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Did you know that Vodafone offers some Free data and we bring you the article on Vodafone free data code  to give you al detailed information on how to activate the Vodafone free data this period?

This is a period where buying of data is somewhat difficult and thus we, therefore, have provided you with ways and guide and how to activate the Vodafone free data through this post.

After enough review, we have decided to give you the right information and the activation code which you need to activate Vodafone Free data.

With or without subscribing you can get data on your Vodafone sim even in times like this and without having to pay much for the data you want to activate.

Vodafone Free Data Code
Vodafone Free Data Code

There are different data bundles also direct activation code, but what is important here in this post is the code to act6ivate the free browsing for Vodafone.

Vodafone is one of the biggest technology and line and it has come back to stay with a good number of subscribers and internet users. When it comes to browsing, Vodafone data is known and people have rushed to this line and use the Vodafone.

For now, this Vodafone free data continues because as it is now we are not if this free browsing will e deactivated because it has last longer now.

What people don’t know is that they don’t know how to activate the free data bundle and thus we will show you the complete free activation code for Vodafone.

Vodafone Free Data Code

Vodafone Free data code is here and if you have been wishing to know how to activate the Vodafone free data, then this is the right time to read through this guide on how to activate the Vodafone free data.

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We are sure that the codes to activate the free data codes are working perfectly well and you can test it on ant kind of device so far you have met the requirement to activate the Vodafone free data.

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This article is of various categories and aside from knowing how to activate a particular data code for just 1gb, you will know how to activate different data plans for even 10gb and 20gb.

We have tested this Vodafone free data code and it is still working perfectly and you can activate it by dialling the activation code for each of the bundle which you want.

There is a particular data plan that will require that you download and have the Vodafone App on your device to activate this plan.

You will get instant notification of the amount of data allotted to you is that you have subscribed with the code.

Requirements to Activate Vodafone free data code

  • A working mobile phone/Tablet either android or IOS
  • A workable Vodafone network Simcard preferably a new line
  • Know your Functional phone number to the line
  • For a new line, you should not use it within 6 hours
  • Vodafone App from google play store or any App store

Vodafone Free Data number and Code for 4g Network

  1. Ensure that you have upgraded your Vodafone line to 4g
  2. Copy out the mobile number for this line
  3. Wait for 7 hours before inserting your sim card to your phone
  4. Check on the official Vodafone website and click on register.
  5. You will get an OTP code with your newly registered number
  6. Input the code sent to your phone and click on Submit
  7. On this website, purchase either 1G data plan
  8. You should get a notification with additional MB on your Vodafone line

Vodafone Free 10gb Data and 30gb and 40Gb

To activate the 30gb Vodafone data, you will have to follow the activation code and you should know that this data for 30gb is available to use for all network. You may be lucky to get 30gb or less Gb of 10 or you may get more of 40gb depending on your Simcard. To check the balance for Vodafone free data code this activation code, please dial *111*2*2#

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Here is how to activate;

  1. On your phone with Vodafone Simcard,
  2. Call the number 121365 or you can also call 121363
  3. Listen carefully to the message from 1 to 5
  4. Click on 5 to select which takes you to a data plan
  5. You will receive a notification with the number of Gb allotted to you

Vodafone free Data Hack 2020

You will either get this data offer either through the site or through the downloaded application and you can get various data bonus or Vodafone free data code.

You will get this data plan for free with the Free internet data plan for 2020. This information above is updated based on the 2020 guide for you to activate the Vodafone free data plan for 2020.

You will get Vodafone free data by dialling some code which you will call with your Vodafone line or you will get the free data by sending an SMS to a particular number.

You can also receive the free data bundle by downloading and installing the app and this and many numerous data plan is what you will find here.

Vodafone Free Data App for 1G

You can also get Vodafone free data with the App and by downloading the App you will activate the Vodafone data bundle last for a long time and it like visiting the Vodafone sites for activation of the free data code for about 1Gb data

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Here is how to activate :

  1. Download the Vodafone App either through the Vodafone website
  2. You can also download the app at Google play store
  3. Input your new phone Vodafone in the App for the registration
  4. On the next page, you should fill in the OTP code which was sent to your number
  5. You will see on the App a banner advert with data offer, click on it
  6. Wait for a notification to be sent to your line with your data offer
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How to Check Data Balance of Vodafone Free data

  • On your phone, ensure that you have the Vodafone line
  • Dial *111*2*2# and wait for the prompt responses
  • You should get a message on your phone
  • or you will see the data balance on the screen of your phone

In conclusion, ensure that you have gotten and met the requirements to activate this free browsing code and one of the major requirements is that you should use a new Vodafone Simcard.

We are not sure if an old Simcard of the Vodafone line will work for the activation the free browsing codes, but ensure that your lines are still active and that you have recharge your Vodafone line for that particular months.

Vodafone is mostly used for browsing and it has a strong internet connection for browsing which cannot be compared to other lines.

Vodafone existed before, and it was so renowned and known in Africa until her sudden exit from Africa. However, Vodafone is still known in other parts of America especially south America spreading across Europe.

The article above shows you how to buy and activate the Vodafone free internet for free browsing and when you follow the instructions as mentioned above, you will activate the free data bundle.

In most cases, this Vodafone free data works after 5 minutes of activating it so you are carrying out the instructions and it does not work immediately, then you will have to wait for about 5 minutes which will be activated to browse for free.

If you have any question or contribution to make on this post on Vodafone free data internet, please do well to drop it through the comment box below as you share this post to all to get informed.

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