Trader Moni Loan Application | How to apply for Trader Moni Loan 2019

This post is to give you the necessary updates which you need to know on Trader Moni loan and to also let you know on how to apply for the trader moni loan sponsored by the bank of industry.

Trader Moni
Trader Moni

We wrote a post on Bank of industry loan add our interested readers and followers requested that we trow more light on the Trader Moni Application and thus we have written this post on how one can apply for trader moni.

This post is written to provide a guide on trader money with a relevant and specific information o how one can apply ad receive the funds of trader moni loan.

You can also see how to apply for the Bank of industry loan which is the trader loan and the post gives you an in depth ways on how to apply for the Loan.

Every Bank of Industry trader has an available loan for trading and many petty traders should catch the money and utilized it.

The bank of industry loan is available for traders and that is why it is called trader money loan and apparently every trader that needs a loan can obtain The trader moni registration link and get to register even online and that’s why we are making this post available and guide traders aon how to obtain the trader money loan.

Trader Moni Loan Target 2018/2019

The target for The Bank of industry trader money is to reach out to mere than two million traders who are interested in receiving loans to help finance their markets and their businesses.

The beneficiaries are across the countries and the trader moni loan is scheduled to end by the end of the year and it is important that all applicants can apply for the trader money loan.

The trader money Loan is a system introduced by the Bank of Industry in partnership with the Federal Government to provide loans that is interest free loans and collateral free loans to support and boost the businesses of Petty traders.

This loan is not like the african loan so it should not be mistaken for African Loan and contact details which applicants can get.

The major target of this bank of industry loan is to meet traders cutting across the countries I the six geo political zones in any part of Nigeria.

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How to Get Trader Moni Loan and Amount to receive from Trader Moni

As a petty trader in need of the Trader Moni Loan, you can receive the trader money loan in a very simple ways below:

  1. Visit the Trader Moni Agents across the various states
  2. Provide your details and make sure that the detail supplied are correctly supplied
  3. Your details will be taken and sent by the Trader Money intermediary who acts as agents.
  4. You will have to wait for verification and validation for Forty Eight hours that is two days before you will be able to access the loan
  5. Upon being eligible the trader will receive the loan which you applied for in his/her wallet from which it can be cash out.

This post is on how to apply for trader moni loan and we have written this to show the necessary trader moni code and the exact link for which you can use to apply for the Trader Moni. Your Business does not need to undergo the Corporate affairs commission CAC Registration to be approved for the loan

From this post you will learn on trader moni link and how to apply for the using the simple trader moni app or through the trader moni agents and how to successfully get the loan I your bank account with the right trader moni codes.

The trader moni application form is available with various agents and all interested applicants can pick their forms from any trader agents around them and apply to receive the Bank of Industry Loan.

There are specific amount of money for which you can received from the Trader Money and receiving this loans depends on your interest and your ability to pay back the money.

The amount young can receive from Bank not Industry BOI as a trader are;

  1. Ten thousand Naira N10,000 Loan

The ten thousand naira loan is the first stage of loan for which you can get from the trader money and your ability to pay back N10,250 within a specific period can make you qualify for the next stage of receiving a loan.

  1. Fifteen Thousand Naira Loan (N15,000)
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Applicants are only entitle to this loan after they have completed their previous payments and which will entitle them to access the next stage of receiving loans.

You will receive N15,000 only if you have completed the first stage of payback which is N10,250.

  1. Twenty Thousand Naira Stage (N20,000) Loan

The twenty thousand naira loan is available for all those who have showed that they are credit worthy by paying back the first loan received which was N15,000.00

To receive a loan of N20,000 from trader moni, you will have to pay back the past loan of 15k and the payback will now be N15,375.00.

  1. Fifty Thousand Naira Stage (N50,000)

This is the last barge of the Trader Moni Loan and to qualify for this Loan will require that you will pay for the previous stages which you had already received.

You will need to receive other low loans to reach the stage of N50,000 and your ability to pay back in the previous stage qualifies you for this stage.

The Bank of Industry Loan ranges between ten thousand naira to fity thousand naira.

You will have to pay the trader a nonrefundable sum of 4,000 to be able to access this loan and this is an agent’s fee. It is no doubt aggree that the BOI Loan is one of the fast cash loans which traders can apply and get

It is either you receive the money through the traders Bank account who will then transfer or cash it out to you.

Payments Dates For Trader Moni Loan and How to Pay Back Loan

The trader mon boi is being controlled by the Bank of Industry (BOI) in partnership with the federal Government and they have a target to reach more persons before the year runs out.

Already the loan has worked effectively in most of the states across Nigerian mini trader have received a lots of money to finance their business and thus it is of utmost important for all applicants to pick the trader moni application form and apply for the Bank of Industry trader loan. It is not like the kiakia loan that you will need the kiakia loan App to complete a transaction

The Loan can also be achieved through the trader moni website and website and that is why the trader moni website has excelled for the trader moni boi project kano

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It is very easy to go about the trader moni registration and by registering you are entitle to receive loan from the Bank of industry to fund your business and operate a successful business.

Our post on trader moni kano can also guide you on how to apply for trader moni to help lots of applicants to successfully know and apply for the Loan using the right trader moni registration portal.

All traders and loan beneficiaries will be given a duration of six months to complete the loan and payback the loan.

No matter the stage you are applying for, you will have a minimum of six months to pay back each loan is it the first or last stage.

To pay back, the beneficiary will have to pay to any of the BOI Partner bank listed below the loan collected will be received by the Bank for BOI.

Loans too can be repaid with any mobile money agents who released the money and who catch the money for the beneficiary or any other Trader Moni Agents.

Bank of Industry Trader Money Loan Partners

  • Fidelity Bank
  • GTBank
  • Heritage Bank
  • Jaiz Bank
  • Stanbic Bank
  • Sterling Bank
  • Union Bank
  • United Bank for Africa (UBA)
  • Wema Bank

How to Get Trader Moni Loan Online

  1. Apply through the BOI Portal at:
  2. At the Site, you will see a place written clearly Apply for Loan now click on it to apply
  3. Click on Register Here column and create an account
  4. Visit your mail to get the verification/tracking code which is sent to your mail
  5. You will either copy or click on the link sent to you on your mail
  6. You will be redirected to login, after you have login, filled carefully the application form and save by clicking continue
  7. You will then receive a mail with your application information and details

  This post shows you how to successfully apply for the BOI Trader loan and we attempts to answer most of your unanswered question wilth this post.

Do you have any question or contribution on this post, please drop it ate the comment box below and we will respond to them directly.

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