NYSC Paying States in Nigeria – Latest Update 2021

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NYSC Paying States in Nigeria – Latest Update 2021

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is one of the educational stages in Nigeria. It is the final stage of education in the country.

In this stage of education, all graduates from universities, polytechnics and even college of educations will register to be part of it.

This registration is the first step of entering into this educational level. After the registration stage, all those who are to move to the next level of the programme will receive the NYSC call up letter.

Those who do not receive this call-up letter cannot move forward to the next stage of the programme. This stage happens to be the NYSC orientation stage.

The orientation programme is to last for three weeks. After these three weeks, the NYSC senate list will be out.

When this list is out, those whose names are on it will move to the service stage of the NYSC programme.

In the NYSC programme, the corps members will be sent to other states other than theirs. Some people usually go to states that pay corpers while some go to states that do not pay.

In this post, we want to see the NYSC Paying States in Nigeria as many people really want to know.

We will also see how much these states pay corpers and you can use it to decide if you really want to be a corper to such states.

Also, we will see states that do not pay NYSC corpers and also those that are planning to pay NYSC corpers.

With this information regarding the NYSC Paying States in Nigeria, you will know the states that corps members should long to go to.

All details regarding this information of the NYSC Paying States are in this post. To know more about it, read down and do not miss any detail of this post.

NYSC Paying States in Nigeria

NYSC Paying States in Nigeria

States that do not Pay NYSC Corpers

Not all states are the NYSC Paying States in Nigeria. Some do not pay while some intend to not pay. This payment is not compulsory and for this reason, not all states pay NYSC corpers.

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National Youth Service Corps members usually wish to find out these states that do not pay as they do not intend to be posted to such states.

Nevertheless, they do not have a choice as the government chooses the state which it wishes to pay corps members.

Some of them usually wish that they could change their state of service but unfortunately, they cannot due to the conditions of the service programme.

For those who wish to know these states that are not the NYSC Paying States in Nigeria, this section of this post is for you.

It will help you to know what you are looking for and also know what to make your prayer topic. Some people usually change their state of service.

This is not possible in all conditions but some people still maintain their service state and they move on to serve there even if they do not pay.

The states that are not the NYSC Paying States in Nigeria include; Taraba, Kwara, Niger, Abuja, Kaduna, Ekiti, Plateau, Rivers, Benue, Kano, Gombe, Edo, Imo, Ondo, Ogun, Borno, Yobe, and Adamawa states.

States that Intend to Pay NYSC Corpers

Some states were not the NYSC Paying States in Nigeria but as of now, they intend to start paying NYSC corpers.

These states are not much but at least, corpers serving in these states have hope that they will start getting payments from these states.

Some corpers usually wish to know these states as it will help them to know if they have hope of receiving payment at the end of the month.

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Apart from the federal government payment to all corps members, some states usually decide to pay corps members for coming to serve in them.

Some state governors realizing how the NYSC service can be difficult are presently making payments to start paying NYSC corpers.

Once this happens, there will be lots of people who will love to serve in these states and it will help to increase the popularity of such states.

Such states will also be among the list of NYSC Paying States in Nigeria and as well be among the generous states in Nigeria.

The states that intend to be among the NYSC Paying States in Nigeria include; Kogi State.

States that have Stopped Paying NYSC corpers

There are some states that were the NYSC Paying States in Nigeria. Due to some reasons best known to them, they stopped paying the corps members.

The corps members that were posted to such states protested for this payment to once again be given to them.

Their protest fell on deaf years as these states no longer pay corps members. In the future, nobody knows if these states will start paying corps members again.

We will see these states in this section of this post as everyone needs to have knowledge regarding certain facts like this one.

With this knowledge, you will be able to detect these states and hope not to be among the corpers to be sent to these states.

When states of this sort exist, corps members will not want to be sent to such states. They will end up applying for deployment to other states.

These states include; Nasawara state which stopped paying corps members back in 2017. Presently, there are not in any way preparing to start paying corps members.

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The NYSC Paying States in Nigeria

This is the main aim of this post and we are going to look into it very elaborately. All NYSC corps members usually look forward to knowing states of this sort.

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Once they happen to know this sort of states, they will know how to guide their NYSC steps to be among those that will be posted to one of these states.

Once they achieve their ambition of serving in these states, they are sure to earn extra money coupled with what they will earn from the federal government and their service station.

These states are among the list of the most generous states in the country these countries and how much they pay corpers monthly are below;

  1. Akwa Ibom State – N5, 000
  2. Lagos state – N10, 000 to first 100 corpers to register
  3. Kebbi state – N 2, 000
  4. Enugu state – N1, 000
  5. Oyo state – N 5, 000
  6. Anambra state – N 8, 500
  7. Jigawa state – N5, 000
  8. Delta state – N5, 000
  9. Sokoto state – N5,000
  10. Cross river state – N5, 000
  11. Zamfara state – N5, 000
  12. Bayelsa state – N3, 000
  13. Osun state – N5, 000
  14. Katsina state – N4, 000

Share this information regarding the NYSC Paying States in Nigeria with others. Drop all comments regarding this post in the comment box as we will love to have your feedback.



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