The Tung Family Biography – Owners of Oriental Hotel

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This post gives you the entire information on Tung Family Biography 2020 and why they are so relevant and important in the present times.

When and Inscription at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos, had the inscription, the oriental hotel does not belong to Tinubu, it belongs to the Tung Family, many were spurred to know who are the Tung family.

The Tung Family Biography

The Tung Family Biography

In this post, you will know more about the Tung Family and What makes them unique and popular In Nigeria.

Another question which this post will answer is the real owner of the Oriental hotel and why the Tung family are said to be the owners of the Oriental Hotel.

The Tung Family Biography is here in this post with all details and fact about the Tung Family. The Tinubu is assuming to be the owner of Oriental hotel not until the EndSars crises were hoodlums were seen destroying things.

Just like Opay, a Norwegian, this post gives you the information about the Oriental hotel and the Tung family. Please note that name Tung is not a Yoruba name, but it is a Chinese name. One question to answer is why the Chinese name is a household name in Nigeria.

About the Oriental Hotel

Writing about The Tung Family Biography, without a brief of Oriental hotel makes this post incomplete.

Lagos Oriental Hotel is a 5 Star Hotel with its current location in the heart of Lagos, precisely in Lekki and shares fence with Victoria Island.

This hotel is no wonder a haven for all most top business persons in Nigeria and foreigners who are in Nigeria for a visit.

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Since it’s inception about 50 years ago, the hotel has been greatly patronizing by the international guest in Nigeria.

There are lots of fun and site attraction in the place and the beautiful environment is awe amazing, and it is open to all and sundry.

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This hotel property is just 13 minutes’ drive from the Murtala Muhamed international airport and this makes it swift for international visitors.

Since the inception of Lagos Oriental Hotel, continuous rating in terms of qualitative service delivery in the hospitality sector is amazing.

Services rendered at the Tung’s Lagos Oriental Hotel

You will find their, fitness centre, bar, and game centres interesting to savage alongside with their private parking space.

The hotel offers both indoor and out outdoor services like pool and barbeque. In this place of relaxation, their air-conditioned rooms come with free wifi as well as a full set of electrical appliances like a flat-screen TV.
In the hotel, you will also find interesting facilities aide from the ones mentioned above the hotel is a swift play to cool off on weekends and the right place to be when visiting Lagos.

You can never be hungry when you book a room there as the hotel serves both international and intercontinental dishes with different restaurant available such as the Japanese Restaurant, the Chinese restaurant and the local restaurant.

With the hotpot restaurant and five cowrie shop, you can have an incredible moment in the place.

As a businessman, having your meetings in their conference rooms is one you will never regret. You will have meeting hall ranging of different sizes like small, big and medium.

There also exist in the hotel, the Grand ballrooms and the African dance bar rooms. There are numerous halls and event venues suitable for any kind of event.

On request, you can get additional services such as laundry, family space and massage services.

This is owned by the Tung and below is a detail of The Tung Family Biography 2020.

The Tung Family Biography

In the 1960s some Chinese merchant also got established in Nigeria and the Tung Family happen to be one of the few four business moguls that were established in Nigeria.

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Aside from the Tung, other families are Kwang Lee, John ZM Chen and Robert Chen of WAHUM group, John Tung, Cha Chin-Ming of the Cha textile manufacturing group.

The then chairman of the Newco group who is John Tung has been successful in his business in hong kong and hence his relocation to Nigeria was a search of a larger market for his business.

His relocation to Nigeria became necessary in 1960 at the early birth of Nigeria and his desire to introduce the enamel product to the Nigerian market.

Between the 1960’s to the 1770’s Nigeria was already taking the lead as the largest market for enamel products in Africa.

Products from this include Trays, cooking pots, bowls, basins, pots and cups.

In the light of these, a cousin to John Tung, KF Tung saw a great opportunity in the Nigeria market and established a company called Universal Limited solely into the production of enamel products such as enamel lamps, and kerosene stoves.

Afterwards, KF Tung established a company named WEMPCO meaning Western Metal Products Company. The company grew to become the largest manufacturers of steel and metal in Africa.

KF Tung WEMPCO Businesses and Companies

Today, WEMPCO provides and supply most of the Nigerian steel need ranging from house whole items to others.

KF Tung lived from 1922 to 2019 and he passed the business to his next generation.

Currently, WEMPCO has Lewis Tung as the chairman of the WEMPCO group and the brother who is Robert Tung as the Group Managing Director of the WEMPCO group.

Both Lewis and Robert Tung are the second generations of the Tung’ and they are the ones behind the popular Oriental Hotel, Lagos.

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While John Tung is the founder of Newco Group, KF Tung is the founder of WEPCO Group.

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Today, the WEMPCO Group has other subsidiaries including the popularly known Omo Wood Industry of Ogun State.

Aside from metal, steel and wood, the company is into the production of ceramics and nails.

Notwithstanding, the company has expanded to cover a wide range of building material production, like roofing sheets, wire nails ceramic tiles and more.

The company is also into Agricultural Production and the hospitality sector like hotel services.

The Tungs are the owner of Oriental Hotel and they control more than 90% of interest generated by the hotel.

This post on The Tung Family Biography gives you detail information about the Tung family and after reading this post, you are definitely in agreement that the hotel is own by them.

This post has given you a guide about the Oriental Hotel and the real owners behind the hotel. When the flex on the hotel shows that the hotel is owned by the Tung, Nigerians went online searching for The Tung’s family.

For question or contribution on this post – Please drop a comment through the comment below on Tung Family Biography and share this post.



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