How To Save Web Pages To PDF and Get a better preview

PDF Files have become very much common today for its use in Offices and at Home. It has got its Rich own space in the place of Documents. It is an easy Format in which Documents & Certificates are generated. Specially in some cases where you, do not wish to edit the document and want to take print of it without any changes in the alignment of the document, then PDF comes handy for you. The another advantage is that the PDF files can be Password Protected, Most of the Banks & Mobile Operators use PDF to generate their E-Statement’s or Bills.  You may even use your Web Pages as a PDF, so you can access it any time. When you Save Web Pages To PDF, the format remains Original & Unchangeable.

Unlike the scene where you save your web pages as HTML and when you open it, the images in the web pages comes as a Wrong Mark (which fails to load the picture) and the image gets broken with the Web Page. In Such cases if you Save Web Pages to PDF then the Web Page will be saved in a exact form as it was generated. Well if you have Chrome Browser then this article can help you in saving your Web Pages into PDF without any Extensions or Add-ons. You don’t have to require any Third party applications in order to do that. It’s very easy and let’s get started with “How To Save Web Pages To PDF”.

How To Save Web Pages To PDF:

STEP 1:  Open the Web page in Chrome that you wish to Save into PDF file. (In my Case I will open infowaka Web Page).

Save Web Pages
Save Web Pages

STEP 2: Now click on the “Menu” and then select “Print…” (OR) you may use the Short cut key Combination of “CTRL+P”.

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STEP 3: Now the Print Menu will be displayed, from the “Destination Tab” click on “Change”.

Save Web Pages
Save Web Pages

STEP 4: Now a Pop-Up screen will appear, asking you to “Select a destination”. Click on “Save as PDF”

Save Web Pages
Save Web Pages


STEP 5: Then Click on “Save”, and choose the Location where you wish your PDF file to be saved.

Save Web PagesSave Web Pages
Save Web Pages

STEP 6: That’s it; you have successfully Save Web Pages to PDF File on your Desired Location.

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