Successful Entrepreneurs’ Lifestyles: 15 things successful entrepreneur know and do

Successful Entrepreneurs’ Lifestyles: 15 things successful entrepreneur know and do

Every day, everywhere around the world, there are businesses that began as the talk of the town and most times one year or two years down the line, these businesses packed up. This goes a long way to prove that every successful business thrives on principles.

This topic highlights all-time principles and practices of successful entrepreneurs. The idea is, if you are about to start a business or have started one already, this book will help you avoid the pitfalls that ground several businesses.

Successful Entrepreneurs’ Lifestyles
Successful Entrepreneurs’ Lifestyles

The word ENTREPRENEUR has a French root, it means ‘To create’, this implies that just anyone can be an entrepreneur and a successful one at that; the only requirement is the ability to create (be creative). This explains why one can be an entrepreneur even in the workplace (as an employee). Entrepreneur-employees are always the most productive and eventually become great business owners. So whether you own a business or not you need the principles in this book to succeed in whatever endeavor you are involved in. This is Successful Entrepreneurs’ Lifestyles


  1. They have a Clear Vision

It is often said a man without vision is worse than a man without sight. Every successful entrepreneurs have a clear vision of their businesses  and where they are going to.

Bill Gates of Microsoft wanted to make Computer Software affordable and accessible.

Steve Jobs of Apple Computers wanted to have a computer in every home.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook wanted to connect friends on Campus, the vision grew bigger and today it is the largest social media platform in the world with a population of users larger than the largest country in the world.

It is imperative to understand Successful Entrepreneurs’ Lifestyles of having a clear vision.

A vision can also be seen as the picture of your future. A clear vision must asked questions such as:

  • what do I want to offer to the public?
  • Why I’m In doing this which I am doing
  • To who is this service for
  • How do I want to my business to cut across all levels of production
  • When is the appropriate time to start and when will I make a particular profit

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  1. They have a Success Mentality

Your success becomes a reality first when you believe it will happen. Napoleon Hill said “whatever the heart of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. It’s called the Law of Attraction. The world will stand aside for the man who knows exactly where he is going, when the universe sees how much believe and passion you have for your business they will conspire to make it succeed, that’s providence.

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Having a positive and a success mentality will trigger your success and make you stand out among your contemporaries. Every successful person believes and work towards achieving achieving his dreams.

Successful Entrepreneurs’ Lifestyle of a Success Routine

You can trace the successes of great entrepreneurs to their daily routine. They are hardworking and consistent in committing their time, energy and skills towards achieving success. They don’t just wish for success, they GO for it! the Authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series do five things every day and their book has been a hot cake selling more than eight million copies in the past two years.

No matter how much work they have to do, because they have success systems and patterns that make them achieve more in less time. Having a Success Routine is one of the greatest Successful Entrepreneurs’ Lifestyle.

  1. Successful Entrepreneurs’ Lifestyles of having a Success Team

Great businesses of today succeed indirectly through the contribution of quality of minds in the business, running the business. The main secret behind companies success is not ultimately their best products, but companies with the best team players.

A success team is not necessarily a team with many heads but a team with quality minds. You cannot be totally successful alone. You need other people to support you.

Successful Entrepreneurs’ Lifestyles of having Advisers,  Employees,  Lawyers,   Customers,  Community has contributed a whole lots to their success in life. Facebook is not all about Mark Zuckerberg, he has a team of great minds.

  1. They have Success Values

Sustainable wealth creation is not only created or attained by ‘a head for business’ but also with ‘a heart for people’. Someone said that “empty pockets never held anyone back from giving richly and willingly, rather, it is empty hearts”. If your heart is not full of love for others, you will never be able to reach out to others who are in need. Greatness in life is not just by virtue of wealth but by the wealth of virtues.

A value is a principle or practice adopted as a standard. With values, you measure levels of importance; your values dictate your choices. Your values help you to prioritize.

Greatness is not just by how much assets you have but it is ascertained by your value system.

Solomon proclaimed in Proverbs 20:6: “Most men will proclaim everyone his own goodness but a faithful man who can find?”

  1. They are Action Oriented

Be a doer… success comes to those who take what they want by doing something that gets them closer to their goals each day. Even if you are wrong, doing something is better than doing nothing.

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You can consume countless books, sermon series, blogs, tutorial videos, and memes and attend numerous conferences, seminars, and anything else that provides information, but if you don’t implement these things you learn, you’ll never make progress.

There bomb into action instead of day dreaming all the day. Every successful entrepreneur are action oriented and the believe in DUSH – Do until Something Happens

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  1. Successful Entrepreneurs are Customer Service Conscious

Here is a powerful yet simple rule for business success; always give people more than they expect. Customers are the most important people in business. They decide your sales and ultimately your success. If there are no people to buy what you offer, then you’re not in business.

Richard Branson says: “The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them – preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.”

One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising. So, you need to treat all your customers as king.

They learn from their failures and that of others

  1. They are Learn from failures of others

All successful entrepreneurs are where they are today because of their own mistakes or the mistakes of others that they learnt from.

You must be proactive in order to succeed in business, don’t be afraid to fail. Failure well utilized helps you become wiser. I have failed a couple of times in business but I am ultimately succeeding because I have learnt from my mistakes and the mistakes of those who had gone ahead of me.

Failure is not final What happens when people fail… at anything? They stop. They don’t go forward anymore. They just stop taking action because the failure hurts so bad. Amazingly, this is why success is so rare. Failure actually brings you one step closer to succeeding. Failure is not final, it is meant to be a stepping stone to your success.

“In every pain there is tremendous opportunity for overwhelming gain! Use it to your advantage!” — Brian G. Jett Please note, I’m not saying you should work anticipating failure, rather I am saying, do your best but never give up when you fail, get back up and do it better.

Mentors make Men tall Real students of success love to read about successful people in their chosen field because they learn from them… how they overcame obstacles, setbacks and disappointments. You can overcome anything once you know how by using role models.

  1. They are Persistent

In business, your ‘staying power’ will be tested. No matter how good you are, how well you plan and how well you execute your plan, you are bound to meet with disappointments, adversity and failure along the way to your ultimate triumph. Adversity is what gives you the opportunity to develop your inner resources of character and courage (which are needed for business success). Adversity is a great teacher. It will test you and make you stronger. But you have to hang in there and not give up.

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If you are going through tough times in business right now, then this fact will encourage you: The average millionaire in America has gone bankrupt or out of business 3.5 times on his or her way to becoming a millionaire, and there are now over 4.5 million millionaires in America.

So, if you’ve failed, don’t give up keep going!

Jack Ma is the richest man in China and the 18 richest in the world. His story can be summarized with one word ‘Persistence’. He applied to Harvard 1o times and was rejected. He applied to the Police, with 19 others, he was the only one not taken. He started his business and for three years, they didn’t have reasonable profit.

Today, he is known for ‘’ and it is a Global Brand. Persistent is one of the Successful Entrepreneurs’ Lifestyles.

  1. They are crazy Learners

It is what you have in your head and not the size of your head that keeps you ahead. Smart work can take you to where hard work cannot take you to.

Success is a function of skill and passion (persistence plus focus). You must be deliberate about gathering the right information about the area or field you are into. Never allow yourself to lag behind in knowledge. Read about the current technological trends in your field, read about latest discoveries. Strive to be an expert at what you do.

Becoming an expert It has been said that if you spend at least five hours every day studying your field consistently for 5 years, you will be among the top 5 percent in your field.

It was Bishop David Oyedepo that said: ‘the only mountain of limitation in our lives is the mountain called ignorance’. You can only go as far as the amount of information you have at your disposal (both personal and collective information). The key is, be deliberate about growth.  Have a daily personal development plan that will take you on a journey towards knowing everything you need to know in your field.

10. They have a believe system

The above is Successful Entrepreneurs’ Lifestyles

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