How to stop smoking right Now and never start again

How to stop smoking right Now and never start again

You are tired of smoking and wants to turn a new live by putting an end to your smoking lifestyle? That’s possible and you can actually quit smoking and never return to it again. There are more than enough reasons to quit smoking, ranging from the fact that it deters many people in the society, couple with its hazardous effects to health and more importantly, smokers are liable to die young.

stop smoking
How to stop smoking

The lifestyle of smoking is one that is weird and can cause a whole lot of damage to your physical health as well as your financial life. If you want to stop smoking and you think it is a simple thing to deal with it, that’s not true. Smoking lifestyle is addiction and it should be dealt with indicatively.

Good news:

If you wants to stop smoking and never return to it again, try these few steps underneath.

  1. Make a smoking date

And yes you really wants to stop this unhealthy lifestyle, don’t be too fast about it, just decide on a set date to stop smoking. Set a date that you will really want to start turning a new live. Deciding on a particular day to say fare well to your smoking lifestyle will help you to prepare very well for the exact day to come.

There are certain things to put in place before the said date and your ability to do that before the date will help you to be firm towards your decision. Set a date afar off and prepare well for the said date. When deciding on a date, don’t chose a  that is very close. Chose a day in a week or month to come and set aside as the day you will say farewell to smoking.

  1. Tell others of your decision to stop smoking

Don’t keep it to yourself; endeavor to relate it to other people of your decision to stop smoking. Let other people know that you are set to quit your smoking habit, so that when you actually stop it won’t be  like a surprise to people.  The best set of people to let know of your intentions are those who you  hang out with and smoke together.  Tell that person who introduced you to smoking that you have decided to stop smoking.

  1. Avoid the smokers

The popular saying goes thus: Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. Your company determines your actions and what you perceive life as. When you  decide to stop smoking, avoid other smokers whom you hang up with to smoke.

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If you associate with smokers, there is high tendency to smoke and go back to your old lifestyle if you continue to hang out with this people. That does not mean that you should have enmity with them. Just avoid their company for a while.

  1. Keep change away

Avoid keeping change with you. Most cigarettes are not costly and the can be purchase with a little amount.  What instigates the purchase of smoking items is the fact that you have little change left. Make sure you save your change or perhaps you avoid collecting them from the vendor. Your vendor can save your change for you.

A man in Nigeria who battled with smoking habit use this step to overcome the act of buying smoking items. Your financial change is like a motivator, which will continue to increase your addiction to smoking.

  1. Meditate rightly

Have a good mental attitude towards your situation. Stop thinking negatively, and you should avoid wrong meditation. Your thoughts should be positive and you should endeavor to avoid all negative meditation

The process of meditation develops gradually to make you smoke. This is how it works

Whenever you think about smoking a cigarette, you become aware of taking the pack out of your pocket slowly, with full awareness. Then take the cigarette out of the pack with full awareness, slowly – not in the old hurried way, unconscious and mechanical. Start tapping the cigarette on the pack very alertly and you see yourself smoking already.

Smoking is a mind process that should be avoided right from the mind.

  1. See smoking differently

If you want to stop smoking, how you see smoking also matters. Most smokers see smoking as a remedy to solve their emotional problems. Some see smoking as an instrument to use in order to kill time. Some smokers see smoking as a relieve from terrible circumstances or trauma. Whatever you had seen smoking as, it is high time to see smoking as an hazard that can make you live in years of breakdown and penury.

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Seeing smoking in a different way will help you stop your smoking habit.

  1. Be in a good mood often

Research has shown that the major cause of smoking is to relieve anxiety, depression, emotional breakdown, trauma etc. In a way to overcome these, many people engage in smoking, seeing is as a remedy to solve the above emotional problems.

If you desire to stop smoking, one of the solutions is that you should be excited and elated all the time. Avoiding being in bad mood for it will increase your desire to smoke.

  1. Engage with people who hate smoking

It is often said: bad relationship corrupt good manners. If you want to overcome a smoking lifestyle, one of the solutions is to avoid the smokers and engage with people who don’t delight in smoking. Your relationship with people will determines what your perspiration to life.

The fact is:

Associating with people who hate smoking will also place you in their shoes as a hater of smoking. The people you associate with matters if you wish to overcome smoking.

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