15 ways to get a smooth face overnight

14 ways to get a smooth face overnight.

There are possible ways to get over wrinkles, pimples, acne etc.. and have a smooth face just overnight.  Doing the right thing and applying the right things will just make your face look superb. These proven methods have been tested by medical experts and the have recommended it for use if you are desirous to have a smooth face.

Are you tired of wrinkles, acne, pimples, black spot etc or you don’t have facial problems but you are just desirous of having a clear and superb face. But wait!

Did you know that?

There are numerous ways of getting a smooth face just overnight without stress and problems. These proven ways has no adverse effect when used just try these methods below and have a smooth face

  1. Wash your face thoroughly.

Wash your face thoroughly if you so desire to have a smooth face overnight. Experts recommend that you wash your face at least twice that is morning and night. By doing this you keep your face neat and tidy. Washing your face will keep dirt away from your face and will make your face germs free. Some bacteria which come from dirt has a way of making one’s face wrinkle and ageing. Often times dirt on the face is a  major cause of acne.


  1. Apply paste solutions.

Applying the paste over your face is also another great remedy to for facial problems such as pimples and ace,. Wrinkles etc. when you are applying the paste on your face, it is advisable that you apply the white coloured paste. The white paste therapy is one way to get your face smoothen and free from wrinkles.


  1. Smooth your face with Garlic.

The use of garlic is also another remedy for skin problems. Many teenagers are suffering from the problem of acne which has posed a serious problem to them. The oil on the face clogs thereby making ways for pores to form.  If you are suffering from acne or pimples, you can get your face smoothen by using garlic.

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Garlic works greatly when it is applied with other things like turmeric, honey, aloe Vera etc.


  1. Use Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera is a great home remedy to having a smooth skin. The glycoproteins usually present in aloe Vera helps to reduce the inflammation, irritation and redness of skin infections gotten.

Aloe Vera helps in treating scars and acne easily and faster. Your face will be fresh and charming if you apply aloe Vera or aloe vera gel on your face, wait for an hour and then wash it off with warm water.


  1. Apply honey to your face.

Honey is an effective antibacterial for face smoothening. It is a great replacement for soap when washing the face. It will sooth your face and removes great dirt from your face and impurities from the face.

You can apply honey to youer face in two distinctive method

  • You can apply the honey gently on your face and wait for some minute after which you will wipe it off with warm water.
  • In the other way, you can mixed the honey with a warm water and use it in washing your face after which yiu will rinse it with a cold water and keep it dry


  1. Use lemongrass.


A particular specie of lemongrass known as the citrus scented  lemongrass serves more purposes aside from just adding to curries and broths.  Using the lemongrass scent leave is good because it helps to fight the bacteria on your face through its antibacterial and astringent properties present in the leave.


Lemongrass can also be used in the production of a good essential oil which helps in the cleansing of the face, reducing pores and the brightening of the face. . Create a simple toner, a refreshing mask or steam away stress with a few fresh leaves for simple, all-natural facial care remedies.




  1. Don’t sleep with make ups

Make ups has a way of making your face dirty and this dirtiness causes bacteria in the face.   Bacteria are the root cause of most facial infections. Most girls are fun of leaving make ups on their face and the go to bed with it.  Make ups poses a problem in the face and make the face to age quickly with wrinkles.

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But one way to get through this is by washing your face while when you are about to sleep


8. Use Oathmeal to smothen your face


You can get your face smoothen your face and gets rid of facial problems by also adding cooked oath meals on the face. This works perfectly when a lemon and some raw eggs are added to it.


The oath meal remedy of smoothening the face will help to reduce swelling, kill bacteria and make your face tight and perfectly fresh.


9.Use the steaming water method.

Placing your face over a steaming water will help to unlock the pores and therby removing dirt from on your face. The steaming method is a simple method of smoothening  your face and is one of those easiest home remedy towards having a smooth skin.

If you apply the steaming water method consistently, day and night then you will definitely have a smooth face


10.Use ice to smoothen your face.

Another great way to have a smooth skin is to ice your face often. You can use ice blocks or just place an ice cube on your face possibly the affected area.  Skin icing is one of the most popular ways of having a better rituals and it has become one of the modern day rituals. Expert have tested this method and have found it profound for the treatment facial problems.


Health expert have recommend this method of facial treatment stating that it can help to:

  • Make the face have a fresh look
  • Helps in the prevention of wrinkles
  • Fight acne and blemishes on the face
  • Aids  blood circulation and give the face a healthy complexion
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11.Use turmeric.

Take 3 tsp of turmeric in a bowl and add 2 tsp of lemon juice. Massage this paste gently onto your forehead and nose, and wash it away with lukewarm water. But be careful. Turmeric can stain anything. For more effective results, you can also use sandalwood paste.


12.Apply Aspirin.

Aspirin face masks have become a staple in the world of beauty and make up. For most people, it is an easy way of getting rid of skin problems while keeping your face free of blemishes. Here is more on the benefits of using aspirin face mask for acne, rosacea and other common problems.


Read more on aspirin  Asprin for face mask


13. Use baking soda.

Just in case that you came up short on your most loved skin, take a stab at making a baking soda and water and applying it to the pimples like a spot treatment. We don’t suggest this for profound growths, yet it dries surface guilty parties out like nothing else.


14.Use some facial treatment drugs.

There are drugs that can help in reducing facial infections and aid facial treatment of facial problems. To have a smooth face, it is recommended that you use this you use some of the drugs and creams that can be obtained from then pharmacy. The truth of the matter is that most of the skin infections might be mostly treated with some pharmartical drugs and creams.


15.See your dermatologist.

In case of persistent and stubborn facial problems and infections, it is important that you contact your dermatologist for complaint. Most of the above mentioned ways of treating skin infections are mostly natural ways of treating facial problems but there are cases which the skin infections are just powerful and they persist after applying the above methods and in this case, it is advisable that you meet your dermatologist for complaints.



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