Swift Data Plans 2020/2021 – Swift Data Plan Code

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There are certain thing which you should know about the swift data plans 2020 as this post gives you the basic information which you should know on how to purchase the best data bundle.

Swift DATA PLANS 2020/2021

Swift DATA PLANS 2020/2021

The answer to the question on how to purchase swift data and subscription from swift is here in this post as we have painstakingly written the necessary guidance to help you in getting sufficient data bundle for all your plans.

Swift has since inception become one of the best telecommunication networks especially when it comes to the purchase of data in Nigeria.

The inception of this company is since 2002 and it’s entirely multipurpose broadband for internet connectivity is commendable.

We can recommend swift data plan for individuals, residential purpose and use, we can also recommend that the swift data plans 2020 can be used for business despite the type of business.

About Swift Data Plans

The internet is fast, convenience and reliable regardless of the plans which you want to subscribe to.

We introduce the various data plans and; products for you and you should carefully select which of the plans which you will love to subscribe.

swift 4g LTE unlimited Data Plan

On the swift data plans 2020 it is relevant that you get 4G LTE network for the faster and better offer of the data bundle from the swift network providers.

There are various data bundle under the Gg LTE Check below for contents related to Swift data codes.

After a long review, we have the full review of all the data bundle for various data bundle which it is required and the getting the best data is what makes you enjoy the best offer from Swift data.

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Did you know?

That among the few networks available you for in Nigeria, it is only a swift data bundle. The most amazing thing is that this data bundle is affordable and you will surely love the speed which it takes to browse the internet.

Among other benefits, below are the few benefits f choosing swift data plans 2020.

  • With this data plan, you are sure that you can rollover your expired data to the next plan which you have subscribed to. You don’t have to bother about data plans which you have not to use and in the nutshell, you will never going to lose any data plan.
  • On this data plan, you will have interest free data Loan. Once you have the swift data plan you can borrow data of any amount and pay later without additional charges.
  • We assure you that you can get your money to beck peradventure you are not convenience with the data plan services.  You will also refund your money if you decide to use the money for other things.
  • You are open to high-speed internet access including the 4G data plan.
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How to Buy Swift Data Plans (4G LTE) 

The information contains the full swift data plan for purchase and the complete description for each plan on Swift Data bundle (4G LTE) before making a purchase

Swift Network Individual Plans and Low Budget Swift Data Plans 2020

  • Swift Budget for just N500 will last for 7 days and you will have  750 MB  for  24 Hours
  • The difference between the Swift Budget (Promo) and the afore mention is that this plan gives you 1 GB for the same amount and it lasts for just 1 day.
  • The Swift Value Special gives N1000 which will last for 1 week and you will get 5 GB for 24 Hours
  • Swift Value Special (Promo) allows you to enjoy N1000 for 7 Days with  2 GB working 24 Hours
  • On the Swift Budget Plus, you will have 2 GB to browse for 30 Days for just N2000
  • Swift Value Plus offers 1 GB N2000 for  7 Days(1 week) and you enjoy  Free browsing 10 pm- 6 am (weekends & Public Holidays)
  • With N3000 you will enjoy Swift Merit Promo for 30 Days with 3GB and additional Free 9hrs browsing daily (10 pm-7 am)
  • Swift Economy allows you to browse with  3 GB valid for 30 days and you will spend  N4000 only.
  • Swift Essential Mini is just N5000 for a 30 Days   browsing and you get  7 GB
  • The Swift Essential Mini (Promo) last 30 Days with 10 GB and you will pay N5000
  • Swift Night is a special swift data plans 2020 for just N3,500 to browse 30 Days with 7 Gb from 6 Pm-8 Am
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Swift Networks Residential Plan

This data plan is Ideal for Professionals and homes that require 24×7  Families, young workers and heavy off-peak users. Time slot allows parental supervision of use by minors, Professionals, HNIs, SOHOs and SMEs that require more download capacity and 24×7 access, Middle-level workers, residential and heavy off-peak users. Time slot allows parental supervision of use by minors.

  • Swift Essential Swift family        Swift Club            Swift Family Plus
  • Time Slot 24×7 6 PM – 8 AM, Monday – Friday; 24 hours on weekends & public holidays                24×7 5 PM – 9 AM, Monday – Friday; 24 hours on weekends & public holidays
  • Burstable Speed Unlimited Unlimited            Unlimited            Unlimited
  • Data Capacity Allowed 14GB     20GB     20GB     34GB
  • Validity Period 1 MONTH            1 MONTH            1 MONTH            1 MONTH
  • No of Computers & Wifi-Enabled Devices Allowed Unlimited            Unlimited            Unlimited            Unlimited
  • No of Communication Hubs Allowed Per Account
  • Dual-Band Multi-User Communication Hub for NGN 29,500:00
  • Swift Nomad NGN 18,000:00, Swift Sim for NGN 8,000:00, Swift Runner NGN 10,000:00
  • Monthly Subscription fee NGN 7,000:00

Swift Network Business Plan

  1. Swift Business

The Swift Business last from 7 AM – 7 PM daily and it is an Unlimited giving you 24GB valid for 1 Month.

We recommend SMEs that require generous broadband access and download during business hours only and it goes for NGN 29,500:00. For Dual-Band and NGN 18,000:00 for Nomad NGN 8,000:00, and Swift Sim for NGN 10,000:00 and runner for NGN 12,000:00.

  1. Swift Premium

This Swift Premium allows you to enjoy 24×7 Unlimited 30GB for 1 Month and we recommend Professionals, HNIs, SOHOs & SMEs that are capacity-hungry with 24×7 access with a monthly fee of NGN 15,000:00.

Pay NGN 29,500:00 for dual Band while the swift nomad goes for NGN 18,000:0. The Swift sim and Runner go for NGN 8,000:00 and NGN 10,000:00 respectively.

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  1. Swift Elite

Swift Elite is prescribed for OFFICE with  24X7 Home: 5 PM – 10 AM, Monday – Friday plus 24 hours on weekends and public holidays it is Unlimited of 46GB lasting for 1 Month for NGN 20,000:00

We recommend Swift Elite for Business owners requiring 24×7 service in the office and at home in the evenings, weekends and public holidays only.

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For dual Band, you will pay NGN 29,500:00 while the swift nomad gives you NGN 18,000:00 and the Swift sim and Runner goes for NGN 8,000:00 and NGN 10,000:00 respectively.

  1. Swift Elite Plus

Swift Elite Plus is another swift data plans 2020 suitable for Office & Home: 24×7. It is Unlimited with 60GB for a 1 Month duration.

We recommend that Business owners requiring 24×7 access for the business and family; and Businesses with multiple locations should purchase this data for NGN 25,000:00 a month.

Conclusion  on Swift Data Plans 2020/2021 

The swift data plans 2020 is available online too through the various offices in Lagos and other places.

Do the latest swift data plan 2020 can be purchased online through the various online Platforms?

Outlets like Jumia Konga and other places like Dealdey, Yudala and any other place offers Swift data bundle online

If you are in Lagos, you can save yourself the stress by purchasing any of the swift offices in Lekki, Ogba, Ikeja Surulere and Victoria Island. There is another office address location in any other states.

You can get more information online through their website and by visiting the swift data plans 2020 website online.

If you have any challenge with Swift network, you will have to let us know by dropping a comment below.

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