UNIMAID Portal for Course and School Fees

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UNIMAID Portal for Course and School Fees 

The University of Maiduguri is a Federal university in Nigeria. It has its location in Maiduguri which is the capital city of Borno State.

Every year, this university admits hundreds of students from all over the country. This year will not be an exemption as this university has already started its admission process.

The Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination form of the University of Maiduguri is already out.

Admission candidates of this institution should endeavour to purchase this form before time runs out.

This examination will not be an easy task so, maximum preparation for it is also required. After getting admission into this institution, you will have to complete some necessities.

Among these necessities are the course registration and the payment of school fees. This university has made this aspect easy through their portal for it.

The UNIMAID Portal for Course and School Fees is very active and all students of this institution can easily access it.

To perform certain functions in this portal, you will have to go through various processes. These processes are not much as one can easily go through it alone.

Many people at the University of Maiduguri are using this portal effectively. You can also use it. This post is mainly for new students of this institution.

The old ones already have the knowledge of this portal but the new students who will just start will have to learn about it.

More details of this portal and its functions are in this post. If you really want to know more about it, read down.

Endeavour not to miss out on any detail of this post as all details of this post are very important as long as the University of Maiduguri Portal is concerned.

Many people are using the information in this post to operate the portal by themselves. You can also do so.

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All you have to do is to let the information you will see in this post guide you.



UNIMAID Portal for Course and School Fees

Every tertiary institution in Nigeria has its portal which is to help its students to carry out activities regarding the school.

These activities include the paying of school fees, course registration, and even the checking of results. The induction of this portal is mainly due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

This portal is as a means to curb the spread of this disease as there will be less contact with physical money but mostly transfers will be carried out.

The University of Maiduguri is also among these institutions. The University of Maiduguri also has its portal which its students can use to perform certain academic functions.

This UNIMAID Portal for Course and School Fees is very active as its students usually have easy access to it.

Only students of this institution can have access to this portal and use it for their own benefit. You can also use this portal for your own good today.

Freshers should take note of this portal as they will have to use it to perform various academic functions by themselves.

This portal has no issues as it has been well designed to perform its functions accurately. If ever you have any academic issues, you can log in to this portal.

The UNIMAID Portal for Course and School Fees is available and open to all certified students of this institution.

Now that school will soon resume and both new and returning students will have to pay their school fees, this portal will enable them to do so easily.

The website to use in order to successfully access this portal is www.unimaidonline.net.

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How to Register Course with UNIMAID Portal

The UNIMAID Portal for Course and School Fees is very much active. All those who wish to register for their various courses using this portal can do so with complete ease.

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Many people usually waste their time going from one office to another trying to register their various courses in this institution.

They have little or no knowledge of what they can do with the aid of this portal. Some of them do not even know that this portal exists.

With the UNIMAID Portal for Course and School Fees, all those who want to register for their courses can do so with ease.

The processes you will have to use to register for your courses are very simple and few. Anybody can do it alone and at any given time.

Stop running from one office to another when you can easily complete your course registration process with this portal.

The registration of courses in this portal is nowhere possible until the payment of school fees is complete.

You can stop running from one office to another just to register for your course today. Use this portal to the best of your advantage.

The steps below will guide you to register your course with the UNIMAID Portal for Course and School Fees;

  • Visit the portal at unimaidonline.net
  • Click on the icon on the dashboard which represents ‘students’
  • Log in to your dashboard with your user ID and password.
  • On your dashboard, click on ‘course’
  • You will see various options, click on ‘registration’
  • Put in your session, year, semester, and student ID
  • Click on search
  • Choose the courses you will register from the list you will see.
  • Click on add so as to add the courses
  • Submit and print out the course form.

How to Pay School Fees on UNIMAID Portal

Another function of the UNIMAID Portal is to pay school fees. With this portal, students of this institution do not have to queue at the bank to pay their school fees.

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The payment of the school fees is very easy and possible by the means of transfer. This transfer is possible with the UNIMAID Portal.

All students of this institution can access this portal easily as it is for their own good. Students of this institution are presently using this portal very effectively.

You can also use it today. All new and returning students can use this portal to pay their school fees with ease without any hindrance.

The UNIMAID Portal is very much effective and you can as well use it as others are. To pay school fees in this portal, you will go through some steps.

These steps are not much and with it, your payment of school fees is very much possible without you stressing yourself.

To pay school fees using the UNIMAID Portal without any sort of hindrance, use the steps below;

  • Visit the UNIMAID Portal at unimaidonline.net
  • Click on the student’s icon
  • Login to your dashboard
  • Click on payment
  • Scroll down and click on the ‘pay through Remittal’ icon.
  • Print the invoice you will see

Share this information with all who are students or want to be students of the University of Maiduguri. Drop all comments regarding this post in the comment box below.



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