Worst challenges Jambites face and how to overcome them

Jamb challenge : Worst challenges Jambites face and how to overcome them

Here are the major Jamb challenge may candidates face in their preparation towards the exams. Problems and challenges can pose a serious problem to students

  • Financial Challenge

. This is one challenge that is faced by many candidates preparing for the exams. Everyone needs money because money answers to all things.  Likewise in Jamb too, you need money, not for examination malpractice, but for Jamb rituals like exams registration, paying tuition for tutorial classes (optional), buying recommended texts books and materials etc.

Many candidates who are intelligent believe that they can make it without money. But the truth is that you need money to do the above which is very important if you must pass

How to overcome it

If you are having the problem with finances in order to do the basic things in the course of preparing for the exams, You can do some things to get little money

You can;

  1. Engage in a petit business to earn small capital,
  2. Sell out unused items to get money
  3. Spend less on social media
  4. Do a side business

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  • Time mismanagement, a major Jamb challenge

Time is precious and misusing it poses a serious problem to the candidates. Many candidates are very busy misusing their time on social media, peer group, watching football matches etc. When you ask them are you preparing for your exam? and their response is like: I don’t have the time.


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The truth is that mismanagement of time will pose a serious problem to your exam and if you don’t kill it, it might kill you.


How to overcome this Jamb challenge

  1. Schedule your everything you ought to do and concentrate on your schedule
  2. Plan your day, week and month in a timetable or to do list.
  3. Endeavor to stick to your schedule, plan, and to do list.
  4. Be focus and avoid distraction


  • Lack of support from parents, family members or Guardian

You might be willing to go to the higher institution, but your parents family members or guardian may not be in support of it. This is a serious challenge that can disorganize you and stop you from achieving a good score in your exams. If you are one that depend on these people for financial support, this will be a tight corner for you.

How to overcome Jamb challenge

You can gain the support of your parents, family members or guardian by following these simple rules.

  1. Try to seek their forgiveness if you had offended them.
  2. Talk to them peacefully and let them see the reason you should write the exams.
  3. Be obedient to them and avoid disobeying them
  4. Show them love and concern.


  • combining Work and studies

You might fall into this category if you are a working class. After secondary school, an average  Nigeria finds a greener pasture by securing employment for his or herself and when education calls back, the person has no other option than to service the both (education and work).


Some work are demanding and it gives most people little or no time to study. Take for example hairdressing, fashion designing, or dry cleaning jobs.

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Students complained to me that she works in a printing shop which the nature of her job demands her doing either typing or printing. Due to lack of time, because she was the only one in the shop, she finds it very difficult to study. At night, she said she is always tired.


How to overcome it

It all boils down to planning.  If you are working and you are preparing for UTME, it will demand that you plan your day very well and utilize breaks and spare time for studying. However,  If your story is similar to the above, where you have no time at all for studies even at night, Here is the solution for you:


  1. The truths are that one party will definitely suffer and you have to choose between your Job and your education.
  2. Explain to your boss how detrimental the work is to your academic and plead that you close early in order to study
  3. If there is another Job that can give you time for studies, I suggest that you quit. You can search for a teaching Job in any nursery school or check out this post: Business Ideas, top ways to make money by working less
  4. Endeavor to wake up early as early as 4.30 or 5,00 and see how you can read for 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minute every day. You will cover a whole lot


  • Long queue at the Exams registration Unit/authorized CBT centers

Every year, 1.7 million candidates register for Jamb and the registration process is usually tense to due to the great number of candidates trying to register and the short period of the examination,. There is usually a long queue at the banks where you obtain the pin, at the cbt centers where you register  and do thumb printing etc.

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How to overcome it

  1. Go for Jamb registration early. When once the form is out, endeavor to pick it up that day or the next day. When you are going, endeavor to be punctual and  go to the bank as early as possible.
  2. Put all the money required for registration together.


-Health Challenge

This is is another serious challenge facing some candidates preparing for Jamb. If you are not health sound or your health is deteriorating and you cannot find immediate cure for your sickness,  it is advisable that you do not register for the exams this year, next year is another year.


What ill-health will do to you


Il-health is a major Jamb challenge and it Will make you to lose focus and concentration when preparing and when writing the exams , thereby making you to fail.


How to overcome this Jamb challenge

  1. Treat yourself quickly and speedily, if symptoms persist do not register for the exams
  2. Drink lot of water and exercise consistently. Apart from helping you to remain healthy, exercise helps in boosting your brain for easy retention
  3. Remain healthy by preventing all possible sicknesses and diseases.

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