NYSC Batch A 2020 Timetable Mobilization and Registration Calendar

NYSC Batch A 2020 Timetable and mobilization timetable is out and you can now check out when the NYSC batch A will be leaving for camp.

This post was necessary for those that have asked the question when is the next batch for nysc 2020, because we have understood the need to get you informed about the 2020 mobilization timetable which we will state the approved date for which Batch A 2019 candidates will go for camp.

NYSC Batch A 2020 Timetable
NYSC Batch A 2020 Timetable

We are aware that we have lots of applicants who could not make it in the last concluding NYSC batch C we therefore asked that you check this post for information regarding the 2020 Batch A 2020.

We decided to get you the information required so as not to get you stranded on the 2020 batch C Mobilization.

We want you to follow the Mobilization list which will be obtained in this post and by following the mobilization list; you will know if you are to be mobilize for NYSC.

We thought it wise to provide this post to you so as to make you have the vital and the necessary NYSC application guidelines so you know the NYSC Batch A 2020 Timetable and when the Batch C stream 1will leave for camp.

The entire post is published for you to have vital information on when the nysc batch a 2019/2020 will proceed for camp and through this post; you will also have an additional information concerning Nysc Batch A 2020/2021.

NYSC batch a 2020/2021

Just note that Mobilization for NYSC begins early January and applicants who didn’t make it in the NYSC batch C have the opportunity to try again for NYSC batch A and you will find according the nysc 2020/2021 calendar that the 2021 mobilization list will be made known.

We have known that that are numerous students that are making esquires regarding when the 2020 mobilization will be out and you will have the 2020 NYSC calendar and NYSC Batch A 2020 Timetable stating the 2020 schedules for different camps.

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The NYSC 2020 timetable has clearly given out the most important information that applicants may want to asked and this information ranges from the following

  • When will NYSC Batch A go for camp
  • What is the correct time for NYSC 2020 Mobilization
  • How to Check NYSC Mobilization List
  • What is NYSC Batch A 2020 Timetable
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This post to seek to answer the above questions and many other questions regarding the NYSC mobilization list and thus the information that we have post here in this post contains the necessary guide which you need to know to be mobilized among the 2020 candidates.

We will not want any of our readers to miss in the NYSC mobilization for the year 2020 and that’s why we have taken time to write on NYSC Timetable and Mobilization as well as its registration guide for NYSCc2019/2020 year.

If you are going for NYSC batch B, having the information regarding the 2019 mobilization will help you so as to when the Next batch will leave for camp after Batch A

nysc batch a 2020 update

  • Our major aim is to give you updates on the 2020 Mobilization list and NYSC timetable and we encourage that you follow every bit of our post to get vital information regarding the 2020 mobilization
  • We encourage that you proceed with the necessary school clearance so as to be among those registering for Youth service when the NYSC portal will be open.
  • Only those that have seen their names in the nysc batch a 2020 mobilization should proceed with the registration information at the NYSC portal.
  • With the nysc batch a 2020 timetable, you will know when candidates will be going for camp and when the registering process starts.
  • We will encourage you to bookmark this page or save this site so you can visit from time to time for any kind of information regarding NYSC.

When is NYSC batch a 2020 going to camp?

We can’t really tell when NYSC batch A 2020 will be \going for camp and that;s we urge you to complete all clearance process so as to be among the 2020 applicants once the portal opens for registration.

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Please note that the Stream 1 will leave for camp as early as February but we don’t have any idea about the NYSC stream 2 but according to an important received from a reliable source, the NYSC batch a Stream and Stream 2 will go for camp before Easter is being celebrated.

Applicants that are yet to be mobilized will be mobilized before Easter camp and if applicants is not fast with the registration such applicants might not meet up with the NYCS camp for batch  A 2020.

NYSC Batch A mobilization 2020

If you don’t know, please just know that the 2020 mobilization will begin soon and the approved date is now given out in our post and just know that you will need to be mobilize before you apply for NYSC at the NYSC approved portal for registration.

If you were mobilized already, but you didn’t mobilized, then you will have to do the re mobilization for NYSC so as to be among those that are leaving for Camp On February/March.

The re-mobilization is not just like the Normal NYSC registration as this is for corps members who did not finish their compulsory service year and we encourage such applicant to apply for remobilization.

NYSC Batch A 2020 Timetable for Mobilization is different from the Re mobilization. NYSC states a particular date/time when its portal will be open for Remobilization.

Candidates who could not meet up with their schools mobilization exercise, should now look into having to remobilize with the school managements.

Such candidate’s institutions proceed with the remobilization of such candidates.


NYSC Senate list is also called the NYSC mobilization list and all candidates should check their names in the Nysc senate list before proceeding for the Nysc mobilization and registration.

The senate list is submitted to NYSC by the Institution and it contains the entire names of all PCM for NYSC registration and it has been states in the NYSC Batch A 2020 Timetable.

How to Check NYSC Batch A 2019 Senate List

  1. Proceed to the NYSC portal for Senate list
  2. The senate list link is as follows and you can check the full name here
  3. Click and select your choice institution which are arrange alphabetically
  4. Provide your Matriculation Number/registration number in the column provided
  5. Please put in your Surname too in another column
  6. Click on to select your date of birth and use the search bottom as you awaits your senate list .
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NYSC Registration

Another important information contained in this post is on the NYSC Batch A 2020 Timetable  and the registration time is clearly stated in the portal.

NYSC portal is not often open always for registration and it is the NYSC Batch A 2020 Timetable  that gives you information on the NYSC batch A registration guidelines.

We know that numerous applicants have asked when the NYSC application portal will be open for registration and all PCM will know when the registration will start and it is only possible when you have the complete and the Full NYSC time table.

Documents Needed for NYSC Registration

  1. Admission Letter for Jamb
  2. BVN number
  3. Passport photograph on red background
  4. Certificate of Medical fitness
  5. Waec/Neco Certificate/ Result
  6. Degree Certificate if available
  7. Email address and Functional Phone number
  8. Certificate of Medical Fitness required at the Camp


Please ensure that you have made the above documents available as this will be an important tool towards having your NYSC registration completed it is our duty to let you know When will NYSC Registration Starts according to the NYSC Batch A 2020 Timetable.

The timetable seen below is a tentative timetable which we suspect might be the 2020 batch A mobilization timetable for NYSC.

FULL NYSC Batch A 2020 Timetable

  • January 2020 – Mobilization of PCM in different institutions
  • January 2020 – Release of senate list containing PCM
  • February 2020, mobilization and registration of corps members commences
  • February 2020/March 2020

If you have any question or contribution regarding NYSC Batch A 2020 Timetable and Mobilization/Senate List or question arising from NYSC registration, we are up and ready to provide you with the required answers.

If you want updates on NYSC Registration and you want us to give you the necessary update and inform you when the registration begins, please drop your mail via the comment box below.

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