P-Yes Recruitment Closing Dates 2019 Deadline and Updates

Lots of applicants applying for the P-Yes Recruitment and Registration have asked for the official P-Yes Recruitment Closing Dates and that is why in this post you will get to know the dates for which P-yes recruitment will be ending.

P-Yes Recruitment Closing Dates
P-Yes Recruitment Closing Dates

From the P-Yes recruitment portal, you will be able to know the exact dates for which you will be able to know when the dates for the closing of application will end.

However, the case of this recruitment registration is different as the P-YES Recruitment is up and still going.

Those who have not applied for the recruitment exercise can take this advantage and apply now for the presidential Youth empowerment scheme for graduates and undergraduates.

From this post you will know about the actual dates for which the sales of forms will end and one problem that has challenge lots of applicants as they apply for this recruitment exercise.

This scheme was introduced by the federal Government ahead of time to delete and correct the unemployment record for which Nigeria has attained. The aim of this scheme is provide quality and effective systems for which youth can be involve in enterprises and develop their skills.

This Recruitment is open to Nigerians only not by states or tribe or by origin, the Kwayep Empowerment was only open to residents in kwara.

There are different categories on how to apply for the P-Yes recruitment, but our major focus will be on on the P-Yes Recruitment Closing Dates

P-Yes recruitment Form Closing Date

The application form for P-Yes recruitment 2019/2020 is still up and applicants can therefore now apply for the recruitment exercise.

If you have not picked your form, please endeavor to pick up the P-Yes recruitment form 2019/2020 before the P-Yes Recruitment Closing Dates.

This scheme from all truth will be effective compare to other schemes introduced by the Federal Government and there is need for every Nigerian Young persons to take advantage of the Presidential Youth Empowerment Programme.

It is however necessary that all application should be done at the portal and the P-Yes form 2019/2020 can be obtained online.

The P-Yes form 2019 is free of charge and those interested in picking the form should go online and pick the form online and process the form and submit at the right application portal.

This scheme has a good number of applicants who have already applied for it and soon the list of shortlisted applicants will be release and Like the Brisin List of Shortlisted Applicants, those that are successful will be contacted via sms or mail.

P-Yes recruitment is one empowerment programme that is currently trending among those that applied for the recruitment exercise.

Through this post, you will get to know the P-Yes Recruitment closing dates and other dates for the recruitment exercise.

We will release when applicants will be contacted for the examination and trainings online and how P-Yes recruitment applicants can make use of the opportunity and be shortlisted among the shortlisted applicants that will be released.

It should come to your notice that the dates for the closing of P-Yes recruitment 2019 has not yet been announced yet there already thousands of applicants who have already applied for the recruitment exercise.

Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme 2019/2020 Closing dates.

There are certain requirements required by applicants of P-yes and it is important to note that only applicants that met the required and the stated P-Yes  requirement will be contacted and shortlisted for application.

Those who are yet to collect the P-Yes recruitment form to process should please take note of the fact that the form is online and before it is being processed applicants should meet the stated requirements for application.

The Guarantor’s form is attached online and P-yes applicants should endevour to print the Guarantor’s form and apply for the recruitment exercise even before the closing dates for the recruitment exercise.

For you to apply for P-Yes recruitment 2019, endevour that you have created an account with your email address for which you can process the form once your account has been created.

The Guarantor’s form is very important for applicants and that’s why P-Yes have stated the required persons that are fit to sign up and apply through the P-yes recruitment portal.

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We will show you how to apply for the recruitment and how to print P-yes recruitment Guarantor’s form for your guarantor to sign before scanning and submission.

P-Yes recruitment 2019/2020 Portal and P-Yes Recruitment Closing Dates

There is still time for applicants to apply for the Presidential Recruitment as the dates for P-yes recruitment has not reach yet and all those who did not apply for the recruitment exercise should therefore apply now through the application portal.

For now the portal for P-Yes  form 2019 remains open for application for those who wants to be empowered by the Federal Government through its recruitment exercise.

There was a rumor that the application form was not yet out because the portal for application did not open thereby making application very difficult for applicants. However, we wants to inform you that the P-Yes form out and the P-Yes Recruitment Closing Dates will be made known in our post.

Our guide will show you how to pick the P-Yes form 2018, process through the P-Yes recruitment portal and how your name should be among the list of shortlisted applicants for P-yes recruitment exercise.

We have seen the need to let you know the P-Yes Recruitment Closing Dates for P-Yes recruitment 2019 and the actual dates for which the P-Yes shortlisted result will be released through its portal.

However, the P-Yes recruitment portal has not made known the closing dates for which application will end, but through our post, we will provide you on information that will keep you updated on the P-Yes Recruitment closing dates.

The step by step guide for a successful application should be followed and applicants should take note of the fact that application through P-Yes portal is very simple.

P-Yes Recruitment Closing Dates 2019

The closing dates for the application and the dates for which the portal will be closing has not yet be made known by the managements and the board for P-Yes recruitment.

However, there is every speculation as seen that the recruitment exercise will be ending February 2019 and it is required that applicants who have not applied yet for the recruitment should please undergo the application processes before this time.

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We will update you on latest news on P-Yes recruitment and let you know when applicants will be contacted that’s if you have to drop your email at the comment below.

If you are a trader and you are applying for P-yes recruitment you can as well think about applying for Geep Market Moni Programeand get the loan to finace your bussiness

Please apply now for the P-Yes recruitment 2019 before the 2019/2020 P-yes application closing dates.

How to Apply for Presidential Youth Empowerment Programme 2019

  1. Apply through the official application portal https:/p-yes.gov.ng/
  2. At the portal visit the application icon located at the top page as a menu at the right
  3. Sign up with your phone number and your correct email address
  4. Fill in your name at the application form and other required information, stating clearly the position to be trained.
  5. You will receive verification via your email address
  6. Once you are done with the application, you are to click on submit to submit your details.

About 774,000 Nigerians who are currently not employed and are between the ages of 18 to 40 will be empowered by the Federal Government through the Presidential Youth empowerment programme.

There are different categories of vocation which applicants can apply to be trained. The categories/field for training include the following:

  • Agro/Agriculture
  • Catering
  • Fashion designing and General Fashion
  • ICT
  • Technological advancement trainings etc

All those who will make it through the list of shortlisted applicants and have completed the training will be released with SETs that is Seed Empowerment Tools for their trainings depending on the vocation. It is our hope that the shortlisted will not take long as the NPS List of Shortlisted Applicants

SETs which include poultry accessories, photography units, farm implements, tents, rice mills, mobile restaurants, branded mobile kiosks etc will be disbursed to applicants.

Please drop your questions or any contribution at the comment below and please remember to share this post!

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