Top 10 Richest Yoruba Actress in Nigeria 2020 and The Richest Yoruba Actress 2020

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In our post today, we bring to the table Top 10 Richest Yoruba Actress in Nigeria 2020, because most persons have really searched for the list of the top richest Yoruba actress in Nigeria and we can’t just stop giving you a guide for which you will just see the full richest Yoruba actress in Nigeria.

On our list, the Yoruba actress have been carefully researched and investigated on and the list reveals those that are making real fortune from acting movies.

In most cases, people do confuse our choice of selection of richest people when making post that is connected to the subject matter.

We just decided that we will let you know how to check the richest Yoruba actress and thus this post comes up to give you the best information to check who rocks the list of richest Yoruba actress in Nigeria for the year 2020.

Top 10 Richest Yoruba Actress in Nigeria

Top 10 Richest Yoruba Actress in Nigeria

On our review, our classification of best and to actress is not only based on the money made on the scene, but we also classify them based on their total net worth in their personal businesses as well as their endorsement deals from different brands.

Most of these actresses have sometimes acted both Nigerian Nollyowod Movies as well as Yoruba movies.

The Yoruba Movie Industry

The Yoruba movie industry is a fast growing one as though the movie industry depicts the culture of one of the largest tribes in Nigeria.

Yoruba Movies have been widely accepted and it has gained prominence even beyond the south western part of Nigeria.

The movie industry has spread its euphoria across countries even beyond the south western part of Nigeria and even to West Africa and even to the foreign movies industry.

We have witness the prominence of most of the Yoruba stars and the Yoruba movies have even been on foreign cinemas and the popularity of it has led to a daily advancement.

If you are in West Africa and you don’t know about the Yoruba movies industry then you apparently not on the right track.

The popularity of most of the Yoruba movies have led to the popularity of most of this actress though a good number of this actress also stir on Nollywood Nigerian movies which also brings them to limelight

The Richest Yoruba Actress in Nigeria

If you apparently know Jenifer’s diary, then you should not be confuse when we say that Funke Akindele is apparently the richest the richest Yoruba female actress as she grew her firm and popularity when she released the Jenifer’s diary.

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The dramatic episode has spotted her to the limelight as she is popularly known as Jenifer in the drama reality show, jenifa’s diary which has featured in ibaka movies and Iroko movies

We can’t really estimate the real net worth of the Yoruba actress as she has gained and raise her popularity.

Jenifa has since gained numerous endorsement deal which has added more wealth to already existing wealth of the new dialect inventor.

Jenifer whose real name is Akidele Olufunke who is among the Top 10 Richest Yoruba Actress in Nigeria 2020 has been said to be formerly married to Kehinde Olyede before the marriage was dissolve in 2013.

Funke was known when she featured in a show sponsored by the United Nations and it ended in 2002. She is among the Richest Actors and Actress in Nigeria 2020

She has played some important roles in various shows and the multi award winner actress is well known for Jenifa’s diary.

She has deals as an ambassador with numerous companies that are rocking ranging from 1960 bet to vitafoam, and kiln detergent.

Top 10 Richest Yoruba Actress in Nigeria for 2020Top

To crown it on the list of female actress we will like to mention other popularly and known female Yoruba actress who are making fortunes in the movie industry and there is no particular other for which we have categories and list this actress of Yoruba movies.

For now we know that Funke is the richest Yoruba actress because of the numerous endorsement deals and her lead roles in movie production.

Here are other Yoruba Actress that have made it in life.

  1. Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe was born in Nigeria to Pa Bisola as the father and she has been actively involved in acting from 2001 to date. She also doubles as a director who has directed several movies that has gained limelight.

Mercy is from Edo state and she speaks Yoruba fluently and act Yoruba movies as she had her growing up in the city of Lagos where she attended Maryland Comprehensive secondary school, Ikeja, Lagos

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Mercy is married and the family is blessed with two lovely children as a movie producer, mercy believes so much in her family and she ultimately sees family as the primary thing.

Mercy has won so many awards and she owns the Mercy Aigbe Gentry School of Drama and she has stirred in movies with Ramsey Nouah and other top actors in Nigeria.

In 2019, the lady who makes Top 10 Richest Yoruba Actress in Nigeria was honored by as a veteran thespian.

3. Iyabo Ojo

According to wikipedia, Iyabo Ojo was born in 1977 and has stirred in numerous Yoruba movies featuring stars of all kinds.

In 2019, informationng reported that the richest Nigerian Yoruba actress Iyabo Ojo was escaped death when she was in a 5 days Coma after she undergone a buttocks surgery in turkey.

The mother of two children is reportedly to be a single mom who married a Lagos based movie marketer in 1999 when she was still at the birth of her career.

Mercy is said to be born in Lagos but hails from Abeokuta in Ogun state and she is among the five children of her family.

Iyabo is said to own several luxurious items and she likes flaunting her limousines on social media even with her grown up daughter.   Lot of her movies have been seen on 9jarocks movies

Top 10 Richest Yoruba Actress

Top 10 Richest Yoruba Actress Iyabo Ojo

Apparently her daughter Priscilla is also making fame in the Nollywood industry as she won Best of Nollywood Magazine (BON) award as the best child actress.

The controversial makeup queen actress is said to worth about $350 a her net worth garnered through acting and other personal business.

  1. Dayo Amusa

Dayo Amusa is a well-known and the most popular actress who also doubles as singer and she has so much acquired fame for herself and she has been so known for her controversial post on social media and she does not stop amusing her followers.

In 2019, we can say that the actress and music producer worth $1 Million naira and she has stirred in lots of movies.

The popular and the one of the Richest Yoruba Actress in Nigeria 2020 ha come out publicly to warn rumor mongers who spread the rumor of her being pregnant or being married.

Dayo recently came out on her IG page and shared and posted her HIV status and stated that being HIV positive is not the end of life.

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The popular and controversial actress has also taken turn to confess that she enjoys good sex and she does not only make her money from acting.

Dayo Yoruba Actress

Dayo Yoruba Actress

5. Fathia Balogun on Richest Yoruba Actress in Nigeria for 2020

Fathia Balogun is an actress who has got so much firm and luxury from acting and she has reveals that she likes flaunting her stylish look.

The 50 years Ikeja based Yoruba actress who still looks 30 is a Lagos based movie producer and actress that has exposed that she makes her money doing what she loves.

Fathia Balogun, the ever hot Yoruba actress has been said to be in several relationship and marriages which in most cases last for a short time.

The Yoruba actress had had issues with her marriage with Saudi Balogun on the terms and based of infidelity but they together have a grown up children.

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Fathia Balogun is worth in 2020 is $500,000 according to prominence internet sources which have also revealed that the star is also involve in other businesses. Fathia has movies on FZ and other movie sources

Fathia Yoruba Actres

Fathia Yoruba actres

This post is written on Richest Yoruba Actress in Nigeria for 2020, there are numerous other Yoruba actress, but for 2020, this is the list which we have been able to gather.

There was not chronological order according to the net worth of the above mentioned actress but in all of them, Funke Akidele has been said to convincingly be the richest among them.

There are some popular Nolywood actresses that are of the Yoruba origin, but the focus is on actress who has stirred succinctly in Yoruba movies.

Let us know if you want to make your contribution by dropping via the comment box below.



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