PES 5 Price in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana Specification and Release Date

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PES 5 price in Nigeria 2020 is out as many people have asked the actual price for the 2020 Pes that has been released and to answer to their request, we have compiled a post for you to get information on how PES 5 2020 price as well as how to get this PES.

We have now compiled a post to get you detailed information on the PES 2020 price for Nigerians and others outside Nigeria Like Kenya in just this simple post.

PES 5 Price in Nigeria

PES 5 Price in Nigeria

This post contained all detailed information which one will need for PES 5 in Nigeria as well as their prices here.

Use the detailed information here to compare the prices of the Pro Evolution soccer game in Nigeria and this price comparison was necessary because of the request of all our readers about the price in Nigeria and how to purchase the game in Nigeria, Kenya and other places in the world.

The prices in Nigeria are given in Naira while the price in Kenya is given in Shillings as well that of Ghana is given in Cedis.

One of the things that you should consider in buying this PES in Nigeria is that the games are sol according to the different stores which you will visit to purchase your Pes 2020.

Pes in Nigeria is one of the most preferred games which people love, but knowing the actual prices most times becomes a problem, hence this post on PES 5 Price in Nigeria.

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PES 5 Price in Nigeria and Full Description and Specification

Before considering buying PES 5 what is more important is that you know the main features and hoe this game works.

The following are PES 5specificatiokns in Nigeria

  • GPU
  • 8X Zen 2cores at 3.5GHz
  • Custom RDNA 2
  • 16 GB Ram
  • 825GB SSD Storage
  • NVMe
  • SSD Slot
  • 4K UHD Blu ray Drive
  • DualSense Controller
  • PES 5 Storage Space
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For PES 5 you may not have problem with its storage as the entire game has about 16GB and 825GB ROM and one of the things that should be noted is that for this game, space can be expanded if the original space is not enough.

You should be careful to buy only the best supported and compatible SSD that can ultimately support this PES 5.

Any additional SSD must match the processor of AMD CPU and GPU of 8x Zen 2 cores at 3.5GHz with a graphics processor.

Full Classification of PES 5 game 2020

S/NPES 5 DescriptionPS5 Detail Specification
1.PS5 CPU8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.5GHz
2.PES5 GPU10.28 TFLOPs, 36 CUs at 2.23Ghz, RDNA 2 architecture
4.PS5 Main StorageCustom 825GB SSD
5.Expandable StorageNVMe SSD Slot
 Optical drive4k Blu-ray drive

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Why PES 5 is better than PES 4

  1. Unlike PES 4, PES 5 will support 8K gameplay
  2. PES 5 has a best-rated PSVR Which best support PES5
  3. PES 5 is an improvement of PES 4 with an excellent Melee action-RPG
  4. Unlike Other games, PES 5 has an amazing User interface with a perfect character positioning, which makes the interface to be like PES4
  5. With the New Interface, one player can see full game details of an opponent player.
  6. No matter how PES 4 will be cracked, it will not contain most of PES 5 games
  7. PES 4 top 100 games will be incorporated into PES 5 even at lunch
  8. PES 5 will still be launch and it will be in the market amidst coronavirus outbreak.
  9. PES 5, unlike other PES, has 7-nanometer Zen 2 microchip

PES 5 Price in Nigeria; PES 5 Price in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana

In a bid to try to replace your PES4, PES has always been a great option to consider when trying replacing your PES 4.

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Our discoveries, we can only tell you about the current price for PES 5 being that PES 5 is the latest and the most interesting game to play and enjoy.

The cost of this game in Nigeria is N200,000 and it can be purchased online and even at offline stores. In most cases, you may find a different price according to different specs for each of the game.

You can also order this game through the PES website and it will deliver to you immediately once your payments have been made.

The pro version of the game will be released later but for now, the Normal version is out and that’s why we write on PES 5 Price in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and more

PES 5 Price in Kenya

Kenya is another Great lover of PES and we have introduced PES 5 in Kenya and those in Keya can also afford to own this game in Kenya.

For those in Kenya, you can also make a purchase of the online in Kenyan online store or any offline game store in Kenya.

PES 5 Price in Kenya is KES 55375.72 and you may see some stores who sell either higher or cheaper than the estimated price.

Why Higher PES 5 Price

After many realizations, we discover that PES4 is one of the most played PES game currently and we this love and passion for this game has made lots of persons to show too much passion in the PES 5 game.

After looking and reading to the end, you will see the different PES 5 Price in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana in different currencies for you as this post is of detailed information required.

You have seen all the information guide required for you to be able to know the game which you are purchasing for. The above gives you details on all types of PES and why you should purchase PES 2020.

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See the purchasing guide above and make your own choice of a game which will fit you and you will love best.

PES 5 is currently the best Pro Evolution Soccer game to purchase of and please don’t confuse PES 4 to PES there are whole lots of differences between the two games as both are of different sources.

Different companies may provide different versions of PES 5 but the best to get is to get from Konami being the best Pes Company since inception there is other PES company offering PES but you should be careful to know that you are purchasing from the right distributor.

If you have a question to ask or contribution to make while purchasing the 2020 PES 5 evolution soccer, you are free to use the comment through the comment box below.

Please do well to share this post as this will help others to know more on PES 5 Price in Nigeria Kenya, Ghana etc



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