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www Africa Magic TV Nigerian idol is the official website to watch Nigerian Idol for the 2021 series.

The Nigerian idol show is a talent show sponsored by MultiChoice Nigeria. This show is to promote young Nigerians with incredible singing talents.

This is the sixth season of this show as it is not done everywhere. Once in a while, the MultiChoice Nigeria Company just comes up and announces the show.

This event is one of the biggest shows in not only Nigeria but also in Africa. Different people from different countries are always in attendance at this show.

www Africa Magic TV Nigerian Idol

www Africa Magic TV Nigerian Idol

Some Nigerian citizens do not even know that a show like this exists but this post will let them know more about it.

Anybody who is a certified citizen of this country has a right to partake in this show as long as he/she has reached the speculated age limit to compete.

In every event or competition, rules are always applicable. If you are qualified personnel for this show and you are willing to participate then apply according to the speculated rules governing the show.

This show is only for singers as they will compete not with instruments or any form of editing. They are to compete with their real voices.

The best singer always goes home with a befitting price. A total of thirty candidates are always admitted for the contest but only twelve go forward to the final stage.

You can be a winner as well. This may be the platform where you start advancing to your musical career in life just apply and luck can be on your side.

The show has built popular musicians of the likes of Mercy Chinowo and many others. This may be the platform you need to start your musical career as it was for the previous ones.

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The judges of this show, how to apply and other information regarding the contestants of this competition is in this post.

Read more to know more www Africa Magic TV Nigerian Idol. It will be hosted on the Africa Magic channel.

For those who don’t know about it this is your chance to be current in this country.

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www Africa Magic TV Nigerian Idol – Nigerian Idol Judges 2021

Nigerian Idol is one of the biggest events in Africa. It takes place once in a while and the best judges are always employed to rule over the events.

The judges of each season are always people with a passion for helping others to improve their talents.

This season six of the Nigerian idol is going to be presided over by judges of important reputations. These judges do not only preside over the competition but also to encourage the contestants to do better if they are disqualified.

The Nigerian Idol season 6 judges are Nigerian artiste Seyi Shay, Nigerian DJ Soze and Obi Asika. These judges have a great passion for people’s talents and also are willing to promote the talent of others.

They have good backgrounds and have made it in life. Their passion for music is enormous and they also have the ability to raise up talented youths.

Seyi Shay is a Nigerian musician who was born in London. She has won numerous awards in Nigeria. Her song Murda was also among the BBC UK’s 1xtra top 10 counts down.

Sose is a DJ with real skills and is an international DJ. He was born into a family with musical background. Just a look at him will let you know that he was born to be different from others.

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He cannot be forgotten with his one-sided face tattoo which distinguishes him from others.

Obi Asika is a talented Nigerian and has a great love for music. He has also featured in several TV shows and has great knowledge of sports and many more other fields.

Just like the American Idol These great crews of judges are going to panel beat the Nigerian Idol season 6 première this year.

Watch Nigerian Idol Nigerian Idol Contestants 2021

www Africa Magic TV Nigerian Idol contestants are from every part of Nigeria. The winner of this contest is going to go home with a sum of 50 million naira as announced by MultiChoice Nigeria.

Every contestant must apply by singing with their real voices and posting it to the platform for this contest.

The contestants for this event are going to be treated specially. All of them are very important and will not be laughed at or mocked even if they are disqualified.

You can also be a contestant of this event today. Just apply as directed and you can be a winner today. Everyone has a winner in them. Bring it out by applying for this competition today.

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Nigerian Idol Season 6

In this Nigerian idol season 6, the winner will go home with prices worth the sum of 50 million naira and a recording contract as stated by the sponsors of the event.

MultiChoice Nigeria sponsors the event and it is to bring out the best talents in Nigerian citizens.

This price can be yours. Just apply and you can be the Nigerian Idol for the next years before the next one comes up.

The registration started on the 29th of November 2020 and ended on the 13th of December 2020.

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This show is mainly to bring talents out of Nigerians and also encourage them as they can stand out someday.

30 contestants will be in the competition but there will be the elimination of many and the remaining twelve will advance for the finals of the competition.

The winner will be through voting by the audience to ensure fair judgement

You can view the event at www Africa Magic TV Nigerian Idol.

Nigerian Idol Form and Registration

The Nigerian Idol form is to be filled online. To fill the registration form, use the processes below.

  1. Visit africamagic.dstv.com/page/nigerian-idol
  2. When you are in the site, fill in your personal details as expected.
  3. Upload a video of yourself singing with no instruments and no backtracks
  4. The video should not be longer than 30 seconds.
  5. If your audition is successful, you will be called up.
  6. All participants should be between 16-30 years of age
  7. The audition is only for certified Nigerian citizens.

Lots of Star musicians like Omah Lay and Others have recorded their emergence to stardom courtesy of www Africa Magic TV Nigerian Idol. This post contains all qualified information on the Nigerian Idol. Share this post with others and let them get to know about this great event.

Drop all comments regarding this post in the comment box below.



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