buy and stand a chance to be auditioned for the programme.

The price tag for the big brother naija is fixed and thus so far it cannot be shifted or adjusted for any reason.

Those who are asking about how much is big brother naija form before proceeding for the big brother naija 2019 registration you should know that the 2018 price and the 2019 price for this stack trek show are not the same. There is an increment in the form price.

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Before proceeding to pick up the form, it is very paramount to know big brother africa auditions requirements

Big Brother Naija Application 2019 Audition Time:

The official audition time for the big brother naija show is out for 7:00am Daily and by following this time, you will be part of the auditioning at the various venues above.

No form of African time will be condoled and it is expected that all participants should always attend the auditioning on time. Lateness will also be checked and applicants who did the Big Brother Naija Application 2019 may be disqualified for late coming

Applying for big brother naija, you also have the opportunity to be among the Richest Nigerian Actors in Nigeria if your talent is well noted and the acting industry may employ you.

2019/2020 Requirements for Big Brother Naija Application 2019

There are certain requirements for which applicants should meet as they prepare to be audition and contest for the 2019/2018 show of the Big brother naija and only legible applicants will be called for interviews and auditions after the Big Brother Naija Application 2019.

The requirements below are the basic requirements that must be met before applicants are permitted to proceed for the auditioning.

Those who wants to processed the and pick the application for the 2019/2020 big brother  show and know the exact date for the auditioning should meet the following basic requirements

These are the basic requirements:

  • Applicants must be a full Nigerian Citizen
  • Applicants below the age of 21 or above the age of 48 will not be allowed to be auditioned
  • Applicants should also possess a valid international passport.

The 2019 Big Brother Naija Application has commenced and at such we have given you a series of information that will guide you for the application for the big brother naija. By following the application guide, you will be able to apply for the Big brother naija.

It is not just the Big Brother Naija Application, but we have also made available the Big brother audition dates and the basic requirements to meet for auditioning.

Everything in details we will let out regarding the Big Brother Naija Show which comes up annually.

Every year about 12 contestants battle for $100,000 and the winner is usually given the money, however, to win the money, the housemates are subjected to various mental and other physical activities.

In subsequent times, the winner is announced and he/she turns a celebrity overnight. In one of the Editions, apparently the first Edition, One Katung Aduwak was announced as the one who won.

Since them the success story of Big Brother Naija Application as being ravishing and tremendous.

Big Brother Naija is a prototype of the Big brother Africa to captured an evishing small community like Nigeria sharing the same vision as the Big brother Africa.

Big brother Naia returned to Naija and has suddenly being spotted a one of the fastest growing reality T.V series show in partnership with the Muliti Choice Nigeria.

The show has Sponsors like the Airtel and DSV and the duo have continually given its support for the growth of the reality TV. Show

The rest is story as what is necessary now is to inform you about the Big Brother Naija Application and how to easily apply for the T.V Show and via our Guide, you will also see how to will be selected in one of their auditions as one of the successful applicants of Big Brother 9ja.

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We will also give you in details the application guide, their venues for auditions and the original auditioning dates for all those that have picked the form.

Application Requirements for Big Brother Naija Application 2019

Again it is important to state that the 2019 Big brother naija Application will commenced soon and therefore the forms will soo be released and make available for sale.

The most important thing is not picking the form, the most important thing about the big brother naija application is meeting the application requirements before standing in for the audition.

Here is the application Requirements:

The two important requirements for application has stated before is that applicants must be a Nigerian and should be 21 years or above 21 years of age.

Applicants too must also have to possess an international passport or a National I.D card.

Those picking the Big Brother Naija Application Form for 2019 posing certain entertaining qualities like acting, sing etc will also be an advantage for their selection.

Steps on To Apply for Big Brother 9ja 2019 Auditioning:

  1. Create a video of yourself and the video should clearly states who you are what you aspire to be in the nearest future. It is important that you exercise this first before recording directly on their sites.
  2. Make the video ready and also have a digital picture of yourself showing your face clearly before proceeding to the sites.
  3. On the BB Naija Sites, complete the Big Brother Naija Application form available online and make sure all your personal information is supplied.
  4. Where Your picture is required ensure that you upload it and where the video is also required, also upload it too
  5. You will received and instant notification on your mail about your application and how to proceed.

What is BB Naija Price for Winners

About One hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) was first won by an housemates over 10 years ago and winning this virtually takes three months in the House.

It is of a reality that whether one wins or not one is likely considered as a celebrity for just partaking of the contest and thus the Big brother Naija Show has a way of turning applicants as world class celebrity. The programme is also graciously sponsored by the Mulitchoice T.V

There are numerous stars that have emerge as winners of the show and forever, there will be grateful to the organizers of the show for making them stars overnight.

Some Stars of the Big brother Naija include:

  1. Katung Aduwak
  2. Ebuka Obi-Uchendu
  3. Tinsel actor
  4. Gideon Okeke, etc

By following our comprehensive post above on Big Brother Naija Application 2019 you will be successful in the ongoing application processes and the auditioning may be simple.

Aside from the Big brother naija, applicants too can also take advantage of the MTN Application for Project fame and can also get

We are poised to update you with latest information on big brother naija and it is very important that you visit consistently to get updates on Big Brother Naija Application Audition and screening dates and requirements for screening.

Do you have any question or contribution on Big Brother Naija Application 2019 please drop it at the comment box below and we will respond to them and give vivid answer to the questions on this post.

Please share this post to all especially on social media through the various social media handles like facebook, twitter,

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