NYSC Orientation Programme – 2021 NYSC Updates

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NYSC Orientation

In Nigeria, every graduate has to complete his or her educational rites by serving under the government for a period of one year.

This serving programme is the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). The National Youth Service Corps programme came to be a long time ago.

Those who register for this programme are corps members. In this programme, corps members are allocated to various states other than their state.

For one to become part of this National Youth Service Programme, he or she must register to become a prospective corps member.

This registration is done in the official portal of the National Youth Service Corps programme. The official portal for the National Youth Service Corps Programme is usually open when registration begins.

Only those who complete their NYSC registration can access this portal while registration has come to an end.

When this registration is over, you will have to print your call up letter so as to be able to move forward to the NYSC Orientation programme.

The NYSC Orientation programme is a camping programme whereby all prospective corps members are to assemble.

In this NYSC Orientation camp, you will arrive with some documents as you will present them to show that you are legit Corps members.

This NYSC Orientation Programme is to last for a period of three weeks. After this programme, all corps members will be assigned to their primary state of service.

The service will last for a period of one year of which after then, all corps members will receive a discharge certificate.

This discharge certificate will show that they have successfully finished their National Youth Service Corps programme.

Some of the documents that prospective corps members are to bring include the NYSC green card, call up letter and COVID 19 slip.

The COVID 19 slip just came out due to the current COVID 19 situation in the country. It is to ensure the safety of all corps members who will appear in the NYSC Orientation camp.

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For more details regarding the NYSC Orientation programme, read down and don’t miss out on any detail of this post.

NYSC Orientation

NYSC Orientation

NYSC Registration Process

Before one can venture into the NYSC Orientation programme, he or she must first of all register for the National Youth Service Corps programme.

To register for the National Youth Service Corps Programme, you must use the National Youth Service Corps official portal.

This portal is always open once registration for this programme begins. Aside from registration, only official corps members can access this portal.

Once you successfully register for the National Youth Service Corps programme using the official portal, you automatically have your own account there.

You can now login to this portal to get any information you want anytime any day. The registration for the National Youth Service programme is usually free.

The only payment that will be done is so as to get the National Youth Service Corps Call up letter. Without this letter, Prospective corps members cannot participate in the NYSC Orientation camp.

Once you know the website that will lead you to this registration portal, you are sure of being among the corps members for that service year.

The registration is usually very easy to process as people usually do it on their own without going to a cyber café.

If you cannot complete the registration process on your own, you can as well proceed to a cyber café to help you do so.

Any graduate who does not venture into the NYSC programme must have the NYSC exemption letter. This letter will state that you are a graduate and show why you cannot go to the NYSC programme.

Only those with a tangible excuse of which includes either medical or physical reasons can get the NYSC exemption letter.

You can be a part of the NYSC programme today. All you have to do is to register for the programme in the registration portal.

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NYSC Orientation Programme

The NYSC Orientation Programme is very compulsory for all prospective corps members to participate in.

This orientation programme is more of a camping programme. The programme usually lasts for a period of three weeks.

In the NYSC Orientation programme, all prospective corps members will undergo training. This training is to enable them to be physically fit as they do not know where they will go for their primary assignment.

For one to participate in this NYSC Orientation programme, one must bring to the orientation camp some certain documents.

Without showing this document to the National Youth Service corps officials, there is nowhere you will move to the NYSC camp.

These documents include the NYSC call up letter, NYSC green card and the NYSC COVID 19 test slip. Failure to appear with one of these documents can cause you your NYSC programme.

It is very important that all prospective corps members arrive at the NYSC Orientation Camp at the exact date they are to arrive.

If you happen to go late, you might not enter the NYSC Orientation camp. The NYSC Orientation camp also has accommodations.

To get good accommodation, you must arrive early enough. Failure to arrive early, you may not have where to stay or will have to stay in the rooms preserved for latecomers.

This room is not always pleasant as it comes with lots of discomforts. If you really want to enjoy the NYSC Orientation programme, you have to also abide by the rules of the programme.

Once the NYSC Orientation Programme comes to an end, all prospective corps members will go for a rest period of two weeks.

This rest period is usually optional as some people do not usually embark on this journey due to long distance.

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NYSC Senate List

After the NYSC Orientation programme comes to an end, there will be a release of a list. This list contains the names of those who will move on to the next NYSC stage.

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The list is called the NYSC senate list. If your name does not appear in this list, you will not move on to the next NYSC stage and will have to drop.

Many people usually cut short of their NYSC programme here. Nevertheless, if you do not find your name on this list, you can still register again but not as a fresher.

Names in this list cannot be faked as you will receive a print out in your NYSC account. All corps members are to print out this slip and it to their various areas of service.

Without this printout, you cannot serve anywhere in the name of being a copper. Also, to get your NYSC discharge certificate you must also present this printout.

Share this information with others as it will enable them to know the latest development in the NYSC Orientation programme.

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