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We have created a post that will give you information on P-Yes Recruitment 2019 to know the application guide and details especially the application procedures. Having the knowledge of  P-yes registration portal is very important.

P-Yes Recruitment 2019

P-Yes Recruitment 2019

This is to clearly inform all our applicants about the Federal Government P- Yes recruitment 2019 and the step by step guide for which one can take to apply for the recruitment.

It is important that we inform you on how you can apply for the recruitment registration exercise through the P- Yes registration portal.

P-Yes stands for Presidential Youth empowerment programme form is a scheme by the federal Government to empower millions of Nigerians youths and aggravate the unemployment rate in the country.

This is to consolidate the N-power programme which was meant to empower Young Nigerian Graduates who are currently unemployed.

Nigeria being the poverty capital of the world, is of a bad effect that the country needs a drawback to reduce the poverty rate of the Country, hence the introduction of P-Yes Recruitment 2019.

This summit is meant to empower young Nigerians both graduate and non-graduates who have the willingness to be empowered.

The presidency saw the need to reduce the poverty rate caused by umemeployement in the country. When the country unemployment level rose from 3.3 million to 20.9 million in the third quarter of 2018, the presidency has thought it wise to empower young Nigerians.

Everyone is eligible to apply for the recruitment exercise even the 18.3 Million out of school dropout and hence the need to pick the P- Yes registration 2019 forms.

Presidential Youth Empowerment Programme P- Yes 2019

This presidential youth P-Yes Recruitment 2019 will help all the young persons who will apply for the recruitment exercise on  www.P- Yes.gov.ng 2019 will have to be shortlisted for the empowerment programme.

The npower  Build Registration that was introduced by still the federal Government was not working and in order to combat with unemployment and to meet the Millennium Development Goals, there is need for the Federal Government to introduce P-yes registration.

You will receive updates on the P-Yes Recruitment 2019 and you will be able to access the P- Yes login page after a successful registration.

The P- Yes is timely to combat the rise of unemployment and to ensure that Nigerian Youth are empowered.

Lots of applicants who applied for the 2018 npower recruitment, through the Npower Portal exercise were not mobilized by the Federal Government and stipend or devices were not given to them as well.

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The npower recruitment and Registration became wack and against the numerous promises made by the federal Government, the programme has not been very effective.

Through our guide on P-Yes Recruitment 2019, you will learn how to apply for P- Yes and the right portal for which you can apply for the recruitment exercise.

Only application at the portal will be accepted and that’s why you will have to apply through the portal which will be made known from our sites.

The www.portal.P- Yes.gov.ng 2019 for p-yes is where on can get to register for the recruitment exercise, and application should be done at the right portal.

Optimism has been moved towards the P-Yes Recruitment 2019 and registration by the youth as thousands of young persons have and will be registering for this Recruitment exercise.

There is however strong doubt by many applicants who applied for the Npower recruitment Registration about the sustainability of this programme.

Important Information on P-Yes Recruitment 2019 Registration Guidelines

  1. Application should be done by applicants visiting the application portal for application the application portal is pyes.gov.ng/application
  2. Before applying and completing the registration details, applicants must have registered at the portal with personal details/information
  3. Like it was done for Npower Shortlisted applicants,  The list of Shortlisted applicants and all candidates for P-Yes Recruitment 2019 will be made known after the recruitment exercise.
  4. Application should be done once as multiple application might lead to disqualification
  5. To help you with the login page, there is no need to make any payments to login into portal. You can use your phone to access your P-yes account
  6. Please P-Yes Registration 2019 is free and at such, you should disregard information or anyone demanding a huge amount of money for the registration.
  7. All activities about your account and profile should be done at the P-Yes Recruitment 2019 portal.

P-yes Nigeria Recruitment 2019 Registration Requirements

There are some things you need to have as an applicant. You can’t just apply for P-yes Nigeria like that. Here is the list of the entire requirement for this job in Nigeria now.

The threshold for qualification is set at the basic ability and capacity to learn and be teachable. In addition to the fore going, the following is set as the basic pre-conditions for enlistment; It is also important to inform you that if you had applied for INEC Adhoc Recruitment, this recruitment exercise can’t stop you from still applying for P-Yes

Below are the Application requirements for P-Yes Recruitment 2019

  1. All those applying for the Presidential Youth empowerment programme should be citizens of Nigeria
  2. The age bracket for application ranges between 18 to 40 years
  3. Applicants for Pyes recruitment should be of a good and unquestionable character.
  4. Applicants should be able to communicate effectively with the basic form of English or alternative, applicants should be able to communicate in any other Nigerian Language.
  5. As a means of identification, applicants can provide PVC, National I.D card International passport or driving license.
  6. In order to make the most of the scheme, it is important that all applicants should make available a Second Level Beneficiary.
  7. The guarantor’s form and guarantors detail should either be a religious leader or a leader in your community.
  8. All those set to benefit from this scheme should be able to pas on the knowledge and train others within their community.
  9. The Guarantor’s form should be completed by the Guarantor and should be duely signed.
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Applicants who are applying for the registration should take note that there are different categories for which applicants can apply and all applicants should take note of the P-Yes Recruitment 2019 type.

P-Yes Recruitment 2019 Application Guidelines

Both graduates and non-graduates can apply for this recruitment exercise. The minimum qualification for application is O’Level Result

The P-Yes Registration portal is www.p-yes.gov.ng The application guidelines and promote instruction on the site will make P-yes registration an easy one.

After applying for this recruitment, the lit of those shortlisted will be release and applicants will be able to check if they have been shortlisted. If your name appears among the list of shortlisted applicants, you will be mobilized and deployed.

Application can also be done offline by you picking the application from officers. The aim of this recruitment exercise is to empower 100,000 young persons in P-Yes Recruitment 2019.

Categories for P-Yes Nigeria Recruitment

For P-Yes Nigeria Recruitment, Applicants can apply and fill the form fo:

  • Agriculture
  • ICT & Mobile money
  • Fashion
  • Catering
  • Technical Acquisition

How to Apply with P-Yes portal 2019 and P-Yes registration portal 2019

All registration and application for P-Yes Recruitment 2019 should be done through the approved portal for recruitment.

P-Yes Recruitment 2019 Portal

P-Yes Recruitment 2019 Portal

We will expose to you the official portal for P -Yes registration exercise so as to be able to create an account and apply for the recruitment exercise through the portal.

Instead of searching for the wrong recruitment portal, you can apply for the P-Yes Recruitment 2019, P- Yes  portal not from any other sites.

It is actually imperative to get you informed about the right portal to apply for the recruitment so as not to apply at the wrong portal.


You can try vising the www.P- Yes.gov.ng login portal to know the registration guide and updates about the P-yes registration.

Soon, we will have you informed about the npvn.P- Yes.gov.ng portal and the right registration portal for which you can apply for the recruitment.

By following the sites and by following the P-Yes Recruitment 2019 portal, you will be able to apply for the recruitment by filling and completing the form at the P- Yes portal.

P-Yes Registration Login Portal 2019

You can access the P-Yes Recruitment 2019 portal and complete other forms of registration and recruitment; the login portal will also allow you to be able to print your deployment letter from the P-yes registration portal.

Your profile and other information submitted to the P-Yes Registration portal will be used to work as your account is being processed.

In case you faced with challenges accessing he registration portal for P-Yes registration, then you can contact us directly by dropping a comment at the comment box below.

Application should be done before the closing dates has been announced and perspective candidates should endeavor to register before February.

If you are a civil servant, you can read our previous post on IPPIS Verification Exercise 2019 and know how to do IPPIS verification

It is our hope that more categories will be open in due course for those who may be interested in other form.

In case you have applied or you want to apply and you need more information about the recruitment exercise, please drop a comment with your email address and we will give you more update on the recruitment registration exercise.

Through your mail, you will get update o the list of shortlisted applicants and how to print deployment letter.For questions or contributions, we will encourage you to write it at the comment box below

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