All Union Bank Transfer Codes , Airtime and Account Balance Codes 2020

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Union Bank Transfer Codes should be known because Union Banks is one of  most trusted banks for banking and it also offers internet/mobile banking. No wonder it is being described as the best banks for uncle Thomas. With just your phone, you can use Union Bank Transfer Codes to make transfer easy as a customer to Union bank regardless of your location and time.  In this article, you will learn how to make transfer with Union Bank Transfer Codes. you will also see other transaction that could be perform with codes from union Banks.

There are certain codes that Union Bankers can use to do certain transactions with their phones that is union bank transfer code on phone. This online banking code for union bank has help union bank customers to experience an easy way of making transactions without stepping their feet at any of the Union Bank’s queue for any transaction.

Union Bank Transfer Codes

Union Bank Transfer Codes

You can do union bank sms transfer with Union bank code or you can also all with union bank mobile transfer code.

The Union Bank code can help its customers to do not only transfers, but customers can do other transactions with other codes which include:

  • union bank airtime recharge code,
  • union bank balance code,
  • union bank account balance code
  • union bank nigeria mobile transfer code

All these codes will help Union bank customers to enjoy their transactions even without the knowledge of online banking of union bank.

For the purpose of this article, we will be discussing on the last in the above listed which is   Union Bank transfer code for various mobile transactions like airtime recharge, check your account balance, transfer to other banks etc. All these codes are available at Union Bank.

Union Bank is one of those leading banks in Nigeria that has existed in long years and have established it business in the area of banking sector. The bank exist long as early as military regime in Nigeria and has offered best services in her numerous years of existence.

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Union Bank Transfer codes

Don’t think of the stress of going to the bank for transfer for it will never exist again as far as you are banking with union bank. With your mobile device, nothing can stop you from doing transfers to another Union Bank Account or transfer from Union Bank to a different Bank account entirely.


With Union Bank transfer code, you can carry out transactions involving transfer and other transactions any time at the convenient without moving a step to the banking hall.

Union bank transfer codes works on all devices including android, lumia, iphones, analogue buttons phones etc. The use of internet is not necessary to carry out transfer using this USSD codes. The only thing required is to  dial the Union Bank transfer Codes on the mobile phone using the mobile number you use to open a Union Bank account.

This code works like magic and you will not waste time doing transfers with this code. The code only work on the  numbers registered at  the Union Bank account. Check out the codes below.

USSD Code | How To Transfer Money From Union Bank To Other Banks Through Mobile

With Union Bank USSD Money Transfer Code, transfer can be very easy and you will not regret doing transfer with Union banks.

This is the the steps to follow

To transfer money from Union bank to another bank, follow the steps below;

Simply dial on your mobile phone *826# , you will see a display of instructions on your mobile phone which you have to carefully follow for your transactions to be possible.

Congratulations! Your transfer is successful  with this Union Bank transfer codes.

Time has gone when you will be bored going to the bank to do transfers.

That’s it, we are in the mobile era, a simple USSD code can do an inter or intra money transfer.. So, work smart, work fast!

Like the Union Bank transfer code, the access bank transfer code is also fast and it will help you have a speedy transaction

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Union Bank Old Transfer Code

Union bank transfer code to another bank or are you looking for union bank codes?

But you should get to know that before now, Union Bank had an old code for which persons used to make some transaction.

Since the last quarter of 2017, the bank had taken a new turn and lots of persons have confess thus that Union Bank remains one of its best with a good transaction points as it offers an easy banking with its union bank airtime transfer code.

The Union bank transfer code had been the talk of the now now and guesses what!

The bank did not only take a good turn in offering high quality services, but they also made it possible that their union bank short code was also change to accommodate more transaction and also to help its customers make transaction with ease.

In case you have been using the old union Bank transfer code of *389*032# and you have experience difficulties in making transaction, it will interest you to know that the union bank airtime code or transfer code is no longer *389*032#, but the main code for mobile transaction is now *826#

You will not need the airtel recharge code or the glo recharge code to recharge your phone with Union bank, but with a flip of the finger, recharge is made possible.

This code is simple enough and by following the prompts instruction, you will be able to do different transaction with union bank and that is to say that the code also contains union bank account balance code

For those who have asked how to buy airtime from union bank to another number checked your phone number with Mtn, Glo, airtel but you have to make sure that you have etc. with this code you can make this work out. The union bank code allows you to also buy airtime on your phone and this works like magic whether you are buying airtime to your phone or buying airtime to another phone, you can use the union bank transfer code and experience the magic of recharging your phone.

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Personal Anecdote

A friend who was tired of banking with Union Bank had to stop banking because of the stress of doing some transactions in the bank. He said that he spends hours of his time which he could invest in his business doing transactions and this was so weird. Finally he stopped banking with Union Bank.

After 10 years of moving from one bank to the other depositing into his clients different account, he was tired and he felt that something will be wrong if he continues that way.

On his way to deposit into Mr. Tom’s Account, he was almost knock down by a man who happened to be a Union bank Staff. The man explained his purpose to be a Union Bank Staff who re-introduced him to Union Bank and today, the Business Man is enjoying   24 hours of availability with the Union Bank Transfer code.

Hope you were informed about Union Bank Transfer Codes and we believe that you will follow the above instructions carefully when trying out with Union Bank Transfer Codes . What is your take on this update? Do you have any question or contribution about Union Bank Transfer Codes Please kindly drop it at the comment box below



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